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41 People who say stuff without any proof

Random Visitor: every sanik gam sucks! Tey sodl horibyl! (Translation: Every Sonic game sucks! They sold horribly! )
Me: No, they actually sold very well. What website told you that?
Them: u juts jely because I'm so smatr! (Your just jealous because I'm so smart! )
Me: Proof they sold horribly?
Them: : never responds and is never seen again :
And that proves people usually don't use proof. I'm out.

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43 Beybladers
44 People who hate people for liking western animation

I like both cartoons and anime. But just because I prefer anime over cartoons doesn't mean I hate people who prefer western animation. It's like saying just because I prefer Coffee over Coke, therefore I hate people who prefer Coke over Coffee. - Kiteretsunu

Just because some people prefer Anime over Cartoons like myself doesn't necessarily mean they hate people for liking Western Animation. - egnomac

That's ironic for you since mrcoolface prefers western animation made a list of what HE didn't like about anime and what HE thought was bad about it and then lots of anime fans including you come over and hate on him. This one person literally said that they hate him. Just because he likes western animation better. How tragic

No one was pointing fingers at you kite or egnomac, but there are people who are like that on here. there are people who say that cartoons only have fart jokes and only idiots like cartoons and its annoying. - YakkoWakkoDot

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45 Nostalgiatards

Everywhere I go online I see people complaining about how something's bad because it wasn't made in the 90's. It's always 90's this and 90's that! Who cares about the decade man. The decade doesn't really matter. No decade is perfect you know.

I know, right? Soon when you're sixty you will be remembering the 2010's as a high point of your life!

46 People who Hate Modern Spongebob Criticizers

Because they won't shut up about how stupid the new SpongeBob is :l

47 Rat Kids
48 Pewdiepie haters

They hate him just because he is so popular, they hate the fans and these people are basically like the first type of people on this list that judge other people on what they like.

We don't hate him because he is popular. He is SO annoying.

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49 People who say that rock/metal is the devil's music

Put this higher, please! Since when are metal and rock the devil's music? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Really? I thought the devil was Justin Beiber

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50 People who complain about an item on a list
51 People who look past facts and just choose because they're familiar with it.
52 That one guy who adds a joke to a serious list.

Top Ten Worst People: Justin beiber

There could be a serious explanation to that joke.

53 That one guy who makes a top ten list and puts what he hates on bottom and his favorite on top.
54 tht 1 guy wit no gramr V 1 Comment
55 That one guy with bad reasoning.

Some guy: Mario sucks
Me: why?
Them: uh he's dumb
Me: ok how is he dumb?
Them: um
Them: :is never seen again:

56 The guy who adds irrelevant answers to a list.
57 People who keep voting their favorite answer up over and over with anonymous mode.
58 People who vote up number 1 and have no real opinions of their own.
59 The hipster who adds options nobody's heard of.

Invalid - it's not being a hipster, usually it's just expressing our interest in something that hasn't (yet) surfaced on TheTopTens or in mainstream media. We really should be more open to lesser known movies, video games, music etc. showing up on the site for the first time - who knows, other people on here might be interested. Web surfers who like it could find it on the site and join us, therefore adding more diverse content in this way could help us to slowly but surely build up our community into a stronger and more stable one than ever before. - Entranced98

60 Metallica fans

Oh, I guess I'm one of the worst users on this site because I love Metallica. What's wrong with liking this awesome band? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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