Top Ten Most Underrated Big Brother (US) Players

As we all praise Dan, Will, Janelle, and Derrick, let's vote for those players that were so close, yet so far away from being remembered as the best.

The Top Ten

1 Memphis Garrett BB10

Memphis played a great game but if his social game were better than Dan, let alone much better, there is no way in hell he gets 0 votes vs Dan in a jury vote. - feisty37

Dan goes down in history as one of, if not the, greatest players of all time. However people seem to overlook Dan's right-hand man Memphis. Memphis played a much better social game than Dan, Memphis's relationships with Keesha, Jessie and even Renny kept him off the block, and later in the game kept Dan safe.

"much better social game than Dan" 0 votes. And say what you want about Dan's strategy and comp wins this season, but there isn't a jury on earth on either Survivor or Big Brother history that will award the person with a "much better social game" than their opponent with 0 votes. - feisty37

Okay, so for starters, everyone always sees him as riding Dan's tail to the end, but no one gives him the credit he deserves. He won challenges, escaped the block, and made deals with other Houseguests. Had he been nicer to Keesha and spent more time working on his final speech, he could've gotten votes.

He's a good player people just don't give him credit

2 James Rhine BB6, All-Stars James Rhine, is an American television talk-show host, actor, producer and model. He most recently appeared as a host and interviewer on "Celeb TV" in Chicago and is a recurring guest host on "In the Loop" on WYCC Chicago.

As the first Veto King in the history of Big Brother, James would most likely be remembered as another unfortunate fake-alliance player that fell to the hands of Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. He was taken out both seasons because he made a huge target on his back by winning so many competitions. Had his Season Six alliance in BB7 taken out Chilltown in the first few weeks instead of useless floaters, him and Danielle could have cruised to the end. - MrRealityTV

He had so much potential

Loved him more BB6 than all stars, but no doubt a legendary player. I liked he how floated but won POVs. - BlackDiamonds


3 Spencer Clawson BB15

Spencer was the king of being a pawn. He was nominated 9 times but never seemed to loose his cool.


4 Nakomis Dedmon BB5, All-Stars
5 Jason Guy BB3
6 Shelly Moore BB13

Hated by the JeJo stans ( which deserves a 💋) but played well til she got caught with her hand too much in the cookie jar. - BlackDiamonds

7 Enzo "Meow-Meow" Palumbo BB12

I'm not sure why he hasn't come back yet

8 Daniele Donato BB8/13 Daniele Donato-Briones, was a contestant on Big Brother 8, and Big Brother 13 along with her father, Dick Donato.

Way better than Penis Donato

9 Aaryn Gries BB15 Aaryn Elizabeth Williams is an American reality television personality, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former model from San Marcos, Texas. She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on the reality television show Big Brother 15.

Somehow I found myself rooting for one of the most horrible people I'd ever seen on television. Her social game was horrible for the first half of the game, there's no question about that. But she managed to pose as a floater and still make major moves until what was admittedly the worst final 7 cast of all time realized she was the only good player left in the game. McCranda had no social game, mostly sucked at challenges and were too caught up with their showmance to focus on any real strategy. Aaryn was a HELL of a BB player. She is a racist mean girl, but even with that huge target, slipped under the radar. I'll always consider her the most underrated player behind Nakomis.

Overall, I think Aaryn was there to play Big Brother. When a target made itself present she tried to target it, but when she became the target she was willing to sell her HoH to her rivals (Helen and Elissa) and kept the moves strategic till the point that it was a well oiled machine. Hypothetically, if she and Helen, Elissa, also GinaMarie formed a final four during their plot to evict Howard they would've been unstoppable (keep your friends close and your enemies closer).

Adding on, she made the target so big she was getting trough eviction after eviction because everyone thought she was a bigger target than them. She is the reason the house flipped to get kaitlyn out who could beast compitition and donate the late game.

Of course, it's not okay that's she made racist comments throughout the game about Helen and Candice, but think about it. Helen, Elissa, and Candice wanted her dead. But she won competition after competition to keep herself safe.
If she wasn't mean to other Houseguests, she couldv'e gotten very far in the game.

10 Nicole Franzel BB16

Hands down played a better game than paul in bb18 and was awarded rightfully. Very deserving winner who played very behind the scenes, puppet master of corey all the way. Glad the jury saw it.

Finally a good big brother list! She's underrated and she should have won. - DethronedInFlorida

She was the only one that figured out that Derrick was the one calling the shots. She was also an underrated competitor.

Having to fight a guy-alliance that dominated the house is hard. However, Nicole fought.
The first few weeks she sat back and watched her fellow females friends get picked off one-by-one.
( Joey, Paola, Brittany, Amber, Jocasta)
She was the only houseguest that had the guts to take out Frankie.
After losing her boyfriend, she then managed to win HOH.
After getting evicted, she came back in the house and the house was mad.
She survived a week vs the killer bad guys Cody, Derrick, Caleb, Frankie)
Amazing competitor. So happy she returned.

The Contenders

11 Kevin Campbell BB11

Kevin doesn't get enough credit.
He had to keep Chima calm most of the season, he took Robbie to task for his Hitler love and he/Natalie strategized to break up JeJo and get Jeff evicted. I wouldn't mind if he came back again. - BlackDiamonds

12 Drew Daniel BB5
13 Steve Moses BB17

Stayed under the radar for most of the game and let the bigger personalities get evicted. He threw comps when he didn't need to win but won when he had to. He started playing hard near the end winning 3 of the last 4 Hoh's, nominating Austwins and evicting Vanessa. He made a lot of good game moves such as aligning with Austin and Jace win week one, forming the rockstars alliance with Johnny Mac, forming an alliance with Vanessa in week 2 which helped him get into scamper Squad, nominating Jackie and Austwins and evicting Vanessa.

14 McCrae Olson BB15

Although most credit is given to his showmance Amanda Zukkerman, McCrae was the one who made sure they stayed off the block. While Amanda bullied houseguests into helping her game, McCrae was the unsung hero who softened the wound Amanda left.

I actually think he is the MOST underrated houseguest in big brother history. He won 2 head of household's and 2 POVS while in the game.
He went under the radar even though his showmance was the most hated houseguest for most of the time.
He seemed to have a strong relationship with a lot of the people in the house. Mccrae was the target in the house when Amanda went home but won a veto and an HOH to save himself. He should definitely come back for an all-stars

15 Jackie Ibarra BB17
16 Cody Nickson BB8
17 Mark Jansen BB19
18 Liz Nolan BB17

Set herself up in a position where in the final 3 she was going to final 2 no matter who won. Not bad at comps, good social game always had allies, was a very tactically savvy player. Very impressive considering that she didn't kmow much about the game going into it and had to deal with the target of having a twin and a boyfriend at the same time and still made final 2.

This girl was never the target. In my opinion, she was one of the three best players of big brother 17 besides Vanessa and Steve.
She won a couple of hoh's and her social game was on fleek.
She stayed under the radar all of the game.

19 Austin Matelson BB17

Although hated by many for cheating on his girlfriend, his gameplay was extremely well done. Nobody else would be able to lead a well known trio all the way to final three. Austin was a low key social threat, and with his good relationships with Meg, James and the twins, he would have beaten anyone in the final two that season. - mojodixon

20 Cody Calafiore BB16
21 Britney Haynes BB12
22 Danielle Reyes BB3 Danielle Reyes, is most notable for being a contestant on the 3rd and All-Star seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

Still in my top 3 players of al time. Bb messed her over on what should have been her win!

She should've won and not Lisa. - Turkeyasylum

23 Christine Brecht BB16
24 Willie Hantz BB14
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