Top Ten Warrior Names for ThunderClan Cats that Don't Exist

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1 Feathermist

Nah this is my kits name with Swiftpaw but it is a riverclan name

Lovely queen name definitely using it in my Oc's

I picture her as a feather colored cat with mist around her

" Sounds like a silver tabby " = Basically every Feathermist MARY-SUE!

2 Ivystripe

A white tom with black tabby stripes and dark green eyes. He would have short, rough fur, a dark pink nose, scars on one of his front legs, and sharp fangs and claws. He would be a dark ThunderClan elder with a mysterious past that he refuses to reveal, and he is often seen near trees and other plants, some calling that scenery his only happy place. At the same time, he is somehow able to comfort pregnant queens as their kits gestate. He would have had a mate and kits as a rogue. I could imagine him having his own Super Edition: Ivystripe's Fall. :3 Fox the Rogue

3 Mistbreeze

This should be first

4 Ashfire

This is one of my characters! I pictured him as a dark gray tom with flame colored eyes.

I imagine a dark brown and amber tom. Quite young, he is a deputy of...maybe Shadow Clan. His father is Smoky, a rogue, and his mother is Cinder’Ash, warrior of Shadow Clan. He has 2 siblings, Willow (she-cat) and Night (tom). Both are rogues. He his kind, loyal, and honest. I love it.
-Night’Blaze of Moon Clan.

Does anyone else picture this cat with red eyes? I think the name is cool! - Falconflight

Ooh, why isn’t this first? Sounds like an ash-gray cat with orangish yellow eyes. He is related to Ashfur and and wants revenge on Squirrelflight...

5 Blackstorm

Black Maine coon male with a bad temper but makes it up with amazing fighting skills; to make him happy give him his favorite fish (rainbow trout/mackerel)
mother: Tickledwing
father: Dashtalon
grandparents: deceased
mate: Flickertail (blue-and-cream tortie tabby she-cat with green eyes (in certain light her eyes turn blue)
kits: Berry (finch;she- cat), Minx (whisper;male), Cumin (nose;male) - Lavamoon

6 Flamefur

I think this is a correct name :3 - CelestialDove

7 Leafheart
8 Morningleaf

Wait what the... - CelestialDove

9 Speckledcloud

She has a very good detailed bio! Speckled is my favorite out of this list.

I'm thinking of a speckled, dappled tortoiseshell she-cat. I like the name, very unique.

Share your thoughts.

Wow, pretty name! I think Speckledcloud is a spotted tabby she-cat. Speckledcloud tries to peaceful and is quiet, most cats think it is from her early life (kit, apprentice, young warrior). Speckledcloud was born to Swiftdawn and Duskwhisker, which everyone was wondering why they were mates because they got into claw and tooth fights. Anyway, when Speckledcloud was born Swiftdawn wanted to call her Spottedkit, but Duskwhisker called her Speckledkit, so her name was changed. Her littermates Rumblekit, Ivykit, and Duckkit, had their names fought after, too. Rumor had it that Swiftdawn named Duckkit because she was saying "Duskwhisker, you are such a duck! " and named Duckkit "after" him. At the least Speckledcloud got the mentor she wanted (sort of)! Doeheart mentored Speckledpaw for three moons. Doeheart was a dramatic cat, as Speckledpaw learned. When Rumblepaw brought back that Swiftdawn had killed Duskwhisker, Doeheart said she wouldn't mentor Speckledpaw. Speckledpaw's new mentor ...more

10 Swiftdawn

Isn't she a toptenner?

... Uh. No. Thankzzz.

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11 Poppynose

White she-cat with tiny black spots. More of a WindClan name, though

A black and white cat with green eyes he is the medicine cat of thunderclan

The best name on the list

Vote for poppynose

12 Squirreltail

Coloration: Ginger, Mate: Brackenfang, Kits: Flashkit, Barkkit, and Redkit (Flashfur, Barktooth, and Redpelt) Siblings: Lionclaw, Nightpool, Lichenkit. Rank: Warrior.

Squirreltail is a gray she-cat with a fluffy tail. Her mother Pebblesong named her after the fluffiness in her tail. Her brother Stormwing (which was Stormkit then), said they could be warriors if they caught prey for the Clan. After hunting (and not finding any prey), Blackstorm found them. Pebblesong said they should have their apprenticeship delayed for leaving camp, but Squirrelkit knew she was only worried about them. When Stormpaw and Squirrelpaw were apprentices, to Poppynose(Squirrelpaw) and Duskwhisker(Stormpaw) there was a huge storm. The storm killed a lot of cats like Pebblesong and Flamefur. Squirrelpaw didn't grieve because she knew there was work to be done. She spent most of her apprenticeship in the storm and cleaning up the damage the storm did. Emberstar knew Squirrelpaw needed to be a warrior, she was ready and would be ready to do stuff that warriors do. Emberstar made Squirrelpaw a warrior. Squirreltail, was a brave warrior, and after eight moons she gave brith ...more

13 Memefur


14 Rumblefoot

Rumble foot is a Shadowclan warrior that has blue eyes and a sandy pelt. He had always been a bit clumsy, giving him his name. He developed a huge crush in the Shadowclan she cat Shadedwillow. Everyone knew and teased him about it. His closest friend Emberscorch, would never let him hear the end of it. “Look! Shadedwillow is here! ” Emberscorch gasped. Rumblefoot yelped and hid in the warrior’s den. He could hear the loud laughter of Emberscorch. Feeling his pelt burn, he got up and licked his chest in embarrassment. Moving on, he was great friends with her brother Foxpaw, who was killed by a badger. He was deeply saddened by this and would always thy to comfort Shadedwillow but she would push him away. It’s been long after his death. Rumblefoot still wishes he could talk to his friend. One day Shadedwillow gives the news that Blake is expecting kits. Everyone is joyful and automatically expect the father is Rumblefoot. Well, she has been a lot more closer to me these moons, ...more

15 Fernpelt
16 Duskwhisker

Great name! I see a brown-and-gold she-cat with yellow eyes and a loving heart. P.S. When I first saw the name I thought it said Duckwhisker!

I have an OC named this he is a healer and a alchemist/samurai
a red spotted tabby Arabian Mau
kin: Gloryflight(my oc's mother)
whirlwindclaw (male)
Mate/den-mate and best friend:Savorymist (silver spotted tabby egyptian Mau)*personality similar to Spottedleaf* but more extroverted )
Kits: none yet - Lavamoon

17 Sunwater

I think that Sunwater is a white she-cat with amber eyes and a golden spot on her back. Sunwater was born in WindClan and was a quick runner. Sunkit's littermates are Amberkit, Blossomkit, and Rumblekit. Sunkit was born to Poppyfall and Ashfire. Sunkit and Blossomkit would sneak out and leave their brothers(Amberkit and Rumblekit) alone in the nursery. After Sunkit and Blossomkit became Sunpaw and Blosompaw they would always say to Amberpaw and Rumblepaw that if they didn't see the sky they would go mad. Shortly before they were warriors, Amberpaw was killed by a fox. Rumblepaw was stuck in grief, though Sunpaw and Blossompaw recovered quickly. She soon became Sunwater. (Blossmleap and Rumblefoot). Sunwater meet Tawnystrike and they soon became close friends. After 2 moons Sunwater became pregnant with his kits. Their first litter was Doeheart(white and cream she-cat), Shrewtail (cream and brown tabby tom), and Fernclaw(white tabby tom). Their second litter Spottedrose(tortoiseshell ...more

18 Graystorm

You thought the same as me! I would like an grey warrior whose mate is Spottedfur in the warrior cats too.

19 Ivywhisper

She would be a quiet dark grey she-cat with green eyes. Her sisters are Miststorm, a blue-grey she-cat with gray patches, Gingerflame, a ginger she-cat, and Ivoryheart, a white she-cat with gray speckles all over her fur. Her brothers are Sunwater, a ginger and blue-grey tom, and Fierywing, a ginger tom with yellow eyes. Her mother is Poppyfall, a tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes, and her father is Duskwhisker, a dark-grey tom. Poppyfall died giving birth to the last born, Ivoryheart, who her father blames for killing their mother. Ivoryheart was tormented by her brothers and the other toms in the nursery named Firekit and Stormkit when they were young and was often sent to the medicine cats den to heal after being beaten up. As apprentices, on the first day, their metors let them choose what they wanted to do. Firepaw and Stormpaw's sister, Flightpaw, chose hunting. Mistpaw, Ivorypaw, Gingerpaw, and Ivypaw chose exploring borders. Firepaw, Stormpaw, Sunpaw, Fierypaw ...more

20 Pigfart


21 Loveheart

More facts about Loveheart.

-Mallowfeather (her mother) named her Lovekit after her ever lasting love for her mate Hollyfang.
-Ferntail emotionally abused Loveheart.
-Petal and Frog never thought of Ferntail as their father.
-Loveheart thinks that her only true friend was Duskvoice.
-Duskvoice was heart broken when she left, giving her another reason to kill Ferntail.
-Zandra and Ferret did not go to Starclan. Loveheart and her family go and visit them.
-Petal and Dust fell in love with clan cats (Petal with Harestem and Dust with Tigerwing).
-Ferntail regretted what he had done to Loveheart and apologized in Starclan.
Facts about my other ocs
-Pantherstar had a small crush on Olivestar as when he was an apprentice.
-Featherheart and Acorndust would nest in trees together.
-Hawktail lost his tail to a fox trap.
-Runningstar’s warrior name was Runningdawn.
-Oaklake never took on a mate.
-If Foxpaw didn’t die, then Shadedwillow would ...more

Sounds a bit Mary Sue-ish, but I kind of like it! Loveheart is a cream, tinged with light pink, cat. She has soft blue eyes.
Loveheart was named after her kind and brave nature. She stay behind in the nursery and cared for the kits because she thought that fighting was not in her nature. Loveheart was always cautious when it came to mates because the tom only wanted to be with her because of her looks. She was forced to have kits with Ferntail because he and others pressured her. Loveheart thought that Ferntail loved her but soon realized that she was being used to make Leaffall jealous. Loveheart was heartbroken, but gave the kits a good life. Frogkit (Frog) and Petalkit (Petal) were their names. Many cats were fake with her and used her. Frogkit and Petalkit were always told how beautiful they looked making them uncomfortable. Loveheart had enough and left Thunderclan. Days pass and Loveheart, Petalkit and Frogkit find a barn, where so rogues lives. They all were nice and caring. ...more

22 Spottedrose

I love this name and the description:3

Spottedrose is a sleek, short-furred yellow she-cat with brown spots and bright blue eyes. Her parents are Petalnose (cream-colored she-cat with blue eyes, and yes I know that is already a warrior cat name) And Swallowtail (reddish-brown tabby tom with green eyes, and I also know this is already a name) Her siblings are Hollowbreeze (cream-colored she-cat with blue eyes) and Thistletail (reddish-brown tom)

23 Firestorm
24 Fernclaw
25 Willowfern
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