Ichigo and Orihime (Bleach)


Are u people just butthurt ichigo didn't end up with rukia? Honestly I don't care about this ship, but besides 'ordihime used her big bewbs to make ichigo marry her' comment, there's nothing said here that makes me think it's worse than the paring below. Why? Can someone tell me when ichigo tried to kill orihime or vice versa?

You care so little about this ship you took the trouble to comment here. Sure - Felina94

This is the worst ship to be canonized in fiction. Anyone even with just an ounce of respect towards Ichigo's character and personality will definitely reject this ship. What makes this ship so awkward is the lack of chemistry and understanding between Ichigo and Orihime. Not to mention the fact that Ichigo has little interest in her even as a friend, which is why this ship makes zero sense romantically.

It may be truth that ichigo never showed any romantic interest for her, but in fact he never showed any romantic attraction for any other female character, I may have not seen love in bleach but he cares for his friends a lot, and with a proper build up ichigo could have been different, but I'm not hating on this. its worst seeing "fans" not respecting others point of views. - CharlieAlba

Wow, people show up just to vote for this couple so many times. This couple is not worse than Makoto and Sekai. - lavashooter

She is the most annoying character I've ever watched besides nami and sakura. I only liked her when she was on the same spotlight as chad but as soon as she got that main spotlight in her kidnapping arc, she got really annoying to the point where I dropped the series around 275 when ichigo transformed. I later found out that she actually married ichigo and god forbid how much distraught I felt even though I had long forgotten about the series. I immediately got curious as to what happened to Rukia then found out she ended up with renji. Ffs, worst worst couple like yoo. At least, sasuke and sakura I could understand.

This couple was okay I guess, but I personally ship Ichigo and Rukia.

No development whatsoever. I personally think Kubo deliberately made the last chapter make no sense. Each character was not acting like themselves, so if anything, a different version of Ichigo stayed with Orihime. There was little development to her character while Ichigo went through an entire transformation. I can't even call them a couple because they didn't have any memorable conversations that made your heart feel warm after seeing them interact. I feel sorry for those who ship Ichigo and Orihime because they don't see how deep and meaningful a real loving relationship looks like. Throughout the entire manga, Inoue was after Ichigo like a dog. Ichigo is kind, but come on it's not like he wouldn't see her obsession with him. He cared for her of course, as he does for all of his friends, but that is all. Ichigo is his own person, who is inspired by many people, namely Rukia of course. Inoue is not. If you took away Ichigo what is she? She lives for Ichigo, which makes me so sad to ...more

Not much to say here. Orihime and Ichigo had absolutely no chemistry. Their interactions brought out the absolute worst in both characters, were boring to watch and the more they were on screen with each other the worse the story got. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this ship killed Bleach.

Honestly ruined the whole manga for me. Everything about the ending sucked and did not make any sense whatsoever. No chemistry, girl was just used mainly for fan service, girl was annoying and brought basically nothing for the storyline and could have been scrapped immediately, highly annoying when 90% of her dialogue is saying "Kurosaki-Kun" all the darn time. She even goes so far as attempting to sexually assaulting him in his sleep when he is trying to recover from a battle like what!?!? Who does that!?! She was just a thirsty basic hoe who had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Easily the worst heroine and poorly brought up character ever. I feel so bad for Ichigo -McGee over here.

Bitter Ichiruki shippers voting Ichihime massively in this list when Bleach ended and their imaginary pairing didn't happen. It's hilarious.

There should be like a negative 100 spot or something because they belong in the worst spot ever. How the heck did they even end up together? It baffles me how a couple so wrong for each other, so disastrous would come to be. Hurts my brain thinking some people actually believe their relationship was plausible. Relationship was so superficial, dry, and underdeveloped. Ichigo in the end wasn't even a hero, and Inoue didn't achieve any of the goals she set for herself. They are literally failures, so I guess it would make sense for them to end up together in that sense. I guess I have to remember that in the end everything Ichigo did was made redundant and Bleach ultimately had no point if this is where it ended. Good riddance

Terrible and no development at all, total disaster

Let me start with this.. True love is all about mutuality the growth of a bond through bad times and good times the rough with the smooth.

At the beginning of this manga we are introduced to a sweet kind girl (Inoue) who has a crush on a frowny faced boy (Ichigo)... It starts off as a crush and for her it develops into something much more... Love... Its enough for her to confess her feeling to the boy while he's sleeping holding herself back from kissing him... Everything she does will always be for him... she got herself stronger for him. She's constantly thinking about him... He is her inspiration.. Sweet don't you think?...

Not if you look at it from another standpoint that each time Inoue gives a part of herself to Ichigo she is either ignored dismissed and undervalued by him... He doesn't do it intentionally... He just didn't see her..(and the amount of tears she has spilled over this fact).. If he did he would undoubtedly seen the love she has been holding for him ...more

At the start of Bleach, Orihime was just a typical shoujo fanservice character with a voluptuous body, sweet personality and a major crush on the main character. But as the series progressed, her insecurities and jealousy towards the bond Ichigo and Rukia shared was unmasked. I think fans started to dislike her when she tried to raise doubts in Ichigo when he wanted to go and save Rukia. After a few episodes, she just became a complete nuisance. A typical damsel in distress, crybaby, insecure and insanely jealous girl with the most irritating voice and her constant repetition of that ear-bleeding "Kurosaki-kun" over and over again throughout the series. Orihime was never truly in love with Ichigo, she was only in the IDEA of being in love with him. The idea of being in love with a hero.

And in the Hueco Mundo arc, she earned the highest number of haters not because of that near-kiss scene with Ichigo but because she established herself as completely selfish by ...more

I seriously can't fathom how deluded those fans who ship Ichigo and Orihime are. I find it ridiculous that when someone expresses a negative opinion of this couple, people automatically assume it's because of ichiruki. It has NOTHING to do with them. I can actually be okay with Renji and Rukia because they themselves have grown together for a long time. However, Ichigo never expressed any feelings of romance towards Inoue beyond a need to protect the "weak", which lets face is the truth. She had such great potential and so many opportunities, but alas, she failed. She remained the useless character that she began as apart from being able to revive Ichigo. She was never any real help towards any of the other characters. She was only used as a scapegoat for the times that Ichigo died. I also felt she remained such a two-dimensional character. She didn't have any real depth to her, as opposed to so many other characters. It would have been a better ending if Ichigo remained single in the ...more

No random pathetic user, it doesn't but its more funny seeing your pathetic tantrum over a fictional pairing of characters that make sense, but what can I expect from a nobody who uses sharmuta as an insult. - CharlieAlba

Ichigo shares titles with another female character in the series. Ex. Black Sun and White Moon, King and Queen, Sand and Rotator etc. Their bond has been said to withstand time and yet, he ends up with his stalker who he never showed any monumental development with unless it included him having to become a demon to save himself because she sat uselessly on her behind. How they're even considered as a couple in any regard, even the canon, is beyond me and kind of sullies the name of the entire series.

I hate this ship so much.

No chemistry.
Unrequited love for 74 volumes and suddenly they appear married in the last chapter.
It was one sided from the very beginning.

Orihime was the kind of girl everyone should be careful of: She got obsessed with Ichigo just by listening what Tatsuki talked said about him. Orihime is the typical psycho you want to avoid in real life. The passive aggressive girl you don't want to befriend.

This is a total spite pairing Kubo made canon as a revenge on the magazine he ended hating. Ichihime has never existed.

Ichiruki is the only canon couple.

Should of been Ichigo and Rukia. Kubo essentially gave us a huge middle finger by pairing Ichigo with a dumb airhead. Rukia is my favourite character. Such a shame.

Only people who pity Orihime or are obsessed with her boobs and like to self insert into Ichigo could like this couple. Seriously.

The ship that was so awful that it killed my interest for bleach just by seeing it canon. Ichigo Herosaki is now a boring husband and Orihime a boring housewife. Not to mention some dead looking child. Has this ship had any proper moments? No. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Ichigo never showed any interest in her whatsoever. Orihime had such big dreams; she deserved someone who truly valued her and loved her, and that person was NOT Ichigo. Despite how obvious her interest in him was, he never returned her feelings. Even during a two year timeskip, they simply remained friends. Ichigo never showed any romantic inclinations toward her. There was no lead up to this couple, no chemistry, and no hints that Ichigo EVER returned her feelings. (Orihime would be much better off with Ishida, who actually loves her deeply and supports her.) The mangaka just threw them together to plummet the sales of the WSJ as revenge after WSJ limited his work. He literally made these two end up together JUST TO SPITE AND DESTROY THE MEDIA THAT PUBLISHES HIS MANGA. (It worked too-- many fans are now boycotting the magazine.) It felt like a slap to the face; random, abrupt, and an action that had no hints or chemistry beforehand. It was as if Ichigo just woke up one day and ...more

I hate this pairing and Inoue herself with a burning passion but guess what? It's not because I'm a butthurt IchiRuki shipper! I hate Inoue because I hate Inoue and I would've hated her if Rukia, to begin with, has never existed too. Stop assuming everybody who has a different opinion actually has stupid reasonings behind it. Yes, I admit we have some annoying fans on our side too but so does every single ship you can think of. - Tuana123

It's sad how the peek of female character's story is getting the hero she had a crush on at the age of 17. Doesn't matter that said hero ignore her for most time, doesn't matter that said hero had ultimately different views on fighting, battles and power, doesn't matter that said hero never was confronted with her confessions or her emotions or her needs, doesn't matter that half the time she must pretend that she was not upset by said hero ignoring her. Because it's all good since she gets to marry him and continue pretending not be upset and be ignored but in MARRIAGE, am I right?

I was disgusted when I saw Orihime wore an impolite clothing which showed her body parts too much ( to attracted Ichigo? ) It was shameful. I think many women (especially maybe devoted Christians and Moslems) hate that behavior. It was disgraceful.