Top 10 Types of "Deres" In Anime

Dere is a term, used to describe certain types of females in Anime.
If you want to know, which type I am, according to some Internet Quiz I'm a Dandere.

The Top Ten

1 Tsundere

This is what I think of myself and what people think of me

I have already declared myself one of these a long time ago. - listotaku17

Its not only the most popular but the most well known

This would be me if I were in anime, mixed with a hajidere. I'd be a tsundere who blushes/gets super nervous around my crush. I'd probably be a hajidere at first, then become a nervous and blushing tsundere.
Crush: "Ya know, I was having fun looking at you blushing until you looked away."
Me: "Shut up, ya baka! " *slaps the back of his head*
So ya. Have fun making fun of me!

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2 Kuudere

This would be me.

This one sounds like me

I just love kuuderes for some reason

One of my characters I draw is a Kuudere, her name is Selene and she's a goth and has a twin sister, Jess(ica), they are pretty much opposites. Selene is kuudere and Jess is a deredere. - PrincessKiana

3 Dandere

I think this is me. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I'm a Dandere in real life. - PrincessKiana

No JUST no

Totally me

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4 Yandere

Cute and friendly on the outside but if you mess with the one they love they will turn violent quickly.

Gotta love it when someone acts really sweet but turns possessive and violent within 10 seconds.

It's a creepy and creative way to love someone this one deserves to be number one

You think their nice but if you lay a finger on senpai she will kill you.

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5 DereDere

Cute and friendly inside and out!

I took the quiz and apparently this is me. Maybe a little bit of tsundere added in. - Absolite

This would be me. As a friend of mine said: "Her hyperness is contagious! " - RiverClanRocks

This would so be me maybe add a pinch of yandere and tsundere

6 Kamidere

A Kamidere wants only to be treated like a god and sees him/herself as a god.
Might I add that I find it ironic, who most Kamideres are actually male and not female! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

7 Himedere

Basically a tsundere or a kuudere, but too princess-like to fit into any category. Either treats her love interest like she needs to be cared for or like he is a prince.

8 Coodere

:D I'm more of this one - piplop135

it is apparent to me you idiots know nothing of deres or how to spell "kuudere"

9 Mayadere

Describes a more dangerous Tsundere, that acts as a antagonist! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

10 Yangire

It goes for characters who kills for fun and for hate towards people that do things to them

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The Contenders

11 Undere V 1 Comment
12 TsunTsun

TsunTsun is harsh, cold blunt and cynical on the outside, but on the inside they are depressed, sad and lonely. They often intimidate and harass people to make them feel better about themselves.

A TsunTsun is pretty much the exact opposite of a DereDere, mixed with a Tsundere.
She is depressed inside, but still harsh outside! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

13 Dojikko
14 Dorodere

A Dorodere is sweet, innocent and loving on the outside almost like a Yandere. On the inside, they are mental, insane and usually have very interesting back stories. They are extremely creepy on the inside.

15 Noradere V 1 Comment
16 Joendere

A loser on the inside and a loser on the outside.

17 Tsukidere

A Tsukidere is a type of person who is a mix of a bunch of different personalities and stereotypes all in one self but usually they bring at least one of them out at a time. These type of their are the most mental because of it. They are mostly viewed as "Dark" which is why they are called a Tsukidere. "Tsuki" is another word for moon.

18 Kanedere V 1 Comment
19 Gerdere

When one is shy or anxious around their Senpai. They want their Senpai to notice them but is too shy to do so. Wants to be more forward but is afraid that their Senpai will think of them differently.

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20 Bodere
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