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61 Toad's Factory Wii

What the heck? Toad's Factory is awesome. It's my 20th favourite Mario Kart track ever. So underrated.

That track sucks because its hard for a mushroom cup

62 Mario Circuit 2 SNES V 1 Comment
63 Koopa Cape WII V 2 Comments
64 Wario's Gold Mine Wii U

The Wii was good, but this was terrible.

This is a Wii track not Wii u people

65 Dolphin Shoals Wii U

My least favourite track of all time

V 1 Comment
66 Mario Kart Stadium Wii U

Are you kidding me? Mario Kart Stadium is actually really good for a starter track. Why is it on this list?

67 Mario Circuit Wii U
68 DK Pass DS

DK Pass has awesome music this track rules over Waluigi Pinball (#NO SARCASM)

Ugh. Its bad and is #14 on my book because of the bumps near the end and the obnoxious CPUs and their difficulties. - greenshyguy

69 Bowser's Castle 2 SNES
70 Grumble Volcano Wii
71 Ghost Valley 2 SNES
72 Moo Moo Farm N64
73 Mario Circuit GBA
74 Airship Fortress DS

It's hard (although persistence is important), it's really frustrating, Princess Peach is in this game, the music is crap, the graphics suck & it's from ' Mario Kart DS.

No. No. NO. This track is awesome. It is simply my favorite track of all time. Who put this here?

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75 Wario Stadium N64
76 Wario's Stadium DS

Yes we are putting wario's tracks into this list and let's see if you like it? - cartoonnami

That comment is just plain stupid. No one cares if you put Wario courses on here - Berger

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77 Sherbet Land GCN
78 Dry Dry Desert

This course lacks a lot of creativity, just like most other desert courses.

79 Luigi's Mansion
80 Donut Plains 3 SNES
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