Worst Black Ops 2 Zombies Weapons

We all love zombies, but we've all had that time where we only have 950 points left to spend on the box. What do we get? Hopefully a raygun of LMG, But sometimes...

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# electric zombie in transit or you can have fun and desactivate the Juggernault of your team - Olive855

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2 War Machine

Grenades bounce everywhere and do crap for damage.

It is the crappiest gun in Call of Duty


Weak and inaccurate as hell. Bad sights.

Low damage, low fire rate, reloading is ok. We are level 4 and it need more bullet that kap-40 or five-7. It is an assault gun! - Olive855

4 Olympia

Low ammo, slow reload, bad range.

5 S12

Low Ammo, weak, and low range.

6 Ballistic Knife

Can't hit the side of a barn from 10 feet away. Good PaP'd though.

8 KAP-40

In an half of a low round, you use all the ammo - Olive855

Weak, high recoil, only 12 in a clip. Bad gun.


SIt is not that bad. Yes, it is not like galil or hamr, but still better that a lot of gun. - Olive855

What great damage with a trigger finger this in my top 10 normal weapons

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10 M1911

I know is a bad gun, but this is for start the game and pack a punch version is amazing - Olive855

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The Contenders

11 Five-seveN

Its ok, but getting the dual-wield version is better.

12 Ray Gun

Withouht phd flopper straight up trash

13 DSR 50
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