Worst Anime Couples

Anime is full of couples that are very entertaining, but some just get on everyone's nerves or don't go well together. This is a list for the latter, bad couples from anime.

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41 Kouta and Yuuka (Elfen Lied) Kouta and Yuuka (Elfen Lied)

I'll never ever even forgive Lynn for killing Lucy off.

Yeah lucy by the way aren't they cousins kouta and yuuka

Because he should have chosen Lucy/Nyu. - lavashooter

Ge oudda heer yuka, kouta belongs to lucy

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42 Natsu and Lisanna (Fairy Tail) Natsu and Lisanna (Fairy Tail)

I actually wouldn't be mad if they got together but to be honest there is no romantic connection between these too! At first I thought it was so adorable because they were still children and because she was dead it would never happen but then she came back to life and everything was jumbled. I don't hate her character, I actually like how she came back, but the author was not going to bring her back in the first place. I really do think that this ship will never happen. I think Lucy and Natsu have a better connection in friendship and in romance then Lissana and Natsu. I just feel like Natsu cares more about Lucy then the rest of them and yes he would risk his life for all of them but when Lucy gets hurt... He gets pissed and that's when you run for your life!

If Lisanna hadn't "died" this might have been a good ship but Natsu and Lucy would make a better couple now

Its not that bad I mean they both like each other

If Natsu love Lisanna he will talk to her if Lisanna love Natsu she will never give up in him - akanichan

They don't have a lot of moments and even though they were the "young couple" in the guild back when Natsu was young, their relationship isn't a well devolved one. Plus I'm a purblood Nalu shipper so this is against my religion.
P.S. Nali shippers please spare meh...

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43 Eren and Levi (Attack on Titan)

It's toxic, pedophilic and disgusting. The shippers are horrible and are usually drooling yaoi fangirls who fetishize gay relationships and are homophobes irl. - fandom__universe

I think Hitler made this

Put this in top 5 please

It's just plain disgusting

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44 Naruto and Sakura (Naruto) Naruto and Sakura (Naruto)

Their relationship is not only toxic in romance but platonic. Naruto had a crush on her for a while but then moved on. Sakura's fake confession proved it.

The most contact Naruto has with Sakura, is whenever he gets punched by her

Boo. I'm glad they didn't end up together - felispasta

45 Riku and Dark Mousy (DN Angel)

Not the worst but I voted it because it deserves higher.
Riku is just a silly infatuated schoolgirl and the only reason for her infatuation is because he's rebellious and 'Hot.', nothing else but that. He only strings her along because he fell in love with her dead grandmother and Riku looks like her. This deserves higher because they are painfully terribly to watch. - felispasta

46 Kotori Shirakawa and Junichi Asakura Kotori Shirakawa and Junichi Asakura

Junichi loves nemu - lilia

47 Shinji and Asuka (Evangelion Franchise) Shinji and Asuka (Evangelion Franchise)

None of the better kinds of relationships nor none of the other better kinds of relationships ever even deserve to overshadowed by all of those and all of those annoying, obnoxious, insufferable love hate/hot and cold relationships at all, do they? No they don't and they never ever even do at all.

I don't like them together as a couple at all either. It's always about love hate relationships these and love hate relationships those. I'm sick of love hate relationships.

Really they should stop with it. I don't even get why we're supposed to like that. - TopiTaupe

They aren't the only love hate relationship duo, are they? No they ain't. There are also other known love hate relationship duos too besides only just Shinji and Asuka, right? Yup.

It's entirely possible that we are supposed to hate these characters (and this couple) but that doesn't stop it from being terrible. - lavashooter

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48 Masaomi and Saki (Durarara!!) Masaomi and Saki (Durarara!!)

This couple...

I have never, EVER, been so infuriated at two people getting together, than this couple!

Masaomi was in the Yellow Scarves, and their leader one year before the main time span of Durarara. Izaya had a girl named Saki wrapped around his finger after getting her out of an abusive something, I think it was a relationship. Izaya told her to go and meet Masaomi with him, and eventually, Masaomi and Saki got a crush on each other and started dating.

Then the Blue Squares incident happened, where Saki was kidnapped and had her legs broken, and Masaomi couldn't save her. Saki is in the hospital, and Masaomi breaks up with her, because he feels guilty that he "ran away" when he stopped in his tracks on the way to save her. Then a year passes, and we're in the Durarara time-span.

Saki is STILL in the hospital with broken legs, and Masaomi has slipped out of his depression after Mikado came to Ikebukuro. Then the Yellow Scarves arc happen once ...more - VeronikaHolm

To be honest, it doesn't even feel like they're in love. It doesn't feel like bland love, or one-sided love, it just doesn't seem to exist. They just stay together for the sake of being together, and because the mangaka write so. If they had created another character for one of them, or killed one of them, that could have lead to INSANE development!

i hate it

They look nice together... That's it.
These two are a mess together. - felispasta

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49 Naruto and Sasuke (Naruto) Naruto and Sasuke (Naruto)

Finally! This friendship/relationship is the most toxic of all... this obsession Naruto with Sasuke... and Sasuke is clearly a character who is better alone.

I hate yaoi... But not romantically speaking, their relationship is the best and closest one in Naruto. But it's PURE PLATONIC! - Goku02

LOL, I ship it sometimes to annoy the fans of the show. - TwilightKitsune

Hmm...How do I put this in? They're like brothers though. - Haterssuck

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50 Kyon and Haruhi Suzumiya Kyon and Haruhi Suzumiya

I always refuse to call them as a couple all because she always mistreats him very badly all the time and all the other time every time and every other time they're stuck together forcefully. That girl is nothing nor nothing else but a spoiled, bratty, selfish, unkind, cruel, cold-hearted, cold, demonic, monstrous, obnoxious, insufferable, slave-driving, tyrannical, controlling freak.

Another unworthy, worthless, insufferable love hate relationship couple! Haruhi can die and go to Hell for all I care. She's not even worthy to be a canon character at all anyway. I wish Haruhi was the victim of Death Note in canon. She gets away with everything. She should've been the main villain, not Ryoko Asakura.

Haruhi is horrible to not only him, but to all his friends too, she literally ((albeit subconsciously)) manipulates the universe to make him have to be with her

If kyon likes Haruhi, then there's something wrong with him too. - creepy

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51 Raku and Chitoge (Nisekoi) Raku and Chitoge (Nisekoi)

What. I find them too be a really cute couple... - ayumi-oki

Well I figured if Keitaro and Naru are on this list, why not include their spiritual successors? Also, cue more bitching about love-hate relationships. - lavashooter

52 Subaru and Emilia (Re:Zero -Starting Life In Another World-) Subaru and Emilia (Re:Zero -Starting Life In Another World-)

What was the point of this? This only showed Subaru being greedy as hell and Emilia being a completely lazy character who just does nothing memorable. - SelfDestruct

Even though I ship Rem X Subaru. I'm glad Subaru and Emilia ended up together, they both sucked as characters, and Rem deserves MUCH better!

53 Yuki and Kaname (Vampire Knight)

I'm so glad someone put this, yuki is one of the dumbest female leads, I was actually told that the story was suposed to revolve around zero and kaname development into better people but yuki just makes them look like fools, I bet if you take yuki out of the picture it would be a vast improvement

54 Nagisa and Kayano (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

No interest that Nagisa liked Kayano. The only reason that Nagisa kissed Kayano so that she can gain control. This ship is disgusting.

Me and my friend hate this ship with a burning passion. 0 chemistry and Nagisa was meant to be with Nakamura Rio. - Haterssuck

I don't hate this ship because I'm a Karmagisa shipper.It's because of Kayano.I hate her because of her bad character development.I liked her cheerful and joyful personality at first however after the big plot twist it ruined the chawhen I kinda liked her in the anime but when I read the manga, I began to hate her with a burning passion.


-Lack of screen times in season 1. It wouldn't kill her to talk to the others right? I mean it's not gonna blow her cover.I would like her more if she talk with Nagisa or the others a bit.
-She didn't love him until his blood lust/kiss.
-She didn't see him as a friend at first and used him as a cover up to hide her identity.
-She just give him pigtails...nothing more...seeing a movie together, helping with studies, or have an amazing history together.Just...pigtails...
-She wasn't seen standing close to Nagisa that much.She's mostly nowhere to be found.
-I hate to admit she is cool with the tentacles.I ...more

55 Yui Komori and Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Do I even have to say it.. Do I?

56 Usagi and Mamoru (Sailor Moon) Usagi and Mamoru (Sailor Moon)

Mamoru is such an ass and doesn't deserve Usagi. Before they were dating Mamoru said that Usagi wasn't pretty or had any inner beauty. He even broke up with Usagi because of a bad dream.

The anime (especially the dubbing version) butchered up the pairing. In the manga, the pairing is better portrayed.

I'd rather prefer the past versions of them.

Mamoru is such a dick to Usagi and he even broke up with her over a bad dream like who the hell does that? - Rue

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57 Usui and Misaki (Kaichou Wa Maid Sama) Usui and Misaki (Kaichou Wa Maid Sama)

This is a great couple. Why would anyone have a problem with it? Do you have a better pairing to offer?

All existing couples wish they could be like them. Probably one of the best couples in anime history. Sure they have a bumpy start but the development is good and real

Aren't they a good couple

What are they doing here? - IcyFox27

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58 Claude and Alois Claude and Alois

Seriously why do people ship child and adults, that's disgusting

This is pedophilia. Pedophilia is wrong. - felispasta

Alois was already a vitum of sexual abuse, shipping him with a adult is just romantizing pedophlia and would realive his trauma. I bet the only reason people ship him with Claude is because he is hot but no nobody would ship him with the disgusting old pervert. Alois does deserve to be loved but not to be sexually abused again.

59 Kazuya Toujigamori and Sae Kashiwagi

Sae doesn't even like him in the first place! She black-mails Touji, and forces him into a relationship with her, and she even cheats on him. How can a girl sink so low?!

60 Ace Grit & Mira Clay (Bakugan Brawlers' Resistance)

Great. Another love hate relationship besides only just Dan and Runo. This other couple remind me a lot of Dan and Runo. This other couple's worse than Dan and Runo.

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