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21 Cisco Systems

Cisco sold surveillance equipment to China to support tyranny and human rights violations. Say you're for rights to Cisco people and they may viscously go after you, after the US federal government shut down those sales and with the human rights suits now against Cisco. Major corporate human rights violator. - tjkk

Cisco sells and installs all the corporate phones, networking and video surveillance in the US, not surprising they were caught and stopped selling to a totalitarian regime to violate rights and not this one. - jraines

Viscous Cisco homo senior and mid level managers from San Diego threatening people and scaring women employees as instructed by even worse women managers who came from San Jose headquarters, collection of worst people I've ever seen. Not homophobic but they were really sick and dangerous lying frauds, wretched people. Messing up Europe and not just US. NEVER go along with invitations following work with Cisco managers, shouldn't do anyway, they're a danger to their own women employees and people and can be worse to you.

22 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

There should be a National No Google Day. - jackintheboxisgross

The creators of the stupid Crapdroid operating system and the ruiners of YouTube since 2011. No, but seriously, as of 2014 you can't even reply in YouTube because of this Google+ garbage.

Actually Google is not a company, it a search engine. The name of the company is called Alphabet.

What? Google is besr ever - wenkernboys01

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23 Monsanto

Evil. Just evil. Money only. They rather kill to get money than have morality and make less money.

Pure, unadulterated evil. No mind for anything but profit.

They like to play God! Evil people!


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24 Shell

Worst gas station in the whole world. Very bad for Alaska. - jackintheboxisgross

25 PeTA

People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid media whores for animals since 1980

26 Verizon

Will get you killed if they can. Called for State Police and they kept asking for a specific police department. They refused to give me number no matter how many times I ask and how many answers I gave including area, problem, and even asking what numbers they had and now kids abducted. With luck and a good lawyer so will Verizon - soon be gone.

Will get you killed if they can. Called for help asking for State Police Emergency and they kept saying - "You have to be specific which one? There are so many." I said "Any one please give me one now! My children are in danger! " Verizon Operator: "But I told you, you have to be specific I can't just connect you to one." This went on for some time, I died... All true but the last part, children gone. With luck and a good lawyer so will Verizon - be gone.

My experience with Verizon from top to bottom has been horrible. We have been treated like they don't want or care about our business. Our community has been forced to migrate to fios for voice and data and it has been one problem after another with slow or no response. I will give the cable company a shot.

Like most greedy companies they only care about the mighty dollar and of course themselves. If they owe you something they will drag there feet and make all sorts of red tape BULL so they don't have to give you anything and at the same time continue to screw you.I say drop the S.O.B's like a bad habit.

27 United Airlines

Whoever put them on the list is a flipping loser! - MichaelAftonUTTP

They are the best! - GumballWattersonVGCP

They hurt their customers

28 Spectrum (Bright House Networks)

They cut up our wires downstairs so when we switched phones to century link the guy took hours to repair it

I can't belive Dude Perfect was on one of the commercials.

your bad

30 Walt Disney Enterprises

So greedy, they've been making so many dumb decisions recently, such as closing DisneyQuest, Ellen's Energy Adventure, and The Great Movie Ride. - railfan99

31 Activision Activision Activision Publishing, Inc. is an American video game publisher. It was founded on October 1, 1979 and was the world's first independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming consoles.

Ruined spyro
Ruined crash bandicoot
Ruined ratchet and clank
Ruined Call of Duty
Ruined guitar hero
Trying to ruin everything blizzard
Will ruin destiny and bungie
Do I need to say more? - Harri666

They also ruined SpongeBob games - yellowshadow

Call of Duty need I say more - ikerevievs

Makes bad games.

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32 Sears Holding Corp.
33 Dollar General

Their policies make you wonder if the pencil pushers who come up with the policies actually think about the consequences of the policies... Make you feel like a thief if you work there.

Dollar General is more of a chain for small towns that Walmart wants nothing to do with.

Cheap crap that's all.

34 Capcom Capcom more.

Technically Japanese. They're the creators of classics like Street Fighter, Mega Man and many more. - darkskylash

35 CenturyLink

Absolutely terrible internet service. Frequent outages plague my days and in areas not heard of, connection is so poor that watching 480p on YouTube ain't easy. Cash-hungry company that promises everything but gives nothing.

36 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

Most certainly

37 Dairy Queen V 1 Comment
38 Tampa Electric Company (TECO)
39 Research In Motion Ltd.
40 AIG
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