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These are the fanciest cars in the world. See one for yourself.

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1 Lamborghini

this is more that 500,00 dollars way better thanany car out there these cars are built for the richest people in the world not for some stupid gangster in a stupid rolls Royce.

Better than a plump heavy Rolls-Royce, more exclusive, bonkers and powerful than a Fezza, and just the essence of sports, Italian, and, actually all cars.

These cars are one of the most fancy cars and should be number one. The only thing that is a drawback is the price, for this much by car that has the same luxuries for half the price!

Wow that's a lot of money 500,00

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2 Rolls Royce

Yeah Lamborghini is "sporty and stylsih" but this is for the "fanciest" car. Rolls Royce most definitely takes first place. Incredibly high end and fancy. If your 20 years old an you want to look cool and "all that" in front of you friends, then a lambo is a good choice. If you are going to a big ballroom event or red carpet or some rich person party, then rolling up in a Rolls Royce will show you are fancy and don't play around. Shows you mean business, great car. No hate against Lamborghini, I actually love Lamborghini. I'm just not being biased. - dragonfly99

This is THE car you need if you want to make a statement. Even the 'baby Rolls' the Ghost is massive. Rolls are 5 times better than the Maybach. What is Toyota doing on the fanciest cars list - Danielsun182

Rolls Royce Ghost... What a great car... I think Rolls Royce deserves the number 1 most definitely. - xyz51007

Great car

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3 Ferrari

Ferrari are exclusive cars with stunning design, high quality craftsmanship, and sensational driving experience, especially the older ones.

East or west ferrari is the best! My favorite car. So fast! Ferrari rocks. No one can beat it.

! I love Ferrari's! That's my future CAR! I love it! Did yo know that they are real expensive! I still love it... Don't you?

This car is AWESOME and a great sports car

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4 Porche

I think they are awesome

Porche is the best selling car and it is so fancy inside

The most fanciest car ever

You misspelled Porsche

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5 Alfa Romeo

A great car how does this have no comments it's INSANE

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6 Corvette

Forget the rest stick with the best. Corvette is the best. When I have the money I will buy one. They are cool and they have so good road handling and the best interior in the country

The older ones are better of this car type.

I like Corvettes sadly I don't have one

7 Bugatti

Surely the most fancy car the world: luxurious, fastest, most expensive, comfortable and all the technology that most people really would not need!

WHAT?! Buggatti is the fastest. The most expensive. An achievement. The concorde of land! The best Yea

Fastest, fanciest, but not the most expensive that give it a sure win- win quality

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8 Mercedes

This is my Favorite car! My grandpa HAS that car!

Best sports car ever!

Style = Mercedes SLS Black

Dream car #2- black Mercedes E250 sedan blueTECH

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9 Jaguar

The list has car makers not cars. The fanciest, best looking car of all time is the Jaguar E-Type Series I - plmilligan1968

XJ IS BEAUTIFUL! It has a really good performance! The sppedometer is a computer screen and very very cool! The outside is veru NICE!

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10 Bentley Bentley

not really an affordable car but who cares still the best
- browney115

Hell Ya! This car is the bomb diggity! The awesomest car ever!

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11 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg enough said.

They are beautiful cars.

12 Maybach

TV's, computers, curtains, champaign holder, 4 ft of legroom etc.


My mom really wants this car

14 Lincoln MKZ

Oh come on Licons are really good.


15 Pagani

These cars are awesome

16 Maserati

It looks very elegant and the chrome rims especially look very nice with yellow calipers on a grey turismo!

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17 Infiniti
18 Tesla

Teslas are really awesome and high tech. They are innovating the kind and amount of tech in a car.

Audi is the best.

My mom really wants that car

My dream car!

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19 Cadillac

The best American Luxury!

Big huge 60's land yachts

20 Lancia
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