Dragon Ball Z

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Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku who, along with the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against evil. The action adventures are entertaining and reinforce the concept of good versus evil. Dragon Ball Z teaches valuable ...read more.



And, if you can't respect peoples opinions for liking DBZ, just jump off a cliff and die to benefit the world if you are a troll. Dragon Ball Z was people's childhood. Who cares about what powers they have and if it takes too long to do something? Overall, Dragon Ball Z is a GREAT anime. - TwilightKitsune

This show sucks. Every one has the same powers ( except for piccolo, cell, and buy. ) the villains all have the same purpose, destroy everything for no reason!

No one ever uses strategy. They always fight superior enemies one on one when ganging up on them would give them an advantage. There all "incredibly fast" but refuse to dodge. They just stand in front of each other and wail on each other.

The kameh hameh ha is just a chi blast with a name like most of their moves.

When you watch it, you're just watching a bunch of blurs. I mean I realize there supposed to be faster than the I can see, but come on. It's like going to wrestlemania to watch the ring. I came to see a fight. They could be having a tea party for all I know.

And last, but not least, everyone quits to easily. In dragon ball picollo broke Gokus arms, but Goku kept fighting. He eventually won by hurling himself at picollo. In dragon ball z after the freeza saga the z warriors stopped ...more

Shut up DBZ is the best anime ever you have to be retarded to hate it - TwilightKitsune

I HATE this show. I had friends trying to force the Japanese version down my throat years before it ever came to America. This show is so boring and takes forever to do anything. How it manages to stretch everything out for so long with so much pointless yammering without any sort of character development is beyond me.

If you don't like it you shouldn't be here in the first place! If you don't like it then why did you watch or read it at all! What's the matter with you?!

DBZ was great all the way up to the Cell Saga. After that, things became terrible. I've always had one major problem with DBZ. That is why did Gotenks and Trunks achieve Super Saiyan so easily when Goku and Vegeta fought to their limit in order to make it happen. The answer they give is genes but that's BS man. It cheapens the effect of going Super Saiyan if several other people can transform into it at will with ease. Cell was a great antagonist but Buu was just so stupid. He had no sense of villainry in him like Cell or Frieza at all, he just acted like an idiot. Gohan also went from being awesome at the end of Cell Saga to turning into a weakling mother's boy in Buu Saga. The Great Saiyaman? , Future Gohan would be ashamed. He barely had half his original strength from the end of Cell saga when he fought Dabura. Mystic Gohan lost his ability to go SS too which also sucks.

This was great! I loved this one! I can see people's reasons on why they don't like this (for example, everyone basically having the same power and the plot just wanders around for a long while) but sometimes it's best to just follow along with the story. I know I didn't like it at first but now I think it's an awesome show.

Do you have a death wish? You're putting one the greatest anime of all time, and THE most popular anime in the world in this list, this shouldn't even be on this list at all, I mean let's face it this anime is the reason why a lot of us got into anime in the first place, and you dare to put this on this list. You got balls, I'll give you that.

It's pretty crap, most people like it because it's nostalgic and all but there's hardly any plot, random asspulls and just over the top action.

I used to obsess over Dragon Ball Z when I was really new to anime. It was only because I had no knowledge of other anime. However, as I grew to watch other different anime such as Attack on Titan, Taboo tattoo, Asterisk War, Chivalry of a Failed Knight, K Project, Berserk, Fate series, etc. I realized how garbage and offensive this entire franchise was, thanks to the abysmal perseverance excuses for victory, which are played throughout the entire franchise, and being the fact that this is a terribly generic shonen action anime without anything new to offer. Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super is going down as one of my most hated anime franchises ever now. - SelfDestruct

To those saying, why are the dbz haters here. I say to you shut up.
The list is TOP 10 WORST ANIME. Defend this piece of crap if you must, but don't (If you don't like it, leave) Were all here to say why we like or hate this show. don't tell someone to buzz off just because you don't agree.

I've heard people say dragon ball is better than an anime because krillin can beat character A.

You know what. That's true, but it doesn't make z good. It makes it OP which isn't a good thing. It makes the characters week and stupid.

If you can't beat someone, give up. That's Gokus logic. There's no conflict because all the fights are one-sided and a dead hero will just comeback so who cares.

Hey this show is amazing. It was the father, and mother for all anime. This show was from the 1880's so there was nothing for this to strive to be. No one liked Anime during this period so there weren't any standards. You can't blame the show for being lacking compared to newer anime. It was amazing for its time.

IDIOTS! Dbz is and will always be the number one anime how could you put it in the worst there is nothing better than dbz I can watch the same parts 50 times in a row without getting sick of it - zaz

This anime sucks so much it should remain number one forever

This anime is good for little kids but that's it. It's just some guy spending 6 episodes to charge up a move while screaming, then the move misses. This show sucks.

Are you kidding me DBZ is the best. Epic fight scenes, dynamic characters, exciting plot and storyline,... It should be nowhere near this list. - Goku02

Not the worst but PAINFULLY overrated!

Honestly, how can this anime be hated? It has an great story, likeable characters and the fights are just insane. Not too mention it is pretty creative too.

IT's the Worst anime ever, Nobody dies, No dramas, No plot Twists, stupid, pointless fights, just watching it makes me want to break my laptop into pieces

Way too overrated. Mostly for beginners.

Seriously the battles in this anime last 5 episodes it should take at least two and I think its really overrated

God I hate this show it's so overrated! Sigh... nothing left to say but the fact that my 7 year old sister can probably draw better chatacters...

The show sucks. it has bad graphics and what kind of stupid name is broly, Goku and vegeta? Vegeta sounds like vegetable. the characters suck. especially broly, Broly has big nipples eww

Dragon Ball Z sucks balls worst anime ever no doubt.

Dragon ball Z is stupid because fist fighting is for street gangs and the fights are indifferent

Dbz is awesome, so what's wrong with you!