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41 Brian the Closer

Quagmire got what he deserved in this one! Whoever voted for this one is wrong!

Hands down Family guy's worst episode yet.

This episode needs to be much higher.

42 Secondhand Spoke

Actually a pretty good episode and I low key recommend it.

43 Livin On a Prayer

This episode was alright but the ending was terrible I mean what was Seth MacFarlene thinking when he made the ending of course Stewie cares about his best friend Scotty Jennings didn't hear what Stewie said back in new kidney in town he said he doesn't wanna lose anyone he loves, so therefore he does care about Scotty, Brian, his Family, along with the rest of his relatives and friends and that's the end of it

When I first saw this episode, all I saw was two parents ignoring Lois after she tells them to give their kid the proper medical attention.

44 Hot Pocket-Dial
45 The Old Man and the Big 'C'

I can't believe that demon Carter would sacrifice a million lives just for profit!

Carter Sucks! He Needs to Be Pushed Off a Cliff!

46 Play It Again, Brian V 2 Comments
47 Stewie Is Enceinte

Even though this episode hasn't came out yet, look up the plot of it and you'll see why it deserves to be on here.

This episode hurts to watch It was so damn bad

Decent subplot, HORRIBLE main plot.

My God, Seth, What The Hell Were You Thinking?! - kcianciulli

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48 Chap Stewie
49 No Chris Left Behind

All of these jokes suck. The scene where that old guy filled out adoption papers for a kid, but didn't take him home is the worst joke I've ever witnessed in my life, and seriously makes me want to kill Seth for even THINKING of going that far into dark humor.

The only part I like is the chicken fight and Virgil MasterCard scenes

50 Thanksgiving

The thanksgiving episode confuses me because both Joe's son had a good point about leaving the army and Ida had good point about letting down his fellow soldiers. And they just about went to the principal and the pauper reference, Family Guy's usual stunts taunting another show

Boring, preachy and uncomfortable. The typical new Family Guy episode.

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51 Road to India

The worst Road To episode. Brian and Stewie don't even have the whole episode! Peter has his own Bingo Side plot that steals so much time. Very bland.

The road to's are my favorite episodes

It may be a little offensive, but I still like it.

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52 The Dating Game

Very uncomfortable episode and really weird main plot, but the side plot with Stewie was really anger inducing

53 Baby Got Black

Everyone takes the thank the whites song so seriously, it was actually making fun of white people not black

Racism is my pet peeve, and this episode was full of it. My first thought after the thank the whites song was to kill everyone involved in this episode.

That Whites song was just torture.

14 year olds banged each other.

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54 Turban Cowboy

This episode is so racist and cruel. Peter gets his butt impaled on an Eiffel Tower replica, runs over tons of people at the Boston Marathon, sets off a bomb, etc.. Did I forget to mention that this episode was so offensive and racist with it's portrayals of terrorists, Fox never reran it for a few months. - Ededdneddyfanredux

It should've been permanently banned, alongside Not All Dogs Go to Heaven. Partial Terms of Endearment was weak, but that episode gets permanently banned in US, but this atrocity doesn't? - Svampbob164

Did I forget to mention the name sounds racist like they think what a Terrorist outfit looks like? - Ededdneddyfanredux

55 Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows V 1 Comment
56 Road to Germany

This episode is filled with two disgusting and disturbing jokes. the first one where Quagmire records Meg going to the bathroom, and the second one where it features a cutaway gag about "silent movie porn".

It had the potential of being a hilarious Stewie and Brian episode, but it sucked and it was boring.

I love this episode! I thought it was funny

I love this episode

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57 Lois Kills Stewie

Lois kill stewie was honestly better than stewie kills lois in my opinion

I mean, Stewie may be evil but, WHY KILL A BABY? - Tabbygirl

58 The Giggity Wife

Why Couldn't Quagmire Just Break Up With Her.

Charmese is really ugly. She talks horribly. She ruins the episode. Quagmire should of gotten married before.

59 Partial Terms of Endearment

Played more like an episode of "All in the Family" instead of "Family Guy", but not as clever or as funny. If I wanted to see serious issues tackled with a bit of humor I'd watch All in the Family. I come to Family Guy to laugh my a off with gags and nonsensical plots. This just seems like a boring episode through and through. It would've made more sense to have live actors instead. The quality of this one episode wouldn't improve, but just for the novelty of having a live-action episode of Family Guy as an homage to All in the Family would be worth seeing.

Depressing episode, Lois wants to be a surrogate mother but then needs to give an abortion. This episode was banned on US television because of the depressing plot.

60 Roads to Vegas

Worst "Road to" episode in the series. It had a couple funny moments but overall, it was pretty weak. - footballanytime

I Want Them To Redo The Whole Episode

There Won't Be Any More Road to Episodes Now That Sanjay and Craig is on The Air.

This episode was interesting to me.

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