Top Ten Winter-Themed Mario Kart Courses

It's Christmas soon, already the 23rd December of 2018 as I'm making this list, and I am anticipated, I am looking forward to getting some more Mario games, speaking of Mario. I think we should combine Mario, and snow, as snow is usually associated with winter and Christmas, so we are going to look at the best winter-themed Mario Kart courses! So without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Wii U Mount Wario Wii U Mount Wario

Mount Wario is hands down one of the greatest not only snow courses in Mario Kart, but one of the greatest mario kart courses of all time as well, it's one of the most original tracks and has one of the most effort put into it. It's set on a mountain and you drive all the way to the bottom, not to mention this is a section track which makes it even better! First, you drive out of a helicopter, after that you drive on a thin snowy path, then you procced with driving on some ice, entering a cave, driving through a "pond", racing through a forest, and at last the skiing area, all of which are so fun and it truly feels like you gotta win thanks to the excellent music as well! Hands down the best! - darthvadern

One of, if not the best Mario Kart 8 course! - Abstort


2 Wii DK Summit Wii DK Summit

You know, sometime I wonder if GCN DK Mountain was an inspiration for this track, and this track was an inspiration for Wii U Mount Wario. What a chain of tracks! While this track isn't even nearly as good as its succesor, it's pretty great! Located in the flower cup, DK Mountain involves you driving into a cannon up to the top of a mountain and drive all the way back, oh, and this is a lap track, and not a section track so that you know. I find it really fun and doing all those tricks near the end is excellent! Even the music is quite good. - darthvadern

Best music in the Kart series in my opinion, and the track itself is up there with mushroom gorge and coconut mall

This is one of my favourite tracks in the game but I forgot to add it to my list so it's an honourable mention :( - Abstort

3 N64 Frappe Snowland N64 Frappe Snowland

Unpopular opinion incoming, N64 Frappe Snowland is in my opinion better than N64 Choco Mountain. Why did I just compare this track to a "completely" different track? Well, both are placed in the middle of the Flower Cup of Mario Kart 64, and both reappeared in Mario Kart DS, in the middle pf the retro cups: Banana Cup and Leaf Cup! Quite an awesome pattern. This track is one of few ice tracks ice physics aren't actually annoying, and the overall track is quite beautiful and calm. The music is one of my favourites as well. I especially love the end where you drive through a small "valley? " tunnel, I don't know what it's called. Oh, and I almost forgot the most iconic part of this track, the snowballs and mario statue in the middle of the track! Basically at one point you can choose between two paths, the left and hard one where you must avoid all the snowmen but it's faster, or the right, and slower one that doesn't have any snowmen but it's way slower. Quite a creative track in some ...more - darthvadern

I also like that happy music too. It gives the winter spirit. - LightningStrike

Never played MK64 but it was a pretty fun course on the DS when I was little. - Abstort

4 SNES Vanilla Lake 2 SNES Vanilla Lake 2

Yeah, I actually really like this track. Unlike the first Vanilla Lake in which you were forced to drive in the outer parts of the track and avoid ice cubes and pipes and stuff, in this track though you can challenge yourself by jumping from ice plate to ice plate seeing as in the middle is now actually a lake and not not barriers. It's a very fun challenge. There's not much to talk about this track so onto the next one. - darthvadern

Seems bland to me; I'd place it lower. Yet again, I've never played SMK. - Abstort

5 DS DK Pass DS DK Pass

This is basically Wii DK Summit's inspiring father as both tracks play almost the same, except this track is about driving up to the mountain, and not down like most mountain tracks. Anyway this is quite a fun track. Although it gets very slippery and the sharp turns can get annoying I think it's quite a fun track. The music is very calm and beautiful and I especially love that huge jump with the huge jump boost near the end, and that item box on top of that mountain that always gives you mushrooms or a star. Quite a memorable track. - darthvadern


Awesome winter track! Should be higher. - Abstort

6 GBA Snow Land GBA Snow Land

Many people hate this track because the screen shakes for the whole race, but I for some reason never had a problem with it, heck, I didn't even realize the screen was shaking until I heard of it. While the design may not be much to talk about, the overall music is so happy and the track itself looks so impressive for a track on the Gameboy Advance! Really good. - darthvadern

You didn't realize the screen was shaking? Hm. Never played MKSC either... - Abstort

7 Wii U Ice Ice Outpost Wii U Ice Ice Outpost

Alright this isn't really as bas as people say it is I think, but I don't think it's awesome either. So this takes place on the arctic circle in an outpost surrounded by a few ships, and houses on icebergs. Quite a unique idea for a track, even the main roads are split into two parts and it offers some creativity. However the green and yellow don't go too well togheter, and let us not forget those "shortcuts", there impossible to master and they're definitely not a shortcut unless you count falling of the track to be a shortcut! - darthvadern

Would be way higher in my list. My favourite DLC course along with Super Bell Subway. It's funny because I used go downright hate it! - Abstort

I thought I was the only one who thought Super Bell Subway was the best DLC track - darthvadern

8 3DS Rosalina's Ice World 3DS Rosalina's Ice World

Rosalina's Ice World is quite frustrating, and this is where the mediocre or bad tracks come in. This was the only track of the nitro in Mario Kart 7 I really did not enjoy at all. The ice physics could get slow, the music just sounds depressing and the overall course isn't that memorable. I don't hate this track but gods the music is depressing! - darthvadern

Am I the only one who likes this track and the music? - Gabriola

Nothing from Mario Kart 7 was good except the Wuhu tracks and Rock Rock Mountain. - Abstort

9 N64 Sherbet Land N64 Sherbet Land

Well, how wouold you describe this track? Well, it was the first mario kart track I ever played (Wii remake) so it makes it kinda biased for me, but that's the Wii remake! The original verson on the N64 is just so frustrating! Ice physics, penguins that are bigger than the player, and so on. This is just annoying at best! Well, at least the music is shared with N64 Frappe Snowland which is a nice and calm soundtrack. - darthvadern

The Music Sounds perfect with this track. - Randomator

Again, never played MK64. :( - Abstort

10 GCN Sherbet Land GCN Sherbet Land

This is hands down one of the worst. While some people say the N64 version of Sherbet Land is worse, at least the music is nice there, plus there's not too much to worry about apart from physics and penguins. This course is complete madness, due to the horrid controls of Mario Kart: Double Dash!, the ice physics are worse than they need to be and you're out of control! The shy guys are in your way and there's freezers that if you hit them you will turn into an ice chunk and slide around the track and when yo uare free your kart may be want to be driving backwards. Worst track in Mario Kart: Double Dash! The only ice track worse than this is Vanilla Lake 1! - darthvadern

Thankfully the remake is way better - Randomator

I don't really like the MK8 remix of this track. It's a boring track overall. - Abstort

The Contenders

11 Wii U Animal Crossing (Winter Version) Wii U Animal Crossing (Winter Version)

Did you forget about this one? I'd place it in 3rd. - Abstort

Well, I never actually played the winter version so that's one reason I forgot it - darthvadern

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