Top Ten Worst Ideas for a New SpongeBob SquarePants Episode

Please, do not make these! And also throw out your worst ideas here!

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1 Spongebob's Death
2 SpongeBob x Sandy

I created the list "Top Ten SpongeBob Season 10 episodes that should be created" BUT I DID NOT ADD THESE STUPID ITEMS TO THE LIST! - TopTenJackson

One word why. This belongs to deviant art and YouTube

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3 SpongeBob Becomes Addicted to Meth

My gosh. just put SpongeBob in breaking bad, would ya

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4 SpongeBob Kills Squidward

What the heck. So not only would this make Nick implode and probably be torn down, but why? Honestly, writing a reason why SpongeBob would kill squidward is about as hard to comprehend as why the person who thought of this was born.

I would like it the other way round but replace SpongeBob with Mr. Krabs. - DapperPickle

It's just too far fetched and not appropriate for children. Nick, however bad it is at te moment, would never consider doing this

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5 Lost Friendship
6 Plankton is Killed By Mr. Krabs

How is SpongeBob x Sandy worse than this? - Garythesnail

It feels a lot like One Coarse Meal, which is the worst episode ever.

It should be the other way around so they can end the show with SpongeBob inheriting the Krusty Crab

NO NO. That would be so sad! I would hate them.

7 Patrick x Pearl V 1 Comment
8 Puffy Fluffy's Revenge
9 Squidward's Suicide

Yes I do not want to see this because there will be no more sponge bob - SOUTHPARKFANHH

This feels like "Are You Happy Now? " a really depressing episode.

Yeah, I don't think little kids should be seeing an episode based off of a creepypasta. Let's also not forget that the way that the creepypasta explains the grotesque manner of how the episode goes, this wouldn't get greenlit. Then again, they did greenlight One Course Meal, an episode that shows a character attempting suicide pretty clearly, so I wonder if they would consider this.

10 The Sea Pony

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11 Water Pollution
12 Spongebob and Sandy Have a Baby V 1 Comment
13 Return to Atlantis
14 SpongeBob Meets the Ku Klux Klan

I think that would be awesome. SpongeBob would kick their asses.

15 The Last Drive
16 No More Krabby Patties V 1 Comment
17 Sanjay and Craig In Town

Not Those Two Idiots In SpongeBob! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Sponge Bob/Sanjay and Craig cross over.


18 SpongeBob Licks a Pole In the Winter

This could be funny if done right.

This has been done way before Total Drama Island. Ever seen "A Christmas Story"? The old writers might have been able to pull it off, but Zeus Cervas and his pals... Nope. - Discord

The strings of my heart are a tangled mess... - Turkeyasylum

Right... Was this added to reference total drama? - DapperPickle

19 Torture Time for Patrick
20 SpongeBob and Katniss

Katniss from the hunger games and SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants! - PatrickStar

I hope Katniss kills SpongeBob and wins the Hunger Games. - Discord

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1. Spongebob's Death
2. Lost Friendship
3. Puffy Fluffy's Revenge
1. SpongeBob Kills Squidward
2. SpongeBob x Sandy
3. Patrick x Pearl
1. SpongeBob Becomes Addicted to Meth
2. SpongeBob Meets the Ku Klux Klan
3. Spongebob and Sandy Have a Baby



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