Worst Health Insurance Companies

This is a list of the worst health insurance companies. These companies don't care about you or your health, as long as they have your money. They might be unreliable, or maybe needlessly expensive. But all in all, they are companies you wouldn't recommend to your friends.

The Top Ten

1 UnitedHealthCare
2 Humana

In my experience they make it hard for your doctor to give you the best care. They don’t care how much pain you are in. They will take forever to approve procedures or medications. I felt like they sided with the disease.

3 Aetna
4 Assurant Health
5 BlueCross BlueShield
6 WellCare
7 Kaiser Permanente

The worst customer service. They are stupid and uniformed. The customer service representatives don't know what they're talking about and constantly give you the wrong information. You never speak with a customer service representative in the United States. You actually have to ask to speak with someone who works in the United States. Most of the time when you call the customer service representatives are in the Philippines, Jamaica, and who knows where else.

9 SelectHealth
10 Celtic Healthcare
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