Top Ten Worst Grocery Stores of 2014


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1 Walmart

For some reason, I always have bad experiences there. There are 3-5 little kids that cry all the time and the parents don't even seem to care. I HATE loud noises, so that pisses me off. And it's crowded. I'm glad the last few times I shopped there were positive, not even the little kids & crowds... - MrBrony8675309

Nowadays my Walmart has been very good, at least not bad in terms of experience ( in the summer it was crowded). - MrBrony8675309

I always slow down when I go by a Walmart parking lot.

Because I don't want to get rammed by one of their idiot customers when they speed hell-bent out of the lot.

For some reason, they went down hill. Everything suddenly turned into drugs. - TopTenJackson

Ugh, I ordered a Zoomer Dino, it said it would come on Wednesday, but I NEVER GOT IT!

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2 Trader Joe's

I love trader joe's

It's OK, but everything else is just weird. - TopTenJackson

I LOVE THIS PLACE! - Curtis_Huber

3 Smiths

BLAH. Everything is just BLAH. - TopTenJackson

4 Safeway

Every single store doesn't have to have a toys aisle unless you enjoy hearing the pitiful cries of little children because they can't get what they want.

That's because is is a grocery store. Not all stores have a toy aisle, all right?

Safeway is OK, but shouldn't someone build a toy aisle there? - TopTenJackson

5 Dollar General
6 Family Dollar

It's okay, but they really need to make it bigger. - TopTenJackson

Why the heck is this on the list? This place is great! - darkfox808

7 Walgreens

It has a good pharmacy, but shouldn't they make it into a grocery store? - TopTenJackson

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8 Sam's Club

I only added this to say that this is like the best one ever along with Costco and Safeway. Go Sam's Club!

I went to the Sam's Club in Federal Way, Washington. And nothing was on the shelves.

Umm this is where I pick up photos.

9 Albertsons

I USE TO HATE THE ALBERTSONS THAT WAS A FEW BLOCKS FROM MY HOUSE! I use to like in Beach Gate Park, California ( near Los Angeles) and when I was little me and my mom would shop their ( it was the closest store to home). The people were completely RACIST! The manager called the cops on my dad because he was playing peekaboo with me and cousin around the car. They came, but they did'nt approach us. The cops just parked their car a few feet from the parking lot exist and just watched use until we left. Luckily, I now live in Beverly Hills, California. And plus about 10 years later they tour Albertsons down because they had built a Fred Meyers across the street, and all of they Albertsons customer were beginning to go their instead.

10 Dealz

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? Kmart

That's dying - YoshiApple

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11 HEB

It's only in Texas. But I'm from Arkansas. But I seen it on my trip to Texas. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

And their pretzels are great. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Get this off the list. - TeamRocket747

12 Stop & Shop

This place is a nightmare. Gave me nightmares twice. Should be number 1 and renamed Nightmare Place!

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13 Homeland

They are SO expensive!

14 Kroger

Why is this here? It's got every kind of food you need! Way more than a stupid Walmart!

This is the grocery store I almost always go to. Very good food and selections!

Krogers is great and it has beaten out other grocers where I come from! Prices are very good and selection is fantastic!

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15 Costco

Should not be here. - Curtis_Huber

16 Publix

It does too! It killed off Martin's 3 years later!

And Publix does not belong on the

Hey! they have good non-crunchy pop
Tarts! they're soft and delicious!

17 El Super
18 Tesco

This is defiantly the worst, it's gonna ruin my town once a gaint one is built, replacing the car park - Harri666

19 Remke
20 Remke
21 Carrefour

That place sucks. They always says something has a new price on television but it keeps the same damn price. Or even expensive

22 Donelans
23 Giant
24 Shoprite

Does not belong on this list. - Curtis_Huber

25 Hannaford Brothers Company

Should not be here they have EVERYTHING I need. - Curtis_Huber

26 Pathmark
27 Shaws
28 SuperStore
29 Whole Foods Market
30 Randalls

Named after a Monsters Inc. Character, needs a better idea for a name. - TeamRocket747

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31 Grocery Outlet
32 Shop n Save
33 Pavilions
34 Giant Eagle
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