Top Ten Worst Kinds of TheTopTens Visitors


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1 The ones who troll

Visitors try to make lists about how Justin Bieber is better than (Insert a very good band). Seriously? We are trying to make TheTopTens a good website. Not a troll infested website! - Catacorn

They can easily get away with trolling. They can't get banned or reported, as they are anonymous, & go unpunished. It's unfortunate. - Luxam

Obviously, because they have no consequences if they troll - Martinglez

Like the one who hates lion king, the one adds Blackstar by David Bowie to every negative list, and a few others.

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2 The ones who are fans of Frozen

The Only Frozen Fan I Find Annoying (Yet Hilarious) Is Frozen Caps Girl - JPK

Oh no it's Frozen CAPS girl. Oh the horror. The horror. - SteelCity99

See Frozen Caps Girl - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Hey frozen fans,two words,CAPS DOWN - Nateawesomeness

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3 The ones who hate everything
4 The ones who praise Breadwinners

What the hell are Breadwinners? It sounds like someone who wins bread - kaitlynrad11

It's a very TERRIBLE Nickelodeon show about 2 stupid ducks who deliver bread and they only rely on toilet humor to support the show. - Catacorn

Breadwinners is the worst show ever! - Nateawesomeness

I'm not saying it's a sin to like breadwinners,it's just that breadwinners fans are obnoxious too - Nateawesomeness

5 The ones who make bad lists

How do visitors make bad lists when they aren't allowed to make lists unless they have an account? - Rue

6 The ones who harass users
7 The ones who threaten to kill animals
8 The ones who send death threats
9 The ones who ruin jokes
10 The ones who try to impersonate users

StrikingStreak tried to do that - christangrant

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11 The ones who can't respect opinions

Exactly why people hate visitors now:

Wendy Fan, enough said to be honest. - DCfnaf

The worst. - Luxam

12 The ones who show off
13 The ones that add bad items on purpose
14 The ones who cannot type a proper sentence or spell a word correctly.
15 The ones who hate David Bowie
16 The ones who make bad comparisons
17 The ones who defend Justin Bieber by saying "Ur a hater" V 1 Comment
18 The ones who hate Captain America: Civil War

Come back to give thumb up to their own comments.

19 The ones who hate The Lion King

You mean me? That rotten Lion King deserves to be hated and destroyed. It is a bad franchise. I hate it as much as I hate the worst bad people in the world.

OH GOD, The Lion King Hater, Very Annoying - JPK

Oh you mean that one visitor - PeeledBanana

20 The DC Fanatic
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1. The ones who harass users
2. The ones who send death threats
3. The ones who try to impersonate users
1. The ones who troll
2. The ones who are fans of Frozen
3. The ones who praise Breadwinners



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