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161 Eromanga Sensei

Looks like two nukes wasn't enough - izayaorihara


It's like Oreimo but without anything that made Oreimo even slightly good. - izayaorihara

Why bother with your normal anime love story when you can watch one with lolis AND incest. I swear to god, this is why Japan is suffering. You have your stereotypical cringy blue haired protagonist having very intimate
relationships with a bunch of underage girls including his younger step-sister. Everything else is pretty munch irrelevant to the story. The art is actually not bad though

162 Samurai Pizza Cats

The creators stated they got new villains for the new seasons

Season 2 will be Dr. Purple and a young Jerry Atric

Season 3 will be evil witches

Season 4 will be ancient warriors from the past

Season 5 - 7 will be evil aliens

Season 8 super natural villains and legendary monsters folklores

Season 9 - 10 evil kitsunes with two-tails to ten-tails. Some of them are good looking and some got good clothes and great fighting skills.

The heroes will reform some of the kitsunes and sided with the heroes.

The Ten-Tail Kitsunes are the most powerful foes.

During season 3, Child Protected Service come to take the kids away because they're fighting evil; however, the daughter of Speedy and Polly and the son of Good Bird and Carla got an idea. They got Princess Vi to get Child Protected Service off their backs and she threaten to banish them if they ever interfere with the hero kids again. The Child Protected Service will have no choice but to leave them alone.

Creator stated that they were going to take me two more video games space on the series. are too was going to be just like a month but they added the new character to be a playable. Karamaru (good bird) was going to be the 4th and brand new playable character for the sequel games. you can choose either speed, Polly, Guido, or good bird to start a level.

I would have to see the princess fall in love with Mietoru is the series continued

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163 Pillow Boys

Watching the first episode made me cringe.

So, why is this so low? This should be in the TOP TENS! It's about some creepy guys getting creepily personal with you and pretending to talk to you. It's creepy, but hilarious at the same time. I couldn't stop laughing.

I couldn't make it past the second episode. I felt like I was alone with a creepy stalker on just those two episodes. I don't want to imagine the rest...

It's so cringy ughhh I couldn't even make it through the first episode - emeraldfennekin

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164 Mirai Nikki Mirai Nikki Future Diary is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. It depicts a battle royale in which each combatant has a diary with entries from the future.

Yuno and Purple Hair Chick was good. Everyone was just awful. Male MC cries more than anyone male MC I have ever seen. To best describe him, I'd say he's the type who runs into someone else's fist and knocks himself out. He does temporarily become better but it doesn't last long as he goes right back to ramming his face into someone else's hand. The guy is an idiot.

165 My Hero Academia

This has to be the most morally degrading anime I have seen in my entire life. An anime doesn't have to have extreme amounts of fanservice to be morally degrading (although that is one of the ways to do so) but this does so by playing the "perseverance always wins and strategy fails" card throughout the entire anime. To make matters worse, the Midoriya vs Todoroki fight in the second season is so outright embarrassing to anime as a whole, by making Midoriya actually HELP, yes, HELP, his opponent by spouting messages about "giving it your all" and helping him win instead of taking the only chance to win the fight! This is just straight up trash, one that needs to go to a landfill, never to be recycled. - SelfDestruct

Show sucks

166 Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan

This anime is just messed up. I cannot even stand to watch it. The characters are as annoying as hell. Yes I understand its one of those what animes that are not supposed to make a whole lot of sense but even compared to that category of anime its still annoying. There are more overused jokes in this anime than in all the other anime's combined. I do like those random comedy animes. I love hetalia, but this anime is just so annoying and not even funny. Not to mention all these overused jokes have absolutely no humor to them. Its just a horrifically written anime.

Why is Dragon Ball Z here? Anyway I stopped watching this show after the first episode and this is just messed up. This so called angel tortures this poor boy and kills him constantly with a spiked club for no reason. Luckily she revives him. But it still doesn't make it a good scene. As for comedy. My god the jokes are not funny and they are WAY to overused. Its like every episode has the same jokes in it. This has to be the worst anime I've ever watched regarding the first episode. But believe me there are worse out there.

This is the worst show ever! I mean this girl is horrible and she tortures this poor boy with her spiked bat for no reason at all. At least Elfen Lied had a gripping story line with depressing moments and good chracters but this show is just stupid and cruel. Who names a boy sakura any way!

That purple haired girl shouldn't be an angel - wendychanel

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167 Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

Definitely highly overrated and bad. This show is probably one of the most disgusting, depraved shows I've ever watched (right after Elfen Lied, but this is coming from someone who watched and enjoyed Higurashi) because this sort of show glorifies violence and makes it seem okay for this sort of thing to be done. The characters are terrible and so is the plot, everyone is an idiot (yes, let's blame a little kid for killing his classmates even when he has no weapon and no muscle! ) I'm glad the show went off of Toonami.

Don't even act like Elfen lied had a better plot with than this one. And the show was saying that society looks down on criminals and don't care for their suffering, how could that be glorifying violence. They even tried to escape! I don't think the characters are that bad, although I must agree the whole blaming the only living kid thing was stupid, I thought it was super stupid too, but the whole plot isn't comprised of that.

This show is pure trash. The target audience is mostly for high school kids. No plot, no character development, gratuitous violence, worst ending -ever, fan service partial nudity... Yep it has all the attributes needed to be among the worst of the worst. Why this ranks higher than Cowboy Bebop simply astounds me.

NONE OF THEM ARE DEAD. I'm tired of shows advertising and baiting dead characters! What do I have to do to see a show about a bunch of dead bodies in an AMUSEMENT PARK?!

Personally I enjoyed this anime, but this is coming from someone who enjoyed Corpse Party Tortured Souls, Higurashi, Elfen Lied and Blood C, so I guess my opinion isn't much to go by - emeraldfennekin

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168 Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo

How is this on here? This was one of my favorite anime ever! The animation is nice and so is the plot. It can be funny and sad at times. I can't believe its on here!

There are worst. This is not a bad anime. Only thing I don't like is the story about been romantic between a boy with a girl who is never his girlfriend.

This is the worst anime ever! No calling best!

No this is probably the best

I believe in pantsu

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169 Himouto! Umaru-chan

Oh my god, don't ever give me started how much Annoying and Laziness Umaru she is, and that ridiculous hamster suit. not worth to watch it, anyway.

Ebina is okay in this Show as anybody loves her, but the entire of the series were Act being so childish, bland, and too annoying (like the Protagonist) in that case.

This blonde jerk pisses me off sometimes


170 Gundam Seed Destiny

Seed wasn't that bad. Even with all the pretty boys, it was still Gundam with its grey morals and war themes.


Nothing gundam is bad. This thing just went bias...

I think this shouldn't be on the list. - PerfectImpulseX

The only bad Gundam series, with a possibility of Gundam Reconigista in G

171 Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, known in Japan as Hoshi no Kirby, is a Japanese anime series created by Warpstar, Inc.

It says right back at ya but I threw mine outside like 5 years ago and ITS STILL OUT THERE! I'm not going to get it because I don't wanna hurt its pride...

This is the best anime ever so yeah...

This is the only good videogame anime, get this off the list.

While I love Kirby this show is...decent but really flawed. Most of the times it's the characters that are the problem. Kirby is mindless. I mean he has an IQ of -89,067 in this show. King Deedee is just annoying and bunch of the suppperrr original characters are just annoying but the plots in the shows are good and the animation actually looks very detailed but my biggest that theme song... - spodermanfan1000

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172 Pandora Hearts

Sorry if you like it. I didn't.

Why is this on here?
Pandora Hearts is a fantastic anime. - CandyPie

Why is this on here?
Pandora Hearts is a fantastic anime. - CandyPie

173 Nisekoi Nisekoi

Wew, finally found this thread. Well, Nisekoi is the most cliched AniManga EVER. Everyone say that Monogatari Series is, but Nisekoi was way too cliched. Even this manga contains many characteristics from Modern Warfare Series. SERIOUSLY, why an awesome video game series got mixed with this overly cliched harem manga?

Seriously? Childhood Promise (Love Hina), 4-themed harem girls (most of harem anime series contain this), an American right-hand man betrayer who hates the MC (Modern Warfare 2), fake-ass smile from the defeated girls, blondes always win, Kana Hanazawa (the most cliched voice-actor EVER). Now I know why the fanbase are fighting each other all day around.

Well, when I watch the first episode, I supports Chitoge. Because what? AMERICA, YEAH! And yes, the Americans always gets the spotlight. But when I finished the first season, well, I didn't get what's happening after all. Don't make me ranting about the 2nd season and the afterwards manga ...more

I'll rate these girls. The red head is pretty hot 8/10. The girl with the short black hair is a 7/10 (hot but not as hot as red head) the brunette with the long piece of hair that hangs down is a 2/10 (mostly very ugly) and The blonde is a 6/10 (Very Pretty, but not beautiful like the first two.) They are all attractive except that ugly brunette girl. She sucks. Why was she his main crush when there's these way more attractive girls I don't get it Raku. I would have chose the red head!

I just really hate Chitoge.

The red head is mean, the black haired girl is rude, the brunette is awful, and the blonde is a bitch. Don't waste your time. These girls don't deserve love. Especially that brunette with the long piece of hair that hangs down. She's the worst of them all.

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174 Berserk Berserk Berserk, also known as Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk, is a Japanese anime television series that aired from 1997 to 1998. An adaptation of the manga Berserk, it comprises 25 half-hour episodes produced by Oriental Light and Magic and first aired on Nippon TV.

Nah for real though this shows a classic.

I like this anime and it's very well done

Lol why the hell is this on here...

Given how bad the 2016 and 2017 sequels are, so bad that fans lost hope of a good Berserk adaptation, I think its existence in this list is justified. - SelfDestruct

It's good but it uses computer graphics for something that would fare better with 2d (TヮT)

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175 Bakemonogatari Bakemonogatari
176 Lilpri

OH MY GAWD I WATCHED THIS SO MUCH TO SHOW THAT I LIKE ANIME. it's so cute there are lil girls and they transform into princess idol singers and sing! I love the cute animals.

177 WataMote

O.O I watched this from start to finish. It made me feel physical pain it was so awkward. I've sealed the memories away in the deepest darkest recess of my brain, but I still live in constant fear of the day they return. Imagine the most awkward thing you've ever seen. Now magnify it by a number somewhere in the thousands range. Then add even more awkward internal dialogue. Just typing this is making me cringe. I literally have a physical reaction every time I hear this anime's name. Do yourself a favor and never watch this anime. Never visit a site this anime is on. Forget the name, like I cannot, and live happily.

Well I did watch it in my opinion it made me yawn at some scenes and made me cringe a lot. They could of had character development in the main character it got boring in half way of the series.

Cringe-inducing and no payoff for the viewer or any characters by the end of the series.

It was... boring really... To me at least well. - TopiTaupe

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178 Brothers Conflict

That anime has too much incest

This anime was terrible. The M/C could have been replaced with a brick wall and the whole anime would have been the same... but maybe slightly less cringe-worthy.

I decided to drop on Brothers conflict

God, this show was just damn annoying. Again with a powerless, boring, dumb, annoyingly-naive female protagonist who is, I believe, on par with Chihaya of Chihayafuru. This show's main plot pisses me off to no end! A girl living with 14 stepbrothers and more than half of them crushing on her and just forcibly kissing her whenever they get a chance with that rape look on their faces? And on top of that the girl just ignores all that throughout the series! She fails to pick up their love vibes and after getting kissed she just walks around like nothing's happened! This show disgusts me. Not only their is an exaggerated reverse harem but it is also incest! Seriously, anime needs to stop producing these kind of weak female protagonists who always acts like damsel-in-distress and are always getting emotional over stupid things!

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179 Violence Jack

Calm pleasant slice of life anime about an overworked japanese businessman and his dog Jack who picks up on his owners frustrations and overreacts to everything. It's got some nice surrealist moments too.

Should be higher

Just pure nastiness on every level... Rape scenes anyone?

180 Super Lovers

This was a good anime.

I hate this what's with Japan and making sibilings love each other!

Its actually a yaoi anime about two brothers (of course adopted) loving each other but the worst thing is while the elder is like in his 20's while the younger looks like he is in junior high! even though the younger grows up there is no progress, to all the yaoi fans u will get fed up with after watching some.the manga is somewhat ok but in my opinion I don't like it so well (not critisizing or anything)

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