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21 Stewie Is Enceinte

Even though this episode hasn't came out yet, look up the plot of it and you'll see why it deserves to be on here.

This episode hurts to watch It was so damn bad

Decent subplot, HORRIBLE main plot.

My God, Seth, What The Hell Were You Thinking?! - kcianciulli

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22 Movin Out (Brian's Song)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it boring. No good jokes that I remember!

It's as boring as HELL!

This episode was dreadfully boring. Neither the main plot nor the subplot was the least bit entertaining. That and all the characters were just downright unlikeable, so it was an all around pointless episode.

This episode is deathly boring...

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23 Vestigial Peter

This episode is good, Chip is cute and when Peter gets angry it's hilarious.

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24 Excellence in Broadcasting

Pretty much just a boring episode, the only part I can think of that kept me awake was when Rush Limbaugh beat up that gang.

Really? Brian becomes a republican? Come on Seth you can do better than that

Boring as hell. This is number 2 behind life of Brian

Sucks so much. It was so boring.

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25 And I'm Joyce Kinney

I am so scarred to end up like stewie. didn't he got his football head from a porn star?

As much as I hate this episode, I've gotta admit that the "burning bush" oneliner was pretty good. to me I think it's Christians satirizing innuendos. power to them.

This is one of my favorite episodes! Why is it so high!? - TheEvilNuggetCookie

26 Chris Cross

This is easily one of the worst episodes of any show that is supposed to be funny. Stewie loves, and sings the songs of Anne Murray! WHOA! Anne Murray is so 70's and UNCOOL! So everyone's least favorite unfunny douche Brian joins Stew's appreciation for Ms. Murray and they go to see her to settle a debate! And Stewie is shocked she didn't write her own songs! And there's a kindnap/forcible capture! YAY! Oh, and meanwhile Chris steals from Lois' purse. Meg is an vindictive, damaged from abuse and here's her chance ass. He goes to... Mr. Herbert's! WOW! I tell ya.. Imagien the hijinks and hilarity when two people who make an unconsummated pedophilia issue have to share a house!

Come on. IT'S JUST GARBAGE! Worse.. It's just not funny.


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27 Peter-assment

See ladies, you're not the only ones who have harmful stereotypes placed on you, apparently in this episode everyone says Peter is wrong for saying that he was sexually harassed because all men are perverts and should want sex all the time. The worst part is the fact that this stereotype is EVERYWHERE! Nearly 100% the media in the world treats it that way. So apparently all men are sex addicts and all women are asexual but chose to get married because hell if I know

Peter Being Sexually Harassed by His Own Boss is Just Sick.

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28 Be Careful What You Fish For

This is a boring episode. The dolphin just wasn't funny, and Brian was very unlike able. - RalphBob

God I hate this episode. Gervais's humour really does not translate well onto FG.

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29 Dammit Janet!
30 FOX-y Lady

Peter was just TOO ANNOYING in this episode and I just hated it when Peter kept insinuating the guy from FOX. Everything else in this episode was good.

31 I Never Met the Dead Man
32 Carter and Tricia
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34 April in Quahog

Are we supposed to feel bad for Peter how saying something terrible? But a minor plus is there was a funny joke.

I like this episode, but Peter saying that thing is horrible.

35 Jerome is the New Black

OK- who do I side with on this one: Brian or Quagmire? It's not even close; Brian.

Brian is never given the benefit of the doubt in this one. He's trying as hard as he can in this one. He's not being a douche or showing off; he's just trying to reach out to Quagmire and establish a friendship. Quagmire twists everything that Brian says to make him out to be a jerk; that's all. Now, for all of you Brian haters, I gotta stick it to Quagmire here. When Quagmire calls out Brian for everything he's done wrong, he is NOT ONE TO TALK. He criticizes Brian for hitting on his best friend's wife, when Quagmire does it to THREE of his friends' wives; Loretta, Lois, and Bonnie. I don't care if he's honest about it; that doesn't redeem him from raping women all the time. If Brian were doing what Quagmire did, everyone would HATE him, and Quagmire still gets away with it. I also think he has no real right to call out Brian for being a liberal, when everyone is entitled to their own opinions. ...more

This is definitely the episode that sums out the whole season 8. While the main plot is heartwarming, decent and funny, the subplot is what made this episode the worst. Plus the subplot also lack development on how Quagmire suddenly started to hate Brian after 7 seasons because Quagmire never hate Brian before. Well, I can't say I blame him, it was the lazy writers who had done this. They probably ran out of ideas and just thought of that. Plus I also hated how they continuity Quagmrie hating Brian. That their just lack character development and pretty much the laziest subplot of the entire season 8 episodes.

This episode is Family Guy's worst. Listening to Quagmire's non intellectual rant on Brian was the worst moment of the series. It was pointless, angry and hard to listen to. There was never any history of Quagmire hating Brian before and no jokes landed in this episode. This was the episode that made me not have to tune in every Sunday night.

I only liked this episode because of Jerome. The plot with Brian kissing up to Quagmire was just plain terrible...

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36 You Can't Do That on Television, Peter

Apparently, He Can Do That on Television.

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37 3 Acts of God

Personally I didn't mind this one.

38 Brokeback Swanson
39 Call Girl

This episode sucks, boring, unfunny and just awful, no mother calls someone's children like that, especially because she has a big nose so she can't insult stewie like that

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40 Brian the Closer

Quagmire got what he deserved in this one! Whoever voted for this one is wrong!

Hands down Family guy's worst episode yet.

This episode needs to be much higher.

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