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61 Dillard's
62 Samsung
63 Planned Parenthood

Serving women and families for decades. Thank you Planned Parenthood.

64 Kelle's Transport Service

Worst trucking co to work for in the United States

65 Rapid Machining

Terrible is all I can say. They treat their employees horribly. Screaming and yelling from the general manager happens daily. There was a recent employee survey we were asked to fill out. The biggest complaints were the bad attitude from upper management and low pay with no reviews. They decided to hold a meeting to list the benefits we are receiving which are few and added this cost to our pay. They gave everyone company wide $0.25 more per our despite their position or their work. My review was in the parking lot and lasted 1 minute. They went even farther to convince us of how great they are by sending us all letters stating every penny that we cost the company. They listed state and federal tax deductions as our benefits. Needless to say this balloons our incomes incredibly. A real sham of a company...

66 Supercell Supercell Supercell is a mobile game development company founded in June 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The company's debut game was Gunshine.net.
67 Dollar General

Corporate is so out of touch with the demands they place on their store employees that if the white-collars actually had to work through one day on the sales floor they would not hold up under the unreasonable demands. No employee appreciation or recognition (ie employee discounts or perks) too frugal to staff their stores properly or provide employees with a livable wage or decent hours. Employees must be available and open to work any and all hours of store operation. Good store managers are far and few between.

Low wages, controlled hours, constant lack of effort from management, low quality China products

68 4Licensing Corporation
69 Capcom Capcom ...read more.
70 Pearson Education
71 Monster Cables
72 Grass4sale

This is a rip-off company, look at their reviews for proof!

73 DIC Entertainment
74 Hot Topic
75 Kroger
76 Toys R Us
77 Kabam


78 Alitalia
79 Barilla
80 343 Industries 343 Industries
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