Top 10 NFL Games of 2008


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1 Week 2 Philadelphia vs Dallas

this was a GREAT game...a shootout..but unforutanelty dallas won - coltsboi97

Was a great game don't really like the eagles but was amazing! - ballaboi17

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2 Week 2 San Diego vs Denver

I FORTUANETLY was able to witness this game...ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC - coltsboi97

3 Week 4 Baltimore vs Pittsburgh

great game tht went into OT - coltsboi97

4 Week 1 Minnesota vs Green Bay
5 Week 5 Indianapolis vs Houston
6 Week 1 Carolina vs San Diego

Unforutanetly i was not able to witness this game...but the highlights were just amazing - coltsboi97

7 Week 2 Indianapolis vs Minnesota

fantastic comeback for a colts win!! - coltsboi97

8 Week 12 Indianapolis vs San Diego

I like the Colts too, I was even wearing my Adam Vinatari jersey when he kicked the game winning field goal! - footballanytime

as a colts fan..this is probably my favorite game of this season - coltsboi97

9 Week 10 Indianapolis vs Pittsburgh

I was watching this game and I was on my feet almost the whole time
- 3anegroes

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10 Week 11 Denver vs Cleveland

The Contenders

11 Week 9 New England vs Indianapolis
12 Week 10 Minnesota vs. Green Bay
13 Week 17 Detroit vs. Green Bay
14 Week 6 Atlanta vs. Chicago
15 Week 11 Miami vs. Oakland
16 Week 10 Arizona vs San Francisco
17 Week 14 Miami vs Buffalo
18 Week 15 Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore
19 Week 16 Philadelphia vs. Washington
20 Week 17 Seattle vs Arizona
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