Top Ten Ways Buttercup is Better Than Donald Trump

The Top Ten Ways Buttercup is Better Than Donald Trump

1 Buttercup is not racist

She should beat up Donald Trump hard - TwilightKitsune

Since when was Buttercup racist? Never- AnimeDrawer85

2 Buttercup does not have fake hair

Buttercup has better hair than Donald Trump, he looks like he is wearing a wig. Buttercup has cool jet black hair in a unique style.

But Donald Trump does. And its filthy. - TwilightKitsune

3 Buttercup protects her sisters from being bullied
4 Buttercup is not ugly

Buttercup is cute and adorable, I even think she is the prettiest from her sisters, but her sisters are pretty too. She has light chibi green eyes. Donald Trump is not very good looking in my opinion.

I love her chibi eyes. They are adorablle. - TwilightKitsune

5 Buttercup has a better fanbase

Yeah, at least most Buttercup fans don't tell you to go back to the country you are originally from, unlike most Donald fans. that's racist and offensive.

This is espescially dedicated to a certain Buttercup fan - TwilightKitsune

6 Buttercup can do more for America

She can easily beat up all the bad guys and throw them in jail - TwilightKitsune

7 Buttercup is a better role model

Buttercup teaches you to learn from your mistakes and that you are not perfect. Donald Trump teaches you to hate on other races.

8 Donald Trump makes rude comments about Muslims
9 Buttercup can beat Donald Trump up

Yeah she can, she should use her tornado on Donald Trump.

10 Donald Trump makes rude comments about Mexicans

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11 Buttercup can fight to save America
12 Donald Trump is lazy, Buttercup is not lazy

Buttercup can beat up criminals very fast, and so painful that they would not want to commit the crime again. The USA would have a very low crime rate if she was president. Buttercup for president 2016!

13 Donald Trump makes rude comments about women
14 Donald Trump's comments don't make sense
15 Powered Buttercup is braver
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