Top Ten Ways to Describe Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina from the Mario Series

The Top Ten

1 Filler
2 Annoying
3 A waste
4 Unneeded
5 Terrible
6 Trash


7 Superior to Wendy

They are superior to Wendy. At least their fans don't whine scream or cry about Wendy being hated and shove that hoe into everyone's throats.

Rosalina, Daisy> Trash characters like Wendy the crap and Kefka the skank

Wendy is gay and so is her fanbase

Pearl>Marina the prostitute

8 Inferior to Baby Peach

At least Baby Peach appeared in Yoshi's Island. - Qryzx

9 Useless
10 Not important

The Contenders

11 Strange
12 Inferior to Wendy

Wendy > trash characters like Daisy and Rosuglina and their baby clones


13 Hideous
14 Cute

They are adorable.

15 Ridiculous
16 Smelly

Their diapers smell

17 Ugly
18 Whiny
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