Top Ten Types of Roller Coasters

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1 Inverted

It really depends on the actual ride. For example; I'm not a big fan of the Batman: The Ride clones. But then you've got rides like Raptor... And how about Montu? Or Alpengeist? Yeah, this decision is easy. Second place is a flying coaster.

Inverted coasters provide such an intense feeling of flying, especially Batman: The Ride at multiple Six Flags locations.

Alpengeist and nemesis are both epic! would always pick these

Banshee is #1!

2 Winged

Wing Coasters Deliver an experience like no other coaster. Ride Gatekeeper at Cedar Point or X-Flight at Six Flags Great America. Wing Coasters are so fun and smooth!

I always feel like I'm gonna fly out of my seat when there's a big turn or twist

3 Flying

It feels so smooth and it is so fast and fun. I wish they were more common.

Pretzel loop is definitely my favorite element

Superman in a nutshell

4 Hyper

Hyper Coasters/Giga Coastera are the best! So much airtime and most of them are very smooth. Intimidator 305, Fury 325, Leviathan, Millennium Force, Diamondback, Behemoth, Goliath at SFLR, Nitro and Intimidator are just some examples of the awesome Hypers/Gigas!

They are just fun

I love ir, it should be the number 1, like shambhala is

5 Dive

This is the best, a little splash of water in the body, never hurt anyone

6 Accelerator

Premier Rides perfected the accelerator coaster with Mr. Freeze and Poltergeist/Joker's Jinx. Intamin broke records with Top Thrill Dragster, Kingda Ka and Formula Rossa. Accelarator coasters are always an amazing rush.

I love the way that you get pushed so far back in your seat you feel like it's gonna break

7 Giga

Millennium Force is so fast and smooth...the best experience at Cedar Point.

I love roller coasters. I especially love Giga coasters

This type of roller coasters should be the number one

My favorite one is millennium force.

8 Sit Down

These coasters will always deliver a thrill and never go out of style, plus the loopers have got some of the coolest looking and most recognizable track layouts in the park.

Inverted are cool but are sometimes short or bumpy. But sit down can have big thrills and are smooth.

Love sit down coasters. Stand up's are horrible but flying coasters are good.

9 Stand Up

... Togo... is just bad...just...don't...ride togos

10 Woodie

I just love wooden roller coasters! My favorite one was designed by Herbert Schmeck and was called the "Comet" at Meyers Lake in Canton, Ohio! Hardly and recognition goes to this awesome, yet sadly demolished jem! I just hope that Philadelphia Toboggan still has the plans for this ride and can reconsturct it! The Pheonix and Knobels Grove Amusement park simply pales in comparison!

Wooden Coasters are the best. Feeling all the shaking and roughness, as well as being able to jump in your seat, make these coasters a blast. They will always be the best.

Out of control and fun to ride. While steel coasters are dominating I still prefer the old fashioned wooden coaster.

What started them all...

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11 RMC Inverting Woodie

Stupid gp put this at 11

Why the frick is this at 11?

The thrills of a woodie BUT ITS STEEL AND SMOOTH it also can do inversions

12 Bobsled

The Matterhorn at Disneyland has a track. Some doesn't even have a track. Six Flags Great Adventure used to have one of those.

13 Floorless

Floorless coasters are smooth, fun and feature a lot of inversions, the only one I have rode was Kraken, love it

14 4D Free Fly Coaster

I like the flipping on these rides.

15 Mine Train

LOVE mine trains. They're the kind of coaster anyone can handle, and many of them are great first coasters. My first coaster was Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags Great Adventure.

16 Launched
17 Strata

Because they are sooo tall.

18 4th Dimension

These out and back coasters are one of the best in the world

19 Dual Tracked

Most dual tracked wooden coasters both tracks go forward but Colossus at six flags magic mountain goes backwards during fright fest

20 Boomerangs

Way too many of these, but still good rides.

These roller coasters have BACKWARDS LOOPS!

21 Suspended

You should try iron Dragon at cedar point or ninja at six flags magic mountain

22 Wild Mouse

They’re fun for any age.
Example: the fly at Canada’s wonderland. It has a steep drop for a wild mouse and sharp turns and small air time hills ( I guess ). Sooo yeah fun for all ages

23 SLC Vekoma

Horrible rollercoaster, avoid these at all cost

SLC Vekomas are AMAZING! Best restraints, smooth rides, and awesome layouts! (sarcasm)

24 Looping Coaster

Who doesn't like a good inverting coaster?

25 Enclosed

For example: Mummy at Universal Hollywood, Space Mountain, Skull Mountain at Great Adventure NJ, and the Dark Knight at Great Adventure

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