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41 Fuko Ibuki - Clannad

Some people are so blind

First Nagisa, then Fuko? Why? Who is adding these characters here? Why are they on the list? What have they ever done to be in a "worst female anime character list"? They have never done anything wrong. Both of them are so sweet and kindhearted.

Dude who ever added fuko is wrong yes she can get annoying very easily but she is the best character in clannad

42 Momoi Satsuki - Kuroko No Basuke

Please understand that she's not a bad character. I mean, yes she does tease Riko-san a lot, but that's just one of her flaws. She's suppose to be only human after all. And what's wrong with her being sensitive? She may not be my most favourite character in the knb series, but I really like her. She's intelligent( evident in her information gathering ability), and while she is obsessed with Kuroko, she still knows her limits. There's so much more that I want to day, but this is all for now.

She's really annoying.

I don't like her either, I find her to be annoying and superficial by how she treats Riko.

She's extremely bitchy and whiny. First of all I hate how she called Riko a b cup. That's not all but she's obsessed with kuroko when he's not n love with her and in the other she should pick Aomine, because he likes big tits. She's ten times worst than Riko. I like Riko. I hate how she's a crybaby and the boys fall for her stupidity. Besides she said "I'm Tetsu-kun's girlfriend". Tch Tetsu-kun's girlfriend my Ass. Just die momo bitch

43 Iris - Pokemon

I just wish she didn't call Ash a kid all the time, since he did mature through the other journeys he's been on. It really breaks my heart. If Brock were still on the show (not that I'm forcing him back) he would tell Iris to stop and explain the experiences Ash already went through.

Wait.. Iris is on here but not Misty? !

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44 Metsuki - DearS
45 Tomoyo Daidouji - Cardcaptor Sakura

She doesn't deserve on the list, change her with someone else.

46 Heroine - Amnesia

I agree so much on this one SHE doesn't EVEN HAVE A NAME what the heck?

Personalityless characters with no dialogue don't transfer well from games to anime.

47 Megumi Shimizu - Shiki Megumi Shimizu - Shiki

I can understand that she is hated for being selfish, but to be fair, she just wanted her dream to move to the city which she never got. But I can understand why she is hated.

48 Mika Shimotsuki - Psycho-Pass
49 Orphanage Girl - Elfen Lied

I hate this girl, so much. she is the reason that all the stuff happened in Elfen Lied. - PhoenixOfDragons

Just a terrible person, who befriends someone only to betray them and laugh about it. You know who's the real monsters people like them.

50 Yuka Minase - 11eyes
51 Ino Yamanaka - Naruto Ino Yamanaka - Naruto

She is strong but her rivalry with sakura is stupid.

Cool but her obsession with sasuke is ridicules

52 Hinata Ema - Brothers Conflict

She is so bland... if I were her I would not let my brothers touch me... instead she allows it... I would probably slap her and throw her till she gains her sense

YES she is probably the most stupid ugly annoying female heroine EVER she is just to bland! I have no idea what all those guys see in her she isn't even cute

She's so damn annoying. I know she isn't a bad person but please give her some character development! Her hairstyle is generic n stupid. Her personality is like n empty box. And I want to kill her squirrel! I love Levi, and Hiroshi Kamiya but that squirrel and she should go away. She should be number 1


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53 Ebato Sanae - Kuzu no Honkai

This sexual harasser deserved a punch in the face. - TopiTaupe

54 Sakura - Tsubasa Chronicles V 2 Comments
55 Mako Mankanshoku - Kill la Kill Mako Mankanshoku - Kill la Kill

Really? Only 117? This annoying useless brat can't do anything! Should be in top 10 fast! - SelfDestruct

56 Ami Kawashima - Toradora
57 Lisanna Strauss - Fairy Tail Lisanna Strauss - Fairy Tail

She pisses
me off natsu belongs with lucy

58 Kiyomi Takada - Death Note Kiyomi Takada - Death Note Kiyomi Takada is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

I don't find her as annoying as Misa but she's kind of stupid. Light promises to make her the goddess of the new world but she never really gets anything out of her crush on Light. Yes, she loves Light just like Misa does. Except whereas Light actually spent some time with Misa and showed her some affection, it's nothing like that with Kiyomi. Yet she's fine with it and just assumes that Light loves her because he said so. *rolls eyes* - RoseRedFlower

She is kinda stupid, I'll admit. But still more tolerable than Misa.

She is the worst dumb wench next to Misa Amane! Light should've written their names in the Death Note because those hussies always get in the way of LightXL.

She thinks she is so fancy, inteligent and stupendous,
actually she is filthy, idiotic and stupid.

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59 Haruka Nanami - Uta No Prince Sama

This show would've been top notch for me if Haruka had a better personality. She's annoying on how she thinks she can relate to Tokiya by how she overreacted to her classmates' criticism. On top of that, she's so average. The guys describe her as different but she hasn't displayed any key traits to make her likeable. She's given too much credit by everyone else, there's nothing she does that's so spectacular as described. I love this show SO much but sometimes I don't even want to watch because of how unappealing she is. I understand this was originally an otome game, but I think they could've at least put a second into developing this character.

Shes not as bad as Yui Komori in my opinion but she was still fairly bland no personality and overall a bad character..; Her eyes reminded me of soup.. Soup-Chan..

She is my number 1 character I hate. She's boring and ugly I can handle her personality just give her some unique trait that other anime heroine don't have

How..did she get into A class? Like..she didn't need to read music notes in her stupid exam?
Her eyes are disturbing,she has pureed carrots for hair,and that isn't the worst. She's naive,hypocritical,overly optimistic,clueless,overall stupid. It's like she isn't living in reality. She goes home right after being given criticism in season 1,and apparently she expects Tokiya to be sweet and bow down to her after she goes "oh I was once like that too I couldn't play the piano,you can sing again yaddayadda". It's very insensitive of her. I dropped this anime because I couldn't swallow down her revolting personality. Not to mention,design.

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60 Serena - Sailor Moon

Ugh. She cries too much and is just useless to the series.
"Never runs from a real fight! " The opening says. She runs from every real fight.

She kept her friends from following their dreams. She only fought for darien. She was the only one that got a guy the rest end up alone. - Nerdbird7

Watch the Japanese version instead, she actually cared about her friends in that one. - SailorSedna

Watch the Japanese version instead, Usagi is so much better than Serena. She isn't as dumb as Serena is and she doesn't run away from fights all the time.

And to answer someone else, like I said, Usagi didn't only fight for Endymion, she also fought for her friends and cared about them. - SailorSedna

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