Top Ten Most Unoriginal Mario Kart Courses

On 25th of September 2019, the next Mario Kart game is released, Mario Kart Tour on the phone. In my personal opinion, it looks pretty unoriginal considering how all the courses are seemingly just retro tracks. Speaking of unoriginal, there hasn't been an unoriginal mario kart courses list yet so I'll make one. With that being said here's the list.

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DS Figure-8 Circuit

It should already be self-explanatory why this course is number #1. It really just is a circuit resembling an 8 and that's it. There's no other significant theme to this course. It's a figure-8 with..., nothing except some trees and racing buildings in the background. That's all there is to this course. The only good thing about this one is you can snake a lot here but it's still to this day the most unoriginal mario kart track of all time.

It’s great for sneaking though
- HaloFanboy, who got suspended

It's a fine course, but yeah it's unoriginal and pretty boring.

They really didn't even try with this.

3DS Toad Circuit

What have I said about Wii Luigi Circuit that can be applied to this course as well. It's a figure-8 with statues of mario characters (technically toad balloons but it's still the same type of theme), off-road that's sand. The "big" difference is the introduction of the glider and the tunnel. Big difference (not). I personally think this track is ok though because of the glider section and the music is great. But objectively speaking this track is is undeniably unoriginal. - darthvadern

Wii Luigi Circuit

The infamous Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart Wii. There have been four Luigi Circuit courses in the Mario Kart series. On the N64, GCN, GBA and the Wii. Almost everyone can agree this was his worst course. It's got the same boring and unoriginal theme like DS Figure-8 Circuit in which it's pretty much just a shape resembling an 8 and there's nothing else to it. It's slightly better than the former course due to there being at least some more things as off-road and statues of mario characters (yeah, DS Figure-8 Circuit didn't even have much off-road). That does not equal good though.

GBA Mario Circuit

In a nutshell this is the exact same thing as Peach Circuit. Yeah. The exact same thing. The only difference is that there's no castle and the road is different. Yay, how interesting. It's a grassy plain, some trees here and there, and..., that's it. No hills, nothing. There's nothing noteworthy about this course. The Wii U remake was awesome luckily but the original is what matters in this list, not remakes. It's on par with DS Figure-8 Circuit on being the most unoriginal mario kart course of all time - darthvadern

GBA Peach Circuit

Really this course is also on par with DS Figure-8 Circuit and Mario Circuit on being one of the worst and most unoriginal courses in the mario kart history. To an extent I actaully prefer the latter two courses over this abomination. As unoriginal as those courses are and despite both more unoriginal overall, at least the other two courses are not as boring or have decent looking backgrounds respectively. This course is the exact same thing as Mario Circuit but a worse background. Yeah there's a castle in the background. Too bad it looks like it's about to explode with that red contrast. Both the original and the remake in Mario Kart DS share the same unoriginality. The GBA version was just nothing at all and the DS version is the same but twice as slow and ugly which is just sad.

If there was more than just that castle.

Wii U Mario Circuit

You know one thing most circuit tracks have in common is that they all share a somewhat 8 shape. Then we get Mario Kart 8's Mario Circuit and ironically, this track is just the shape of an big oval! Since it's in the newest installment of the mario kart franchise you'd expect it to have some originality. All it has is the anti gravity mechanic which is already present in all other new mario kart 8 courses so why should this feel any different? It's some floating island in the sky with your typical World 1 theme with grassy plains and trees and yadda yadda yadda and some miniature Peach castle. I mean yeah this does make the course more original than other circuit tracks overall it's still unoriginal. - darthvadern

N64 Luigi Raceway

The first luigi track ever in Mario kart. Unfortunately it's one of the least memorable courses ever. Same as all other circuit tracks. The layout sorta resembles an 8 of some sort. What puts this track below the tracks above on this list is the long tunnel which is pretty neat and the luigi balloons that have item boxes. Other than that it's still the same boring circuit track with no notable things that make it stand out. - darthvadern

GCN Luigi Circuit
GCN Baby Park

What were Nintendo thinking when making this course? This track had so much potential but laziness won against originality when Mario Kart: Double Dash! was in development. You make a course with a theme about amusement parks. So much possibilities. And this is the result. A damn oval loop over and over again that can be completed under a minute. In fact it's so short that you have to complete 7 or 5 laps to complete it depending on which game you're playing. And do not get me started on the DS remake. That one had virtually no theme park athmosphere to begin with. - darthvadern

This is a very repetitive course. - Userguy44

N64 Toad’s Turnpike

Really Nintendo? This is the first highway track in the Mario Kart series and what do you make of that idea? Just a ' eight with huge walls surrounding the road and no interesting scenery. I will admit I am a huge fan of this track and I don't mind it that much and since it is the first highway track it's somewhat original but still that doesn't excuse this track has no scenery at all and is just an eight and the aestethics are as boring as they can get. I still love this track though because of the music and difficulty. And at least the remake in Mario Kart 8 was heavily improved. - darthvadern

The Contenders

N64 Mario Raceway

As a circuit track, N64's Mario Raceway has a lot more to it and isn't even an 8 (thankfully), so this course managed to stay out of the top nine. The layout is more interesting and you've got different sections. A pipe, a grassy hill, a sandy area, etc. However, circuit tracks are never that original to begin with (with the exception of Wii Daisy Circuit) so this course stays at #10.

This one is pretty cool.

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N64 Moo Moo Farm

Just a a little hilly circle with no danger, enough said. - darthvadern

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