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21 Know It All

I know a lot. That's it.

22 Tomboys
23 Princesses

" I'm a princess! I'm a princess! " Shut up you spoiled brat, no one cares that you're a "princess"

This happens a lot in elementary school.

24 Class Clowns

There are lots of class clowns at my school, but some of them are very annoying because they tease me just because I like cats - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

The same thing happened to me in sixth grade. I drew cats twenty-four seven and always carried around Warrior Cat books! People thought I was insane! But now I am mostly over that and read Maximum Ride instead. - Flowersocks2137

25 Bookworms
26 Weirdos
27 Flexy Kids
28 Outcast

When it comes to talking about things, I'm an outcast (nobody really wants to talk to me), but when it comes to talking about math problems, EVERYONE chases me around and ask me lots of math questiomns - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

29 Porn Watchers

Go to toilet stall after school have some fun

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30 Choir Groups
31 Nose Pickers
32 Loners
33 Chatty Kids
34 Depressed/Sad Kids
35 Rule Breakers
36 Gangsters V 1 Comment
37 Bully Victim
38 Lazy Kids
39 Prophetic Kid
40 Otakus
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