Best Total Drama Female Characters

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1 Gwen

The best character ever I love how she's a goth but she's also kind and about that whole Duncan kissing thing, Duncan kissed her.

2 Courtney

Guys, ease up on her. She's just misunderstood, that's all. She was one of the victims in lazy writing. She could have won All-Stars, but Ed McDonald had to write that episode, make her weak, and get her out of the game. She had potential in the other seasons. In World Tour, she had a rivalry vs. Heather, and in ep. 14, she turned into a monster and beat up Tyler. And in Action, she was the main antagonist. But all of her eliminations were SO uncalled for.

A feisty type-A I love her as a character.

She deserves to win a season

3 Zoey

I feel like she's underrated she's so sweet and bubbly she deserves 3rd place on this list.

4 Lindsay
5 Izzy

The crazy chick...I love her

6 Heather

May be nasty but overall I voted for her because she's fun to watch.

7 Bridgette

Her surfer girl vibe is amazing I really like that about her.

8 Dawn

ah, dawn, the moonchild...

9 Ella

I really love Ella, she is kind, sweet, and like me loves to sing. She is beautiful and should have made it farther. And I do like Snow White.

10 Leshawna
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11 Jasmine

she is my favorite character in pakhitew island

12 Sky

Sky is an amazing character she just had one slip up with Dave and it ruined her reputation.

13 Beth
14 Dakota

I love her she is pretty great paparrazi one of my favs

15 Crimson
16 Carrie
17 Kitty

She is like Lindsay based on the voice, and if everyone loves Lindsay, who doesn't love Kitty?

So quirky I love it.

18 Macarthur
19 Emma
20 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

I feel bad for Sammy her sister Amy ruined her life if there was another season I'd want her to return without her evil twin Amy.

21 Taylor

I love her, apart from the fact she that she shuns her mother.

22 Sierra
23 Sugar
24 Jen
25 Katie

Sweet and fun I love her.

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