Tokyo Ghoul

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The first episodes were cool, we have all that drama with Kaneki and such, but the story is a mix of slow pacing dialogues and fast paced plot compared to the manga. Kaneki is always easily beaten up and the second season (Root A) is lame, everything ends so fast and leave you with questions that lead you to the manga only to see the ending on anime was different and terrible compared to manga. The anime is popular because many people watch it thinking that they will became "gore experts" but the anime is not even that violent, all I see is a teenager with existencial crisis being beaten up by everyone, siding with the ones who beaten him up and a "what? " ending. Sorry anime fans, but the manga is way better...

Which kind of idiot would put Tokyo Ghoul here?!?!

As of yet this is the worst anime I've watched. Seriously. Best part of it is the opening song. Storyline is terribly executed. I give it a 5/10 and that's only because it has my favorite anime song otherwise it would be around a 3. I'm not trying to hate this is my honest opinion and I don't get the hype about it, maybe the manga is good and it goes deeper but it feels like you've missed like 2 episodes every new episode. Nice idea, terrible terrible writing. I could do better.

You're not alone and it was very difficult for me to get into this anime. The animations are just cookie cutter and slow-framed. - Sephigi101

Story was so boring I stopped watching it mid episode 1. My friend told me that it gets good later. No it doesn't, the protagonist becomes a ghoul and prefers to just die than eat human flesh even though it tastes good for him. He is useless all the time and puts his friends on danger. The whole ghoul cafe recruits him, gives him a job, food and protects him and he ends up betraying them because he is a "badass" after getting tortured for 10 days in a row and magically getting all powerful while 5 minutes ago he was crying in pain and agony. In season 2 he becomes weak again so the whole point of him getting powerful was for no reason. Also so much censoring that it became painful to watch. Only the opening is good.

You're supposed to sympathize with these characters, but they eat people. THEY EAT PEOPLE. How, in any universe, is that ever okay?! This show made me feel like Hitler. Wanted to exterminate them all. Needless to say, I was on the side of the police 'antagonists' the entire time watching. "Wait, you left the orphan! Don't just kill the mom - the orphan monster is getting away! "
Yeah, that's what this show did to me. I'm sure the manga improves upon it somehow? No idea. The show was terrible. Simply awful. The repeated orgasm over the napkin oh my god what the actual why.
Don't follow the hype! Be prepared for a train wreck philosophy in which, hey, torture is good because it just makes you a badass. Seriously, they use torture as an excuse to devoid our main character of all of his personality and motivations and general whininess to make him the mask wearing, macho we were promised on the cover. Just used it for a poor explanation to make him a static, nothing character ...more

This anime pissed me off because the protagonist is a wimp and because of all the censoring. The biggest wussy suddenly becomes badass after getting tortured for 10 days. How does that even work? He was almost dead and he just beat the crap out of that huge guy like it was nothing. Then he joins the enemies. Biggest what I ever watched in 14

You'd have to watch a good amount before all the good stuff gets in. Kaneki ends up getting tortured and that's when he undergoes a MASSIVE character change. That's when his hair turns white and he becomes colder, tougher, and aggressive. It's also how tragic this anime is, how we see this nice, quiet guy turn into a monster who gives up on being human. Poor Kaneki deserved so much better. This is not a bad anime at all, it has a story with depth and meaning to it. You feel for every character. And chances are, you're gonna cry.

Anyone who watches this must always bear in mine most of the time IT IS NOT CANNIBALISM ghouls are not human beings so eating people is like if a person were to eat a monkey still cruel but point still stands close but not he same

Why would you put this anime in here what is wrong with this list next your probably going to put attack on titan! Not supposed to be here period! I am in love with this anime!

I hate to break it to you, but... Attack on Titan is on this list as well. Fortunately, it's pretty low on this list. If only the same could be for good anime like Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, One Piece, and Clannad... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I haven't watched this yet, but based on what I heard about Root A, I'm guessing it sucks. Tokyo Ghoul might have a good first season, but I think its second season probably brought it down. That's probably lower than Sword Art Online, since I loved both Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online II. I just hope Root A won't be as bad as people say it is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Nah. I recommend Tokyo Ghoul both seasons. Sure Root A strayed from the manga but it didn't do much damage. Tokyo Ghoul is still worth a watch. - SelfDestruct

Great manga, great opening theme, awfully paced anime that completely deviated from the source material for the second season. - izayaorihara

It can't get worse than this. Even the opening is annoying, it's something a 12-year-old would listen to after getting a bad grade at school.

Like you, I never liked the theme song and the fact is that the music composer is young and possibly inexperienced to some degree. - Sephigi101

Don't get me wrong Tokyo Ghoul is an amazing series (I even enjoy tokyo ghoul re) but the anime is not good. The way they represented it with the colour schemes and style didn't feel as dark and upsetting as the manga. Their kagune are so colourful in the show it looks like a rainbow on the ghouls backs. I feel like the representation of the anime (the fights in particular) just make tokyo ghoul look to bright.

For someone who has never watched Tokyo Ghoul before, even if heard of it, it's not bad, it's just overrated.

Seriously, I want to know who created this list. They must be out of their minds.

What kind of idiot puts a great anime like this on the list. Whoever put this on the list is one of the dumbest people on Earth

Tokyo Ghoul is considered to be a part of the rising Big Three with Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. However, I don't think Tokyo Ghoul could hold a candle to those anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This anime just annoyed me so much, I hated that the humans had super op weapons and the ghouls kept getting hurt this anime makes me anxious

I loved Tokyo ghoul, yes the manga was much better, but I still enjoyed the anime, if you think Tokyo ghoul is shi* then you must like really crap anime overrated anime like Sword art online

Manga was better than this, but WHY IS THIS ON HERE?

The idea isn't bad, but the characters are so unrealistic it's tragic.

Agreed, Tokyo Ghoul shows no character development, besides, the protagonist has the thickest plot armor, even thicker than Naruto's.

It's probably on here because it has a rabid fanbase. The anime itself is good though.

Tokyo Ghoul is a good Anime but I highly recommend reading the Manga to - Starryskys122

I loved the manga but the anime adaptation didn't do justice to it.