Top 10 Worst Mario Games

Mario has been in great video games, but there are some that failed.

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81 Super Mario Bros. Special

It's definitely a game many people might not have heard of, but man, if they are searching for bad Mario game material to talk about, they should look no further and dump this atrocity of a game at number 1. The music and colours are cringeworthy, the physics are terrible and nauseating, it's not even a true side-scrolling platformer (feel free to see for yourself). But I guess I shouldn't blame it, since this game and the original NES games weren't even built on the same platforms.

This game has terrible graphics, it makes the NES version look like a 2015 game. - noo7na7

Hey, classic games on Nintendo systems have great graphics, as goes with graphics we have today. But games that have terrible graphics are LJN disgraces.

Hey, the NES duology could give itself sharp graphics, especially if it's not made by LJN or at least LGN-esque. The Super Mario Bros. trilogy is no exception at all. - The Ultimate Daredevil

82 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

I actually liked this game until I beat it. Then I just got bored. - cabennett18

Kill me already. This game is Paper Mario sticker star but more cringe - TeamRocket747

I like this game. - GengarGuy

Amazing game

83 Mario Power Tennis

Peach was the least capable of sports in this game & never bothered to win. & besides, this game could've taken place in Canada.

What can I say. ! This game sucks!

Dude, why is this game on here? Shy Guy rocked in the tournament. Fly Guy had the best trick in the game.

This game needs to trade places with Mario's Tennis on the Virtual Boy.

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84 Mario Kart Wii

Yes. I know. We're just putting the best games on this list, so this fits perfectly.

This game is so overrated!

I was forced to play this game! WHY?!

Why the heck? Princess Peach purposely comes in last place!

Why put this on here? An awesome game besides first video game I ever bought and played!

This Game Is Lower On Here Than On The Worst Video Games List,

Worst Video Games List - Rank: 57
This List - Rank: 123

Lol - VideoGamefan5

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85 Mario Party 2

Does nothing better than any Mario party game still fun but I haven't played games like hotel Mario - theeggblade

Princess Daisy should've replaced Princess Peach.

You know what. I'm just going to write "Daisy fan is right here" every time I find comments like this. - DCfnaf

So overrated! Copy and paste of Mario Party except slightly better. - darthvadern

86 Mario Hoops 3 on 3

This game has horrible controls when you don't have a D.s pen

87 Super Mario Advance

I just love this game so much that I play it on my DS Lite. It even plays classic arcade Mario Bros. (You can play it on the go)!

I love this game so much that I play it on my DS Lite (It has GBA backwards compatibility)! It even plays classic arcade Mario Bros. (You can play it on the go)! Amazing
Here's my top 5 favorite Mario games:
5-Mario Party DS
4-New Super Mario Bros.
3-Mariokart 8
2-Super Mario Maker
1-Super Mario Advance

88 Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

Almost nothing added compared to the original, but the original was great. - noo7na7

89 Mario Party 6

Every mode of Mario Party 6 I suck at... and this is the first Mario Party where Princess Peach has this high, squeaky voice which is very inappropriate for a teen blond girl of tall height and a healthy body shape simultaneously as Princess Daisy has this miscast voice from Deanna Mustard... SHE SHOULD HAVE AN AustraliaN ACCENT! And guess what?! There's almost nothing decent about this game! It is the worst Mario game ever! Congratulations, Nintendo and Hudson Soft. You just wrecked Mario Party 6.

Top 5 worst Mario games

Top 1: Super Princess Peach.

Top 2: Yakuman DS.

Top 3: Mario's Early Years (all games).

Top 4: Super Mario AR Cards.

Top 5: Mario Party 6.

This game give me the creeps!


90 Mario Golf: Advance Tour

I can see the reasons why I originally hated modern Mario games like this, but like Mario Tennis: Power Tour, Mario Golf: Advance Tour is quite superior to its GameCube counterpart, mainly because it actually has a story and these forgotten human characters from Azalea to Ella. They are all very underrated. Yes, they are not a past Mario RPG villain (please take all the Mario RPGs that are older than Paper Mario: Sticker Star/especially Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga off the list). But they serve purposes and are adorably stylized, unlike the humans from the Sonic games. I hate Princess Elise III with a burning passion. Thank God Princess Peach can actually take defense.

91 Mario Tennis: Power Tour

This is the best Mario Tennis game! Adventure mode is like Pokemon!

It honestly is quite a good game!
the special shots are kind of awesome, and even though I put in on my wii u by accident, I'm actually kind of glad that I played it

92 Super Mario All-Stars

What I loved this game have it on the wii it has 4 games: super Mario bros, the lost levels, super Mario bros 2 and 3. - Hater

The only bad thing about this game is if Princes sPeach makes a very big fuss if we take longer to rescue her. Chillax, Princess Peach, you brat. We are doing our best.

Take this off. Call of Duty FANBOY FOUND.

Don't get me started on the sucky Wii version.

93 Tetris Attack
94 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

But this game is so confusing, its graphics suck & we don't know how big Peach's boobs were when she was seen naked. Also, nobody makes much sense in this game.

This game gets 1728 stars out of 10000 stars.

Princess Peach has Rapunzel Syndrome & is perverted.

But this game is too pointless, confusing, not making sense, ridiculous, hard, bull, bad-textured, with bad graphics & old!

Also, why the hell is Princess Peach in this game instead of Princess Daisy?! In fact, Chuggaconroy didn't like the ending of this crappy video game with such a terrible storyline whereas he called the ending of the game "a sad ending". I kinda agree, since Princess Peach actually treats people like a slave in every appearance.

This game is very awkward! Re: bad storyline, over 20 hours long, Peach gets kidnapped, Daisy doesn't replace Peach, bad music tracks, can make us sick, the title is ridiculous, it's on the wrong gaming console, it has the wrong graphics, etc...

Daisy fan girl. You hate all of these games because of Peach. You are not a true fan of Mario. - DCfnaf

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Rated
Good 55/100
Bad 32/100
Mediocre 68/100
Best 55/100
Worst 25/100
Awful 43/100
Boring 38/100
10 stars 50/100
1 Stars 31/100
6 stars 69/100
7 stars 55/100
2 stars 10/100
3 stars 35/100
4 stars 45/100
Okay 52/100
8 stars 55/100
Very Good 55/100
Very Bad 0/100
Disappointed 47/100
All Paper Mario Games More

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95 Super Mario Galaxy 2

This game is average in my opinion. Y'see, the game is awesome! It' a lot better than its predecessor. But to ruin the game, Princess Peach I n this game instead of Princess Daisy. And guess what?! She purposely gets kidnapped by Bowser! And she sucked at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, which Peach & Bowser possibly spoken to each other about during Peach's kidnapping. At least The Chimp, Lubba & Whittles are awesome! But this game I overall which I give a mixed response in general.

To the guy below saying the game is bad because Peach is in it, Daisy is just a clone of Peach, she will never have her own game, she will never be the one you save because she is worthless. Nobody likes her. Also, you don't just judge a game by who's in it unless you are a 13 year old boy.

She's only a clone in the first game she was in, but she is not anymore. - Drawbox

Copy/Paste sequel. Just an expansion pack.

Way too overrated, this is a copy and paste sequel and it's only liked because Yoshi is in. - DaisyandRosalina

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96 Super Paper Mario

Not all of you will agree with this, but I LOVE this game. Yes it isn't and RPG like the last two, but it's still fun. And the music, probably the best Paper Mario soundtrack ever. Oh, and you can flip to 3-D.

For me & my partners, this is the best Paper Mario game ever!

The original Paper Mario gets 5625 stars out of 10000 (9/16 stars).

The Thousand Year Door gets 1728 stars out of 10000.

Super Paper Mario gets 7812 stars out of 10000.

Sticker Star aka Super Seal gets 4860 stars out of 10000.

This game is AMAZING! Tippy is an intriguing character, slim's counting is hilarious, Mimi's theme is awesome, and the story is so cool! The addition of Tiptron made me tear up, and even though it's not a normal RPG, it has a streak of unique in it and peach isn't whiny! Take this game off the list!

This is the best Mario RPG ever! Oh, yeah. I finished this game a lot of times, & it did not affect me much like The Thousand Year Door, which stinks!

Good - VideoGamefan5

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97 Super Mario Bros. 3

Why is this on here? It's the Number 1 Best Mario Game! Super Mario 64 is Number 2. Take this off this list! And also take Super Mario 3D Land off here too!

Although I think this game is a bit overrated, it is in no way of deserving to be in the worst Mario games.

TAKE YOUR FROG SUIT! I hear from an SMB3 cartoon. Imagine if she said that in her Nintendo design!

You the funny man, Videogamefan5! Super Mario Bros. 3 for the win! But the Finding Nemo duology is really great as well. Talk about the opposite of running out of ideas. :D

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98 Super Mario Sunshine

I genuinely like Super Mario Sunshine two times more than I used to during my early days on the TopTenLists/before I was The Ultimate Daredevil. The only Super Mario games I like less than Super Mario Sunshine other than both versions of Super Mario Bros. 2 (that are on par with Super Mario Sunshine) is New Super Mario Bros. 2, which is the only game that deserves to be on this list if this site's list does not deserve to be "Ranking *insert anything here* from *insert adjective here* to *insert other way around here*. I laud Super Mario Sunshine for its imaginative presentation, gameplay with a lot to offer and most of its characters (excluding Princess Peach for the fact that unlike in other Super Mario games that need more love than this like the Super Mario Galaxy trilogy and Super Mario games released in the late 20th Century, and yes, I feel forced to bring her up again) despite the effortless acting. I give Super Mario Sunshine a 7/10.

I want a sequel or a HD version on the wii u! I never owned a GameCube myself - Harri666

I would give this game a 8.5/10 It was my childhood

Remember Kids... Clean is better than dirty and dirty is meaner than clean - YoshiApple

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99 Super Mario 64

This is the best game ever... take it off the list NOW

This game is the very best game in the universe and the only Mario game that does not deserve to be on this list besides Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Thank God that game was not on the list.

Why is this here this is my favorite Mario game to date if you think it sucks you must be on drugs or talking about the crappy ds port! - Artattack

Peach got screwed up - wenkernboys01

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100 Mario & Wario

WHY DOES THIS GAME HAVE TO BE SO HARD?! Anyways, at least the visuals and music are decent, though. And Princess Daisy could've replaced Princess Peach! WHY NEED A HIATUS, Nintendo?!

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