Types of Kids in Middle School and High School


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1 Class Clown

I can sometimes be this! Lol! - AnimeDrawer

That's me! Even though I'm terrified beyond words of clowns..

(Beascily this is the kid that the teacher hates becaues he/she is always interrupting the class) - Jada

Ok readers, it’s story time:
One time I was in fourth grade and there was an overweight boy making an extremely weird face and I didn’t know why. This is what I said:”(Boy’s name), stop you’re gonna scare children.” I didn’t meant to say this in a rude way, just as a joke. Anyway, everyone at my table laughed when our teacher came to the table and told us to stop laughing. I felt like the class clown that day and it was awesome

2 Best Hair

This used to be me because people used to play with my hair and say it felt nice and soft. It was weird - Spongehouse

Oh Yeah! This is me by far! - B0S5J4M3S

(This kid now this kid everyone wants her/his hair) - Jada

3 Most Likely to Succeed

This is defiantly not me - Spongehouse

I am one ambitious sob! - Kevinsidis

If you’re a nice person with good goals in life and for your future then you are most likely to succeed

4 Most Creative

I made my own clothes, jewelery and personalized my backpack with buttons, and ribbon.

I create the best sci fi stories

5 Most Talented
6 Most Likely to Not Give a Crap

This is the best type of girl

This is basically almost everyone in my class, kind of including me

Aye this is what I am


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7 Teachers Pet

I have an annoying boy in my math class that acts like this a lot and it’s so annoying

8 Prom Queen and King
9 The Know It All

I tend to go off on a tangent a lot with my teachers, especially my physics teacher, about other things somewhat concerning the subject at hand. A lot of my peers tend to get annoyed when this happens... - prussian

These people are usually annoying because there just like I know everything and I know I get it you know everything you don't have to shove that down my face

That's me I'm the know it all in my english class - Kevinsidis

Me... - Hermione_Granger220

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10 The Quiet Kid

That's me too I'm shy. - Kevinsidis

That's me - darthvadern

This is me! - TheFourthWorld

Yep, i�'m one of these! - zoocksycootserana

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? The Jock

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11 The Nerd

I'm not nerd because I have a great taste in sports and less in studies - Sugarcubecorner

I'm a physics,Knowledgeable,and math nerd - Kevinsidis

I’m kind of a nerd, people say I’m more of the sweet one

I’m a nerd... - Hermione_Granger220

12 The Not Know It All

Scoff*this fat girl believes that I'm faking but I possess full knowledge I do indeed - Kevinsidis

The know it none! - lovefrombadlands

Pretends they know everything but they obviously don’t - Randomator

13 The Pervert

Like the guy who used to stalk me. - Hermione_Granger220

My class mostly constists of this - darthvadern

14 Bored

That's me - lovefrombadlands

This is me - B0S5J4M3S

15 The Kind One

This one is so nice, its annoying...

This is me I think. - lovefrombadlands

I’m pretty sure this is me - Randomator

16 Valedictorian
17 Popular Student

Definitely not me... - Hermione_Granger220

Definitely not me - Randomator

18 The Savage

This is me to! - B0S5J4M3S

19 The Loudmouth
20 The Most Hated

This is me ;-;

21 Troublemaker

To many of these in my school - Spongehouse

22 The Snitch
23 Bookworm
24 Tomboy
25 The Band Geek
26 The Loner
27 Smart
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