Top 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes of All-Time


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101 Death Has A Shadow

Some people may or may not agree with me but this is the first and best episode on Family Guy and better than Road to Rhode Island. Whoever put this on this list must be blind and a dumb dumb

This is the first episode lol. - Catacorn

102 Quagmire's Quagmire

For a woman who is so impatient about sex.

This episode was basically about a domestic relationship, as worse as it gets.

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103 Space Cadet

So bad it's on here twice!

Pretty much a stupid plot and episode altogether

104 Christmas Guy

Johnny Test Wrote Those Comments Because He's The One Who Killed Brian

I hate Brian and I'm not Johnny Test. Seriously?

I hated brian and I don't know why he's back

AHHH! The ghost of Brian's int his episode! I know Seth brought brian back to life in this episode but He's still dead to me.

105 Road To Rhode Island

Screw anyone who says that this episode isn't great.

This should not be on here Family Guy seasons 1-3 rarely had bad episodes and about 43% were great 7% were bad 45% were good a okay and 5% is meh this go's in with that 43% and shouldn't be on here

Easily the best road to episode of the series

Probably one of the worst on Family Guy episode but still better than 420. I only liked this episode when Peter saw a women getting naked on T.V. but Brian and Stewie part hell no

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106 Brian: Portrait of a Dog

This Is One From Family Guy's Beginnings
That Means ITS NOT BAD
Take It Off

107 Family Guy Viewer Mail #1
108 Brian Sings and Swings

How could you hate this episode? It's really awesome! I love when Brian starts singing with Frank Sinatra JR.

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109 The Former Life of Brian

I just wanted to punch Dylan so bad in this episode.

110 The Man with Two Brians
111 No Country Club for Old Men
112 Peter's Progress

Filled with unfunny jokes and blatant stereotypes.

113 Encyclopedia Griffin

This episode was enjoyable to me, especially when they were in the park.

When there in the park it's funny but the doll is weird! - Tabbygirl

Chris is so weird with that doll I'm glad Lois got rid of that doll

Overall I didn't care for this episode

114 Ocean's Three and a Half
115 Our Idiot Brian V 1 Comment
116 Dr. C & The Women

Who cares about Brian? He's not even funny!

117 We Love You, Conrad
118 Tiegs for Two

Of course, another terrible episode with Quagmire hating Brian for no reason. I hate how the writers continuity Quagmire's hate for Brian, what has he done to deserve this. The ending just sums up the whole episode, cause, Brian apologized to Quagmire for being a jerk, but Quagmire still had the nerve to just crash Brian with his car. Pretty much another bad episode.

119 Take My Wife

This episode made me wanna quit Family Guy forever. Watch it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.

120 Halloween on Spooner Street
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