Top 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes of All-Time


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121 Big Man on Hippocampus

Funniest episode ever. No idea why it is on here.

This was Funny. - Ededdneddyfan55

122 Prick Up Your Ears

The first episode I truly hated.

It was preachy propaganda, and had nothing funny or entertaining about it. Just a waste of a half hour.

It would've been a decent episode if they stuck to just making fun of how organizations such as that abstinence group and others that perform assemblies in schools. Considering how cringy they are in trying to teach kids common sense by trying to appeal to them. Or if they took a satirical approach to the subject like how South Park's Butt Out did with smoking.

But instead it was there to tell viewers they should engage in premarital sex. Which seems completely unnecessary considering how sex crazed this nation has become. And considering how Seth MacFarlane is a grown man obsessed with the sex lives of high schoolers makes me want to question some things.

The episode is poorly made, biased and doesn't have any redeeming quality. How this spectacular piece of greasy crap didn't make this list is beyond me.

123 Run, Chris, Run

I hate the plot line about Cleveland.

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