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101 Angel Tales
102 Hamtaro Hamtaro Hamtaro, known in Japan as Trotting Hamutaro, is a Japanese children's manga and storybook series created and illustrated by Ritsuko Kawai.



103 The Familiar of Zero The Familiar of Zero

Mate, this shouldn't be here, Okay?

So what if there was fan service!? There's fan service in EVERY Anime out there! It did feel like it was rushed, but I really like how Louise got Saito, though, some people don't like this ship, I was fine with it. Try it out. The ending may have been rushed, but if you didn't like it, then why are you here caring about it!? Get on with life.

Can I ask you, why?

There actually isn't a lot of fan service in anime nowadays as the story is already written out in the author's head.

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104 Ping Pong the Animation

One of the best I have ever seen. Sure the animation and art style is a little wonky, (I actually love this style- some of the scenes look like it was done with watercolor! ) but the story and depth of this anime hits you like a truck. The characters were made so well and you could really identify with them. Also, the ending was so ridiculously satisfying it made me bawl like a baby LOL

SelfDestruct is literally the worst reviewer I have ever seen. He based his whole review of this amazing anime off of the art style. He obviously missed the plot, or the OST, or everything else that makes this anime awesome. The art style even adds to the atmosphere!

HEY SELF DESTRUCT...SELF DESTRUCT. No but sirsly this shows really good, your life sucks AROUND the show.

You know I don't even need to explain why this piece of trash sucks! But I will do it anyway!
This may be the worst animation I have seen in recent memory (in general. Not just in anime. In animation as a whole! ) All this is just scribbly lines on characters. Don't even try excusing the animation. People be like "ooh the manga came out in 1996! Don't blame them! " Take a look at Parasyte, which originated as a manga that came out in 1988, and started airing LATER than this trash! How does Parasyte look so well made and this does not? You can't excuse that! Can you? Seriously one the worst I have ever seen in my life.
The god awful animation ALONE was enough to give a 0/10! - SelfDestruct

Wow. Have you even seen this show? I haven't, but judging a show solely based off its graphics is dumb in my opinion. I think YOU'RE the piece of trash here. - Absolite

105 Angle Beats

Someone's keyboard is broken - Sassy13crown

I did enjoy this, but it was wildly overhyped. With so many people praising it as 'the saddest anime ever', naturally I had to watch it. And I enjoyed it, but it wasn't anywhere near as good as it's made out to be.

Really, the only problem is the hype. But other than that, it should not be on this list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

"Angle" beats? Is the angle acute or obtuse? - izayaorihara

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106 Yo-Kai Watch

People think this is a pokemon ripoff, but technically, pokemon was just the most popular "catch them all" series.

I actually like this one.

To be honest I like it

So stupid

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107 Night Shift Nurses

I liked this anime, and I'm a girl lmao

It takes a certain kind of person to be able to fap to this hentai

108 Legend of the Galactic Heroes

And to make matters worse, ThatAnimeSnob fanboyed over Legend of the Galactic Heroes during his video of why he hates Urobutcher (Gen Urobuchi, who is actually a great light novel writer). ThatAnimeSnob and Legend of the Galactic Heroes are absolute disgraces to the anime community, shaming it for absolutely no good reason whatsoever, calling us idiots and plebs for having different opinions compared him. I promised I would never be an anime elitist like this moron and I promise I will never watch any more anime he likes (including this)! - SelfDestruct

ThatAnimeSnob's all time favorite anime. I will never watch this solely because he, who actively called us anime fans tasteless and offended us for our opinions, thought of this as the best anime of all time. - SelfDestruct

109 See Me After Class

I bet this this is porn

Okay so I watched this and it was just like a ten minute conversation where my fifth grade teacher Mr. Miyamoto told me what I was doing right and wrong in my studies. He really connected with me and I don't think I could have passed that year if he hadn't gone the extra mile there. 10/10 I miss you sensei.

110 Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell!

Why the hell is this here? This show was my childhood. Yea I understand they put too much emphasis on "friends and heart are my power. But how could you not like this anime for the awesome story and well developed characters!

I HATE, I repeat, HATE Zatch Bell with a huge passion! It's just that it's over-dramatically violent and weird! Well, I DO like the Mamodo spells, though, but WHY Cartoon Network AND TOONAMI, WHY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DUB THIS HUNK OF TRASH?! I like it's original Japanese orchestra, but its USA-dubbed music is absolutely UNINSPIRED and along with the English voice acting which is also HORRIBLE! My brother did grow up with the anime and I have NO problem with people liking Zatch Bell or Gash Bell, but the anime does look uninspired and weird to me.

The English dub is the worst part because it makes Zatch Bell (the character) sound like Jimmy Neutron. But I like the show and the Japanese version.

Wait I'm not the only one who knew this existed!? - emeraldfennekin

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111 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

I don't really like yu go oh 5D I like gx and season 1 better I mean what they're battling each other while driving the motorcycle I mean how can they do that if they keep concentrating on the battle how can they drive properly and they might even bump and crash and even DIE how is that possible anyway it's not like it has pilot mode the first 2 yu-gi-oh is kind of good but I don't like 5d

This show confused me, they never even FIND the 5 D's? I'm sitting here and the whole time it's just some weird card game on motorcycles.

How dare you guys place this on here. Better than all of Yu-Gi-Oh!

5D's is the best Yu-Gi-Oh anime next to the original series. Get it off this list. - Rue

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112 Attack on Titan Junior High

Although I hated it at first to put it on this list, I realized it isn't that bad. But when are we gonna get Attack on Titan Season 2? Sword Art Online already has Season 3 and an animated movie in the works! Attack on Titan needs to catch up! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Thank you for the information. I already heard about Attack on Titan Season 2 getting delayed again. Also, the Sword Art Online movie is being delayed for 2017 and I don't know when Season 3 will come out. But it will probably not be 2016 this year. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why is Hajime Isayama done to his best creation that punch a hole in the wall in the anime world? All them are chibi and have a different personality. Wren is not having revenge on the titans for killing his mom, but he's having revenge for stealing his food?! Really Hajime?! Really? But the only thing I can forgive is they still have the same soundtrack.

This is time wasting. Where's Season 2?! Why are we spending our time, watching this?! And why do they look so short for Junior High School students?! This is very offensive - MLPFan

I actually like it. - talanartemis

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113 I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother!!

A younger sister finally tells her delusional brother that he's being an ass to his face. It's about twenty episodes and every one ends with him crying a little bit as his image of reality is shattered. One by one she introduces him to the real opinions of everyone around him until he comes to realize that he's always been a jerk to everyone and they were all just putting up with him.

114 Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki

This is some of if not the cruelest animation I've seen in my entire life. You probably aren't surprised that this abomination was created by 1 deranged man who thinks that harassment and torture is considered a well thought out plot. It was so horrific that people refused to work on this abomination and even got banned in Japan. Yes, the country that this madness originated from were trying to keep others from viewing it. This entire "experience" is simply the dark recesses of the human mind that lead to vicious crimes that continue 15 years after the creation of this monstrosity. Think of all the different vile acts people have resorted to throughout the history of humanity. All of these are rolled into one "thing" we refer to as "Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki." I hope you avoid this unforgiving disgrace towards humanity with all sanity you have left after even just viewing the title of this pathetic excuse of an anime and if you have already saw it, then I wish the best of luck to your ...more

Needlessly gruesome and cruel, not even good as a horror anime, banned by the japanese government, this should be #1

This crime against humanity honestly deserved to be banned. It sounds like a real-life creepypasta but much worse and the fact that it isn't at #1 sickens me. In a nutshell, the less said about it the better. - PerfectImpulseX

I do not have words for a good review over this monstrosity.

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115 Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

Aside from the fact it was made by 4kids themselves, They were just ripping off Pokemon with this one.

This isn't even its own show. It's a part of season 5. -. -

Horrible. Monsters? Capsules? STOP TAINTING THE CONCEPT OF Pokemon

116 Mad Bull 34

If you enjoy over the top anime. Then this is right up your alley. Mad Bull 34 is so bad that it's good. This anime takes everything to the extreme, nudity, gore, plot and script. This anime is my guilty pleasure. If you want to watch this anime, watch the English dub.

117 Vandread

Manga is good, Dita and Hibiki are a good couple, they are brave and heroic, but the anime adds a lot of nonsense characters, and now Dita is girlish and annoying, while Hibiki is aggresive and boring.

118 Sakura Trick

Why are you typing if you don't/didn't like this anime? Get on with Life and GROW UP! Why are you caring about it if you didn't/don't like it? I liked it because it was nice. Anyway, what is wrong with two girls kissing!? The ending May have been bad, for nobody got it. STILL! If Yuu-chan was annoying then why do you not get on with life and forget about her? She is an ANIME CHARACTER! So what if 'True Love' doesn't work that way? They are still young and may not get it themselves. The reason why I care is because I am an Otaku and care about every anime, good or bad. Sure, I have some anime I don't like, but I keep it to myself so I don't annoy others. I know, this place is for telling other people not to watch it, but what if they would have liked it and you just drove them away? And if you carried on watching, it got interesting. Have YOU ever had 'True Lobe', because by the sounds of it you haven't so just leave it be and GET ON WItH LIFE! It's an Anime. I found it good, for it ...more

Such a boring anime. Two girls kissing at the drop if a hat whenever they can, the anime doesn't have a proper plot either. Well after the sister (the small annoying freaks) finds out and starts to fall for the other.

Pure garbage. Plot is nonexistent and the blonde girl with the short ponytails was SUPER annoying

I have no problem about Yuri/kiss scenes, besides the characters pretty irritates me so much just like Yuu.

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119 Hell Girl

Why is this on here

This is a good anime, its more psychological horror than anything. - emeraldfennekin

Repetetive, false depiction about the humanity like everyone is bad and most of the time the reason why people use Enma ai are dumb ass hell. - TopiTaupe

120 Puni Puni Poemi

Imagine Boku no Pico but on drugs and a thousand times worse. - PerfectImpulseX

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