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241 Natsuru - Kampfer

The only thing more dense than a black hole.

242 Bulma - Dragon Ball Z Bulma - Dragon Ball Z Bulma is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Bulma is the most significant female character in the series.

Bulma doesn't let anyone walk all over her. How is that a bad thing? Girls who let people, especially guys, walk all over them are stupid and need to learn to respect themselves. Bulma respects herself and that's why she doesn't belong on this list. Another thing, she's the ONLY female character on DBZ that actually does anything to help, more times than even the fighters themselves.

Bulma is cool. She's the brain of the show. - vegetasodakine

Strong female character that actually does work. She doesn't belong on this list.

She a bad bitch. I love her.

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243 Vegeta - Dragon Ball Vegeta - Dragon Ball Vegeta is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Actually vegeta fans might claim he is great because of his rivalry with Goku and character development and all But fans are just selfish and idiots because they want to glorify and overrate Vegeta Determination is good but Vegeta created problems also like injuring Gohan after Namek and killing people in buu saga after being supposedly one of the defenders How can a character kill people if he supposed to protect people of course which fans want to escape from So Vegeta harmed others also Vegeta is problem creator of the show and his fans are selfish in liking him So he is one of the worst characters Even if votes are raised fans are cowards and want to superiority by voting him That is all Fans want to ignore that he made it look like as though only his problems were greater People complain about Sasuke making issues about problems but maniac Vegeta also did the same whinning everything and coward fans want to tell those as good things So Vegeta is an crybaby also So determination ...more

Still a better father and husband than Goku.

How? He's a cool character but he is worse a father than Goku. He never even hugged Trunks, he didn't bother to save Bulma and Baby Trunks, he doesn't care for Trunks unless he died. Is he considered a good father just because of his sacrifice in Buu saga? Though that's one of DBZ greatest scenes, Goku has died for Gohan twice! - SiriusPhoenix

What? He's the best character on the show. - vegetasodakine

You're simply simple-minded if you don't like Vegeta.

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244 Miho-Chan - Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0

Annoying who refers to herself in third person and Pretends she's all sweet. Its annoying as hell

Bruh, she uses other people for her own benefit whilst carrying a smile

245 Rosa Ushiromiya - Umineko no Naku Koro ni V 1 Comment
246 Yoko - Gurren Lagann V 1 Comment
247 Chihaya Ayase - Chihayafuru
248 Tsunade - Naruto Tsunade - Naruto

Tsunade is awesome

I hate her boobs

Worst hokage! Enough said

She s literally the worst and useless hokage...she sucks...she is a Naruto fangirl and does nothing but sit and drink.she is the worst character in Naruto period. She was weak when she was young and will be weak. The most worthless character ever created

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249 Yuka - Elfen Lied Yuka - Elfen Lied

I hate her with a burning passion. All she wants is Kohta. I'm also pretty sure she wants to go incest on him

She believes that souta belongs to her, and she does not hesitate to show her anger. She just forces souta to love her...

250 Akane Tendo - Ranma Akane Tendo - Ranma

Gets jealous over nothing, hits ranma for being chased by girls though it's not his fault, is weak. Why make her the heroine?!

251 Pain - Naruto V 2 Comments
252 Ernst Frederik Egin - Blue Exorcist

This ass tried to kill his own daughter!

I liked that episode where he finally meets his demise. He's even more evil than Satan. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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253 Mine - Akame Ga Kill Mine - Akame Ga Kill V 3 Comments
254 Akito Sohma - Fruits Basket
255 Ash Landers - Black Butler

He should stop complaining about things being impure. Some things are meant to be impure, and it can't be helped

256 Mavis Vermillion - Fairy Tail Mavis Vermillion - Fairy Tail Mavis Vermilion is the first guild master of the infamous guild Fairy Tail. She started as a poor young girl with no parents and friends. She worked for the guild Red Salamander on Tenrou Island. Tenrou Island is also the island that belongs to the Fairy Tail guild where her grave is.

What did Mavis ever do to get hated?

OK why MAVIS she's an amazing wizard that saved a whole town by herself (technically) and was the founder of Fairy Tail!

257 Takumi Fujiwara - Initial D V 1 Comment
258 Nanami Kiryuu (Revolutionary Girl Utena) V 1 Comment
259 Kei Tsukishima - Haikyuu!!
260 Minister Honest - Akame ga Kill

For this item, I agree with SelfDestruct. Minister Honest literally said, "Oh well.", after receiving the news of his son being killed and said no burial will be given for him. Also, he's a fat jerk who corrupted Emperor Makoto, the kid who rules the empire! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

And he actually called his son a failure! What kind of a father is he? - SelfDestruct

This guy may have been funny a few times but what he did was unforgivable. - SelfDestruct

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