Why Language Class Sucks

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1 It is so boring

I can agree, and my teacher doesn’t make it any better. She talks on and on about the instructions like we’re 1st graders that don’t know how to do the most simplest things.

2 It teaches us about a language we speak

True, it does. It helps with vocabulary words though, but it’s still boring

3 The projects are never fun

Never ever! - Sugarcubecorner

Yea they are never fun. It’s just either finding words, writing essays/summaries, and a bunch of reading

4 It has the most homework

Two words: homework sucks! - Sugarcubecorner

Don’t get me started on all the novels you have to read outside of class. - Randomator

I never get homework in my language class. When I do though (which is super rare), it’s mostly stuff to make up for what we didn’t finish in class. What usually happens is just finding words for vocab and stuff, SO boring

5 It isn't fun

Like I mentioned before for the last 4 reasons, it is super boring and not fun

6 You have to work without being paid

LOL true, but unfortunately kids don’t get paid since it’s all about learning and stuff. Since it doesn’t benefit other people and just us to be mature responsible adults, we can’t get paid

7 It is hard

To me it’s not really hard, it’s just more annoying and boring

8 It's not gym

My volleyball team in gym class always makes me serve. It's annoying.

Gym is a little more fun than language because at least you’re doing games and other stuff better than language LOL

9 It's not Fortnite

*Smokes pipe* *exhaled smoke* sigh that's the whole point of it. It is to stimulate your mind with knowledge and it expands your intellect but I guess you don't see the whole point of it and you'll never take appeal known to eye- Kevinsidis

Well even though I’ve never played Fortnite, it is said to be more fun and popular. So I guess this can be a good reason for those who adore this game

10 You are not allowed music in class

This goes for every class basically, but it is true. Music entertains me and keeps me from feeling bored. It is also been proven to help with studying and focusing better on work, so they should allow music in every class

I hate when I can't listen to music, especially when I am thinking about a bad song and really need to listen to Heaven In Hiding.

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