Diabolik Lovers

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Diabolik Lovers is a Japanese visual novel franchise by Rejet. The first game was released on October 11, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable. Three more games have been released since them with the first two games having been ported for the PlayStation Vita with the subtitle "Limited V Edition". ...read more.


This is HORRIBLE! I watched both of the seasons just for the heck of it and once I start I usually end up finishing it just to see it how it goes and it went HORRIBLY! The main heroine doesn't seem to have any interesting qualities, traits or talents besides having a vampire's heart in her. She also doesn't seem have a brain behind that annoying innocent wide eyed look of hers considering the fact that she didn't take the chance to leave the stinking vampire house when she had the perfect chance. But what does she do? She stays there to find the " secret " or whatever about her being adopted! Like really? You have a chance, take it, who cares about being adopted at the moment; worry about it later unless you want to experience hell with these sadistic bastards! And then she worries over a vampire getting hurt. DUDE! HE IS is a VAMPIRE. He's going to survive either way even if he did get broken bones or whatever. The vampires are just as bad! I mean they act like such asses ...more

I somewhat agree and somewhat don't. Unfortunately I have only seen the first episode so I will explain my judgement on that episode and only that episode. I don't enjoy the fact that the boys sexually harass the girl when they don't enjoy here presence in their house. They pretty much just use her throughout the first episode. Although I am happy that at least one character in a horror-like anime is smart. While I was watching the first episode, I was yelling "RUN! GET OUT OF THERE! " Especially when she was speaking to the boys and trying to figure out what happened. And then she ran! And I was like "YESH! " But then when it failed I was yelling at her to "Find the kitchen and get a knife! " Unfortunately she didn't and let the men touch and harass her. I like and hate this show. I like the idea, but I don't like the way the men treat the main character.

This anime is basically a crappy Ouran High School Host Club parody with hot perverted vampires and no character development or plot. The heroine is so weak and stupid it hurts. She doesn't even try to fight back! She like, " Excuse me mr vampire I'm sorry for not being a good enough blood bag apparently" There are less than 10 characters in the whole show and none of them have any personality whatsoever. It's just one weak character after the next. And the plot? One girl one day ends up in a mysterious castle inhabited by hot vampires that have no personality or anything to do other than sexually assault the heroine. These characters need to get a life and a personality. Wouldn't recommend the show even if I was held hostage. Unless you like blank personalities that are basically stereotypes, and a lot of random blood sucking, then don't watch the show.

Plain characters, no background story, the main character is the worst pathetic loser I've ever seen. Give me back my time.

Not even a real anime at all. Just a series of episodes that feature a pathetic excuse for a 'heroine' doing nothing but letting herself be a walking helpless blood bag to a bunch of jerkass disgusting freaks who see others misery as their main source of entertainment. Yeah, I know these vampires had rough pasts and stuff but that still is no good excuse to act like how they do now! Hate the heroine. Hate the other characters. Hate the plot. Hate the show. Just hate it all!

We don't care that you love it. We hate it. It's all. Lol, seriously, it's so funny how the fans of anime feel aimed when someone talk negatively about it. Like, we insult them. You're an anime now?

It was terrible. Weak characters, pathetic excuse for vampires, boring story and a lackluster excuse of an anime. I saw both seasons and I never plan on watching it again. I suggest you do the same and spend your time elsewhere. - RoseRedFlower

One thing that I am fine about this anime is just the art. Sure the girl has the cute innocent look with doe eyes, the guys are hot and everyone just seem to sparkle. But the characters and plot. HELL NO! EVERY EPISODE she just gets her blood sucked and goes "Itai, Yametekudasai, dame" and it goes on for how long I don't know. DESPITE THAT SHE STILL CARES FOR THEM! Like why would you even care when you're treated poorly. I think she's probably like those thinking "Oh, despite their behavior, there must be a reason they're acting like this." The plot man, it goes nowhere. Only towards the end there is a bit of depth in the plot but you will just be left "This is crap man"

I know that I probably shouldn't judge a show based on the first episode, but if the rest of the series is the same as the pilot, chances are Iwon't like the rest of the series. So, in the first episode, this girl gets dropped off at a mansion full of vampires. Pretty much all they do is just suck her blood and lick her. None of the characters are likable and they are all jerks to the main protagonist. At least she tries to escape, but it doesn't work (sadly). So basically, this series is pretty much Twilight 2.0 except even worse than Twilight.

Weak main character is so weak... she doesn't even do much of anything when the perverted vampires bite herself in various places. Jeez! At least like struggle! There are literally shots of the vampires like grabbing her wrist as she does absolutely NOTHING to stop them.

I can think of more than 123 ways Yui could have escaped in the first episode... Kind of pointless and dumb...

A supposedly serious anime that I laughed at the whole time. female protagonist is helpless and pathetic to watch.

In my opinion the plot is well made and I understand what they were going for but the characters just ruined it I mean when I saw the girl I was like oh well I wonder what was going to happen and when they introduced the males and she found out they were vampires I was like run there and she did I was happy but she just had to stop and read but later on in the series I was just like what the hell is wrong with you I just couldn't handle it and all I say is it Is horrible - Orihara-san

This isn't #5 but clannad is! I don't know why some girls like this! The only story this show has is girls are weak and pathetic! Every single flapping episode is the same but she's getting sucked up by another guy!

Hot Potato meets Twilight. This has to be the most uncomfortable anime ever. The main character is as smart as a piece of cardboard (and that's smarter than her! ) and the guys abuse her the whole time. That's it! That's the plot!

The plot itself is weak. I have to admit, the cast of voice actors were wonderful, but it takes a lot for someone who's infatuated with the otome genre to enjoy this. Sure, it is made to target people with vampire fetishes, but there's a limit to how helpless the main female lead can be. I'd choose Nanami Haruka from UtaPri over Yui, even the composer have something to offer rather than just sitting there and just doing nothing. Yui doesn't have a decent character development; while Nanami is ambitious from the start, working her way up from an emotionally frail little rookie to a strong and capable professional composer and young lady. Even with the differences in the plots, there's a lot of opportunity for Yui to turn her life around instead of surrendering to the boys all the time. I'd appreciate if Yui had the guts to stand up to them even once or twice. I'd imagine her eventually dying of blood loss someday. God bless you, Yui.

How such an anime is so popular among teen girls is beyond me. I don’t see what’s so enjoyable about watching a Mary-sue girl get her blood sucked and sexually harassed throughout the whole series.

I mean, it isn't that bad... I didn't absolutely LOVE it, but I didn't hate it. A lot of people at my high school love it, too. All the 11th grade people have anime tables, like if you love Fairy Tail then you sit at this table, or if you love Naruto sit at that table.. A LOT of people ended up sitting at the Diabolik Lovers table.

For me, it's the second worst anime I've watched so far. I give number one to School Days. She just lets 6 extremely good looking guys harass her till she faints. Like what the hell? It has a boring story line.

Sucking Yui's blood every episode will bring her *bangs on a desk* DEAD! You hear me, *bangs on a desk again* DEAD! And she would NOT be revived as an *bangs on a desk yet again* vampire! - BorisRule

The art is pretty and the character designs are decent, but I don't like the abuse towards this idiot of a main character. - FilipinoNyan2004

Eventhough there are TOO handsome male characters in the story, I still hate this anime because of YUI. She ruins it all. Naive, innocent, weak, ugly ( in my eyes) being a masochist, stupid, girly, pinky, blah blah blah, If the main female character is someone who is cold, or stubborn, funny or tomboy like Haruki? from Ouran, then it will be much better.

Who made this crap? The MC is a retarded and weak piece of useless, and the males are asses. I do realize that their mothers were abusive, but does that make it okay to learn from them? NO. They didn't like it when their mothers abused them, so why abuse Yui? Yui really needs to learn how to kick someone in the nuts.

My judgment on this is that It not so surprising that is on this I was actually feeling really bad for that girl but then I saw her do nothing about the vampires I was like what the hell is wrong with you

I liked the movie better, they didn't even get robert pattinson to do the voices. Also the part in season three where they all die in a fire came completely out of nowhere. 0/10 Not enough dogs.

The first season was ok. I am neutral about the first season. I don't like it and I don't dislike it either. But the second season was terrible! A new bunch of guys kidnapped Yui and they are sucking her blood and calling her Eve. Then a bunch of wolves came out of nowhere and attacked the characters. Nothing else happened. This anime is terrible compared to good reverse harem anime like Akatsuki No Yona. - ToukaKirishima

Wolves attacking characters in the anime is kind of a karma or something. - BorisRule