Types of Kids in Middle School and High School


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1 Class Clown

I love the class clown their so funny. - Luckys

I'm the edgy class clown - DarkBoi-X

Sometimes except when the class clown just starts getting annoying, and get the whole class in trouble - BreakFastBeast2005

This would be me, but nobody thinks I’m funny. :'( - 3DG20

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2 Best Hair

I definitely have the best hair, no offense Trinity. - Meg21

Me. - Luckys

This is me! Literally people touch my hair for no reason

Not me at all. - 3DG20

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3 Most Creative

Yup. Sadly being creative means you are as antisocial as heck.

I'm not antisocial, I just hate interacting with most people and am really distrusting! - Cyri

This is 40% me. 49% know-it-all. 1% best hair, although that hardly counts. - MaxAurelius

Probably me. Most kids in my school are trend-followers. - Cyri

Me in a nutshell

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4 Most Likely to Succeed

Definitely not me. - 3DG20

Kind of me, I have 1-2 B's and once in a while I'll get a C. Right now I have all A's and one b in math. - Luckys

I'm most likely succeeding at failing. - Cyri

This guy in my science class has straight As and I have know I idea how he does it. So basically he puts everything to the side like itchy feet, legs and bad clothes and mean poeple that know one can take on

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5 Most Likely to Not Give a Crap

Sometimes this is me - DarkBoi-X

Here I am - Commitdie224

Me - Demon_Kitty

Me. - DarkBoi-X

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6 Most Talented

Nope, I’m the least talented. :'( - 3DG20

7 Teachers Pet

About half of my grade 8 class were teachers pets... Not really sure why though because our teacher was awful. - 3DG20

I have an annoying boy in my math class that acts like this a lot and it’s so annoying

8 Prom Queen and King

This applies to high school only

9 The Know It All

Also me. My English teachers get mad sometimes, but this is me. - Cyri

These people are usually annoying because there just like I know everything and I know I get it you know everything you don't have to shove that down my face

I tend to go off on a tangent a lot with my teachers, especially my physics teacher, about other things somewhat concerning the subject at hand. A lot of my peers tend to get annoyed when this happens... - prussian

That's me I'm the know it all in my english class - Kevinsidis

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10 The Quiet Kid

So me I'm loud in certain classes though. - Luckys

This is me and a few of my friends. - 3DG20

Yeah, I'm the one that nobody realizes is in the room until the end of the year (if they notice at all) - SirSheep

I can be quite loud sometimes if I'm excited about something but most of the time I'm really quite...so quite that one time the teacher forgot that I'm in the class. - CharismaticKat

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? The Special Needs Kid

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11 The Nerd

*Spends a whole minute explaining what a prologue is to another honors student, even using all 6 books I had with me* - Cyri

Also me. I know all the answers, I'm just too introverted to answer them in front if the class - SirSheep

Not me. - CharismaticKat

I looked like a nerd in late elementary and middle school. In middle school I also had braces, which made me look EVEN MORE nerdy.

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12 The Pervert

A kid in History pretends to "do it" with his desk for half the class. He sits near me. I'm genuinely disgusted. - Cyri

Late year one of the grade 7 classes was a grade 6/7 split and one of the grade 6ers acted really perverted, always talking about sex and stuff. Thank God, he's going to a different school next year. - CharismaticKat

Yes there was this one guy and all he did was talk about ass and boobs in was really funny though because we all knew he wasn't going to get ant of it - BreakFastBeast2005

There used to be one in my classes. To be honest, he’s probably gonna grow up to become a child molester. - 3DG20

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13 The Kind One

Me, but slighty more ambitious

I'm rude and kind at the same time lmao - CharismaticKat

It's very rare to find a kid like this in my school! - Spongehouse

This is me I think.

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14 The Loner

This Is Very True ;-;

Me. I do have friends but none of them are in my class. So most of the time I'm alone, it's not bad really. I'd rather be alone then with a gang of screaming girls. - CharismaticKat

Ugh me..

Used to be me - Demon_Kitty

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15 The Not Know It All

Me. - 3DG20

Scoff*this fat girl believes that I'm faking but I possess full knowledge I do indeed - Kevinsidis

The know it none!

Pretends they know everything but they obviously don’t - Randomator

16 Troublemaker

FINALLY! Someone is acknowledging these types of students and who I am, I thought this wouldn't happen! - Coreforce

I'm more of a rebel with a cause. - Cyri

Here too - Commitdie224

That's me. - CharismaticKat

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17 The Dancer

I dance! Buut, I don't know if people think about that at school. - HermioneKG4884

I love dancing I’m the dance team captain of my school
JV captain though - Commitdie224

Me I’m a dancer - Cheer4ever

Definitely not me. I can’t dance. - 3DG20

18 The Fortnite Kid
19 The Rich Kid

A kid in my high school special ed class had every Apple product that ever existed at the time, AND THE TEACHER KEPT BRAGGING ABOUT HIM AND HIS APPLE PRODUCTS!

That is me but I am the same Idoint brag or anything I actually only tell my friends that I am secretly rich because I hate being popular

That's me, but I am not some snobish princess. - Meg21

20 Bored

Yeah, I get so bored at school. I already know the stuff that they are teaching. - SirSheep

*cough* biology *cough* - Cyri

Me. - 3DG20

Me. - CharismaticKat

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21 Popular Student

That could be me - Cheer4ever

No, but I'm happy with me being last place. - MaxAurelius

No that's def not me - CharismaticKat

Not me, but I don’t want to be popular. - 3DG20

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22 The Snitch

Can't even keep a little secret

23 The Jock

This kid in my class is really into sports, is that him... if I scwint yes

24 The Gamer

That's me straight up

25 The Gay Kid

Okay there's a lot of these (i'm not a homophobe) but I think this is important

26 Popular, Girly Girl That’s in the Cheer Squad

I hate these people even though I think I may be considered a "popular" kid. They are so stuck-up and annoying! - HermioneKG4884

Me - Cheer4ever

Those sluts

27 Valedictorian
28 The Savage

If I want to be. I'm a say it as it is person. - Cyri

Ha ha! That's so me - CharismaticKat

Was here - Commitdie224

A good title for you guys is the oven since you like to roast poeple!

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29 The Loudmouth

Next time you get a baby note your kid might become a jerk

Spoiled kids...

These guys can be aggresive

That’s me and my bffs - Commitdie224

30 The Most Hated

Not me. One kid in my school gives a crap every second about everyone hating him.

This is me ;-;

31 Bookworm

Me! My patents HATE when I have 26 books out from the local library. Come on, it's only... Like 200,000,000,000 (200 billion) books! Come on! - HermioneKG4884

I carried seven at once at one point. I'm both sad and happy that it's dropped to six. - Cyri

*drops 15 books. "Not me! " - SirSheep

32 Smart
33 The Sociopath

Even though you probably won't notice them there their - Jada

That's a psychopath.

Sociopaths are the ones who are visibly messed up. Psychopaths are more cold and calculating. - Cyri

34 The Psychopath

One of my classmates are this

Not so bad unless you hang with them too much

Me - Demon_Kitty

That was me in 5th grade - NightmareCinema

35 The Awkward Kid

This particular item fits me so perfectly that even one of my teachers from the past said I was awkward to me. I even created this particular comment on a very interesting website called TheTopTens to be awkward on purpose. - 3DG20

I can't even talk to people online - SirSheep

Me. I'm one of the most awkward people you could possibly meet. No lie - CharismaticKat

That's me. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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36 The Slut

There's like a bunch of kids like this in my school who smoke in the bathrooms.. ugh

Me - Demon_Kitty

One of these... started dating this year... already have 8 ex's! ~slut ass hoeee

37 The Harry Potter Fangirl

I know one. We get along well. - Cyri

Literally every girl in 5th grade. That wasn't middle school, though. - MaxAurelius

Oh god. I have one in my class - CharismaticKat

Mmme! Plus a bunch of classmates plus my teacher! - HermioneKG4884

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38 The Average Kid
39 The Cheerleaders

Thank god they don't exist in British schools.
They are either stereotyped as good = talent or bad = bullies.

The girls who are always in a gang and really rude to people. Not to mention they get all the hotties!

I’m in the cheer squad! - Cheer4ever

40 The Anime Nerd

Lol this is my friend

This is me. It doesn't help when I'm the only anime-loving person and so everybody teases me about a character I like lmao

41 The Kid that Always Yells During Class and Doesn't Do Their Work
42 The Chav

They always go out of class to either smoke or vape. and they think that they are tough and they arernt. They always wear the designer sports wear such as adidas, nike, north face, berghaus, under armour etc. But they mostly wear tracksuits and caps. and they speak common and use words such as init, aright la, my g, alright kid, and they are usually the popular kids. Out of school they usually hang out by mcdonalds in a group and this also applies to girls too.

43 Tomboy

I'm usually that person

Me. - 3DG20

Me - Commitdie224

Yep. - HermioneKG4884

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44 The Band Geek
45 The Narcissist
46 The Lovebird

I meant "boys"! - HermioneKG4884

Maybe relate...

Aww come on, I only may like 3 or 4 boy! That's not horable, is it? 😉 - HermioneKG4884

47 The Kid Who is Butthurt When You Do Something Accidentally
48 The homophobic

This is everyone in my class but me

49 The Tech-Savvy One
50 Kid Who Makes Loud Noises to Be Annoying
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