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61 Jason Voorhees

He is one of the most coolist movie killer's of all time. He is a unstopble killing machine that can't be stop and he can creatie kill's that are beyond crazy

62 Barbara Pewterschmidt
63 Tricia Takanawa

She is so annoying. And her voice is awful

64 Rowdyruff Boys
65 Joe Swanson Joe Swanson

He is really stupid at cases. He just assumed Peter killed his wife when he was acting weird. Also why do you just assume that Peter made a drawing that Stewie drew. You say that's Peter's handwriting? No! That's Stewie's handwriting can't you tell the difference? In and then there were fewer, it's Diane Simmons who's the killer. And you say it's Tom. I've got a better idea, why call in a CSI, FBI, OR CIA there really know how to solve cases!

Uh Joe annoys me so much, He acts like he's a bad-ass but he's really not and don't even get me started on his voice...

Annoying voice, no disrespect for Patrick Warburton though. But it gets really annoying how in every new episode of Family Guy he and Bonnie are basically the main characters of the show now. Not just them, but other characters like Donna, Roberta, Junior, and Rallo have just taken over the show and have made it boring, unfunny, and out of circumstances, kinda uninteresting if you ask me.

Joe is a hypocritical loudmouth moron. When his friends break the rules in the slightest way he becomes mr. hardass cop and tries to arrest them, however he is typically seen doing illegal things himself without regard for right or wrong. He thinks he is above the law. And every other thing out of his mouth is obnoxious screaming. And when he allowed James Woods to get away with identity theft just because he had Peter's ID was probably the most moronic, annoying, and frustrating thing I have ever seen on the show. Like how dumb are you?

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66 Mr. Weed

I didn't like Mr. Weeds voice and he was kind of weird, and I'm glad he died in "Mr. Saturday Knight"

I hate his voice

67 Consuela

How is consuela one of the worst characters! She's one of the funniest!

She's a walking Stereotype. And frankly... It's annoying. But mainly it's how she acts around the people she supposedly works for. She doesn't buy lemon pledge, she doesn't respect the people who live there, or their pets... And at the prospect of the Griffins being dead, she steals their entire house.

I don't hate her, I hate MacFarlane because he uses a Stereotype on her, makes her a hateable character, I am Mexican, I am not dark-skinned, neither a horrible English-Talker, I don't find T.V.'s on a lake, Nobody from my family is a cleaner, I know what "Mr." is, I don't make people go nuts because of a simple answer, and many stereotypes more.

She is lowkey annoying

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68 Robert Loggia
69 Bobby Briggs

And I thought it was the Grinch in an OLDER episode.

He's the one who put Joe in a wheelchair.

70 Muriel Goldman V 1 Comment
71 Ollie Williams V 1 Comment
72 Kyle
73 Gina
74 Justin Bieber
75 Seamus
76 Penelope
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