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121 Brogres (Shrek)

Last time I checked: Shrek is a fictional character NOT a God.

THESE PEOPLE ARE ANNOYING! I don't hate Shrek but come on the movies are over now.

I thought the movies were terrible.

The entire movie franchise sucks. - Goatworlds

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122 Gaters (Stargate)

Stargate is a good movie, but this fan base is so annoying.

123 Swifties (Taylor Swift) Swifties (Taylor Swift)

This has to be on the list of the stupidest fan names ever. I mean, seriously.

This has to be on a list of the stupidest fan names ever. I mean, seriously.

124 Jonas Brothers Fangirls
125 Marvel Fans

They give random power ups to every superhero - rockcityboy

126 Pegasisters

One of the stupidest fan names ever.

127 Little Monsters
128 Happy Madison Fans

This also includes Adam Sandler fans as well.

129 Slayer Fans


130 Slipknot Fans
131 Joey Graceffa Fans
132 Smosh Fans
133 Tobuscus Fans V 1 Comment
134 Juggalos V 1 Comment
135 Dark Knight Fans

I never really cared for batman, but I guess now all of you angry fans are gonna yell at me for not liking something you like. At least I'm being nice about it.

136 iCarly Fans
137 Creddie Fans
138 Seddie Fans

Not all icarly fans ship seddie. If they just want to say seddie fans are bad, they have a right to that opinion.

Who really cares about these fans or creddies or icarly fans they all suck big fat dicks.

This is a ship. Ships are not fandoms. iCarly is the fandom. Seddie is the ship. Learn what you are saying before you say it - TheWiseOne

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139 Lil Wayne Fans
140 Soulja Boy Fans

Don't worry. He doesn't have any fans anymore. Thank god.

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