Top Ten Ways Call of Duty is Better Than Minecraft


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1 Better graphics


To be honest this list shouldn't have been made by a troll - B1ueNew

I actually agree with this list - B1ueNew

Normally I wouldn't justify worse graphics in equal time frame, but actually Minecraft is one exception. If it had good graphics, it would be much harder to build because there isn't square blocks. If this is the best reason you can come up with, you are pathetic. - WonkeyDude98

2 Call of Duty is more mature

The both of the communities are extremely immature. - MrCoolC

This is talking about the characters and Call of Duty itself. Not the fans. - B1ueNew

Call of duty can't get boring

Call of Duty has violence and swearing. Now that is manly. In fact, that's one of the reasons why it's popular. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

3 Call of Duty is more fun

Call of Duty isn't boring. It has different purposes for the different modes.
-Campaign: Complete the main storyline and enjoy it.
-Multiplayer: Try to win as a team deathmatch against
-Zombies: Try to survive the most you can.
Let's see what the point of Minecrap is
Creative: Build crappy things that don't serve a purpose after you build them.
Survival: Survive against stupid enemies with NO good weapons or anything good at all. - B1ueNew

Exactly - B1ueNew

Minecraft is way better swearing is inappropriate killing guts out of people is stupid minecraft you have a lot more characters heaps of mods better online gameplay awesome youtubers like explodingtnt dimensions loads of enemies creativity it's just a fact that minecraft is better it has more players face it minecraft is to good for Call of Duty

From what it seems, it’s true. - MrCoolC

4 Call of Duty has guns

You can get guns as a mod for Minecraft but this is kind of why I stick with Terraria.


If I had a choice between shooting a zombie with a bow and shooting a zombie with a gun, I think the choice is kind of obvious. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

5 Call of Duty is rated M

Same as #2 - MrCoolC

Not necessarily a good reason but Call of Duty is 10000000 times better than Minecrap. - B1ueNew

It doesn't matter if a game is rated e for everyone t for teen or m for mature

Is this really a reason someone can give for liking a game or not? - Martinglez

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6 Minecraft is boring

I AGREE - B1ueNew

To be honest, Minecraft can get pretty boring depending on how much you play it. Another decent list made by BTDR. - EpicJake

Call of Duty is even more boring (mostly the Black Ops series).

Like you (at BarneyTheDinosaurRocks).

7 Call of Duty has blood

They do have blood in Minecraft, it's a mod

I agree with that guy but NOT BarneyTheDinosaurRocks but you can still get blood as a mod for Minecraft but this is why I stick with Terraria.

I think that's kind of obvious, but is there any blood in Minecraft? NO! - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

8 Call of Duty is more realistic

They're both realistic.

9 Call of Duty is more popular

They're both popular.

10 Call of Duty has better gameplay

TF2 has better gameplay than Call of Duty.

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11 They Cuss in Call of Duty

Are people obsessed with cussing or what? - Userguy44

That's not a good thing

Actually, they're lot of cussing in multiplayer Minecraft.

And that's good?!

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12 Call of Duty is more creative

Actually, Minecraft is more creative.

Then why do I see scumbags making ripoffs of games and claim it was their "original work"? - Hoxton

13 It has Story

Minecraft has 2 seasons of Story modes but you have to buy all the episodes which cost more than a standard Call of Duty game - B1ueNew

Every Call of Duty game except BO4 and the first one (I think), have a campaign, Putting more content in the game - B1ueNew

14 Zombies

Not a fan of zombies, But I can see why people like them - B1ueNew

I suck at zombies but it's still fun yeah you can have different zombie minigames in Minecraft but that's only on PC - B1ueNew

They both have zombies. do research.

15 Black Ops 4 Has Battle Royale

As if Minecraft Hunger Games didn't exist... - B1ueNew

16 Call of Duty is AAA While Minecraft is Indie
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