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Handicap People

There was one episode that went way too far. For some who don't know the episode it's the episode where Peter opens his own resterant but said he doesn't want no wheelchair people around it. Now ain't that just mean spirited? - Chaotixhero

Wow. I wonder what Peter has against people in wheelchairs. I also think that sounds hypocritical because one of Peter's friends, Joe, is in a wheelchair. - Murvine_Taylor

Seth MacFarlane is a liberal prick. Family Guy should be banned, or better yet, CANCELLED!

Joe is inspirational to handicaps everywhere why would they be offended - YOSHIA2121

My friend's mom is in a wheelchair. So this kind of offends me too. - astroshark

Jewish People

Didn't they do an episode with Anne Frank and her family.

Sends Jew to Nazi Germany. - errrr

If You Want To See Jewish Jokes Done Correctly,Watch South Park!

Yeah how? south park is the one - YOSHIA2121

African Americans

Yoshia 2121 Sometimes Family Guy episodes (and also the scenes) can very racist towards black people (e.g. racist sunflower, a racist horse had joked about black people stealing bats, black people had unzipped themselves and sang about freedom, et).

Anyone remember that one episode with the Whites song? Oh yeah, family guy should be ashamed but nope their not. - Chaotixhero

Seth McFarlane should be hung on noose by black people including guess who the leader of blacks OBAMA! AND ALL BLACK RAPPERS WHO WILL SIING A SONG ABOUT HOW OFFENSIVE FAMILY GUY IS

how - YOSHIA2121

Mental People

I have special needs and I love it - JazzyJulie

Yeah they really did in a few episodes. I would tell you them but I can't remember the episodes. - Chaotixhero

This is true - YOSHIA2121


I wonder what Quagmire would think about this being on the list. He would probably go giggity. - Murvine_Taylor

Old People

Sorry if I said old people. But overall, they kinda did in one or two episodes... Old family guy did. - Chaotixhero

Family guy is good, but annoying to seniors - EpicJake

Herbert the pervert - YOSHIA2121

Homeless People

Of only this disgusting show was cancelled, then no one would be offended. Cancel Family Guy...

Cancer Patients

I once saw the Christmas special, "Road to the North Pole," and in it Brian met Quagmire's niece, Abby and thought she was a boy because she lost her hair from the chemo. I know that Brian was being innocently insensitive, but I found that scene pretty sad and depressing. It made me feel bad for poor Abby, even though Quagmire does piss me off. - Murvine_Taylor

Sane People

You mean the main fans? Teenagers are the ones who are the main fans.

Family Guy do make teens stereotypes like a lot. So it doesn't surprise me that they are going for. - Chaotixhero

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People With No Sense of Humor

What? You mean people who like better sitcoms.

The only item that should be on this list. I'm making another failed list post (after a break which lasted about a year) about this list. - RalphBob


I'm a woman and I still like Family Guy!

Seth MacFarlane has only created females to be only a pretty face with hot bodies, very boring personalities, always nagging a lot and are always acting pure humbleness, when they do much worser things than others themselves, affecting other family members. While the males are created to be very funny, talented, the biggest star of the show and they are not afraid to make reckless decisions.

More male fans than female duh.

Autistic People

That screaming autistic lady cutaway gag made me lose interest in the show.

I have autism and I love the show - JazzyJulie

I have autism, but I actually like Family Guy. People were offended by Run Chris Run because they are autistic or have Asperger's, but that episode did NOT offend me neither did that one scene from Stewie Goes For a Drive where Peter had to sit next to a screaming autistic lady (but I still feel bad for those with SEVERE autism). - Murvine_Taylor

Me too but I HATE this show so much get it CANCELED!

People With Down Syndrome

I still like Family Guy.

What one of my friends she likes it.

Watch Big Fat Medium And You'll Know What I'm Talking About

People Who Had Family or Friends Who Were Killed by 9/11

This is why joking about 9/11 is offensive.

People Who Love & Care About Children

OH GOD, Just watch "Quuagmire's Dad"


That picture is weird. Thank god I don't live in America.

Parents Who Know Real Comedy
Christian People
Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's four members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and people associated with them.

I only became a fan of them because of Liam Payne being rejected. 2008, 2010 then 2010 put into One Direction.

I'm not much of a crazy One Direction fan like I was back then, but I still LOVE One Direction.

Deaf People

Like one of Peter's co workers.


Brian, probably offends atheists.


The fans are idiots.

People Living In Nepal
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