Top Ten Toptenner Related Company Names

HezarioSeth Hunger House - "Starve here at a rate of $3 per hour, and watch the bally Hunger Games while you're at it! " Not very attractive, I agree. Here are others that might be a bit absurd.

The Top Ten

1 Britgirl Burgers

Sure to get one heck/fart of a burger here.

Hahalolz! Liked the sound of it, Britgirl? - HezarioSeth

This is one hidden gem of a list! - Wolftail

HezarioSeth... You crazy, crazy, being... - Britgirl

2 Kiteretsunu Animations

The best anime ever... - HezarioSeth

3 PositronWildhawk Cosybone Childlock

I think, if I ever decide to start a business, I'll produce something else. But the name catches on. - PositronWildhawk

Buy a childlock! Get a blackhole free! - HezarioSeth

4 PetSounds Publishing House

They publish only Wodehouse books! Yeah! - HezarioSeth

5 MouldySock Unmouldy Socks And Footwear

Not in a gazillion years will these socks get mouldy! - HezarioSeth

6 Keyson Katerers

These caterers are famous for listening to Owl City songs while cooking food. - HezarioSeth

7 Curtis2594 Sports Channel

Shows all the sports that our Curtis is found of! - HezarioSeth

8 CityGuru Technologies

They're known for state-of-the-art inventions that hold the world speechless. Show 'em, CG! - HezarioSeth

9 Subashsahu Studios

They produce wrestling movies (obviously! ) and get big dough from it. - HezarioSeth

10 HezararioSeth Publications

The Contenders

11 Yathartb Stock Exchange

All types of currencies are here in astronomical quantities! Except fake, of course. - HezarioSeth

The name flows well, and it suits him. - Turkeyasylum

12 istooduptoabully's Ice Cream Bar
13 Turkeyasylum Turkish Delights
14 TwilightKitsune's Lights and Fireworks

The name is cool though I'm pretty bad with Fireworks - TwilightKitsune

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