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1 Super Circuit

Terrible, terrible controls. Goes way too fast on some levels, hard to turn, and there are lots of turns in the levels, along with things that knock you off course. Also, it is a very boring game, in addition to having annoying and poor controls. Mario Kart DS is WAY BETTER.

This is a terrible mariokart. The controls are awful and what the heck happened to the obstacles, like the thwomps in the retro snes rainbow road. Their rainbow road is awful too. They have the most boring track names like snow land.

What all of the Mario kart games are fun to play at least out of the ones I played this isn't a worst list this is just a best list backwards! - HeavyDonkeyKong

All right. This game is crap! Seriously! The turning mechanics are horrible and its hard to know where you are supposed to go at times. The controls are horrendous as well. They should've waited until the N64 (Mario Kart 64 was actually GOOD). With the limitations of the SNES, they couldn't do much. Everything seems off and it isn't fun or chaotic like Mario Kart should be.

2 Super Mario Kart

Why is Mario Kart 8 considered the worst? What, and people think that this is LIGHT YEARS better? Mario Kart 8 had a great track selection, good controls, and great graphics. Why does this game get a pass? It controls like trash, has generic-at-best tracks, and is hilariously unbalanced. If you consider MK8 to be the worst, please, just tell me why you find this game to be better. - greenshyguy

This game gave me lots of stress on 100cc it still good but it quite hard 150cc is really hard - trains45

Well obviously this sucked it was the first one. - trender2004

How the Hell is this not first.

3 Mario Kart 7

They did not have enough time for Waluigi and Dry Bones, but for inferior characters like Metal Mario, and Wiggler, they had a lot of time. I don't mind Honey Queen and Lakitu being in the game. Honey Queen was only added to insert an extra heavyweight female character, but the roster deserves an 8/10 because Waluigi Pinball was a retro track, but with no Waluigi.

This one sucked. Worse Mario kart ever.

The motion controls suck. Also, the items are just too tacked on. It's home of one of the worst items in history, the Tanooki Leaf. On a typical Grand Prix gameplay, usually, I always get screwed up whenever I receive a Tanooki Leaf. I hate that item so much! Thank goodness it's gone in Mario Kart 8. The roster looks fine, Honey Queen is pretty awesome, but why do you have to unlock Wario, a starter character? First person mode stinks. NO VS MODE? Why? That's because Neo Bowser City stole that gameplay mode. No kart color customization or horn emblem sucks. Best tracks ever is the only redeeming aspect.

Daisy & Rosalina are good, not Peach.

4 Mario Kart 8

The roster is terrible. You know you have a bad roster when half of it is composed of counterparts in metals, koopalings and babies. It ruins the atmosphere when your racing aganist variations of the same characters. Instead of racing individuals, you're racing the likes of princess baby #2, koopaling #6 and Ditto Peach.

Two item rule is pathetic. Items itself require zero mechanical skill. Crazy 8 is a joke. Online isn't even online as you disconnect too frequently.

The online in Mario Kart 8 is really bad, the worst of the entire series. You go into a lobby with some people, the game chooses THREE random courses that you can then vote on, and the course with the most votes wins. In any other Mario Kart game (except DS, as online was experimental), you can choose a course you want to play online from a list of ALL the courses in the game. After everyone chooses a course, it picks randomly from the suggestions. This is a HUGE step down from other games in the series, as you have to get lucky to play on the course you want.

Another problem I have with this game is the items. You can only hold one item at a time, where in most games you can hold two items at a time. Items are also based on distance from players, rather than position. This means someone in second place can be given three red shells, while someone in 10th place could be given a useless coin item.

The last major issue I have with this game is the battle mode. Instead of ...more

This is so lame! Plus, Crazy 8, Super Horn, and Coin suck!

5 Mario Kart Wii

This game is borderline unplayable due to the fact that this game has the WORST rubberbanding out of any other Mario Kart game. It also introduced the WORST Mario Kart item in the series: the Thunder Cloud. The only redeeming qualities are Funky Kong, the POW Block, the Mega Mushroom, the music, and the tracks.

The motion controls suck. Also, the items are just too overpowered. It's home of one of the worst items in history, the POW Block. On the third lap, usually, I get blue shelled and then get hit by the POW Block. It only redeeming factor however, are the tracks and the character roster. - LL

To avoid the Pow block, jerk the Wii remote up right before it hits (if you are playing with Wii wheel controls). What I mean is that you know how there are three BOOMs when the Pow block is used? Jerk the Wii remote up right before the third one.

Nobody likes Funky Kong because his voice is all jacked up, yet Funky was incredibly overused through online gameplay in the Flame Runner through no credit of his own due to dumb balancing and his ridiculously high speed stat bonus.

This is ironic considering he was the most popular character - DaisyandRosalina

6 Arcade GP DX

I never even heard of this but it's bad.

The announcer is really loud and annoying… plus the power-ups and (most) characters have nothing to do with the Mario series or Nintendo. Could have called it Bandai Namco Kart instead.

7 Arcade GP 2

The announcer is distracting - Liam31idents

In the indoor part of a theme park I live near, it had one of these arcade machines. I played it and the handling is terrible - Harri666

This is an arcade that doesn't even fell like a Mario kart game at all. - wers

8 Arcade GP

This is an arcade that sucks.

No rainbow road, lack of relevance to the series desrves number 1

I can't get 1st for some reason!

9 Mario Kart 64

It's better than Sonic R... And that's the only quality it got.

Mario Kart 64 is easily the worst Mario Kart game. It was released too soon. While the tracks are good, the characters appearance are horribly ugly, as they're using fake 3D render (AKA they're sprites), the game can be glitchy, the controls are awkward due to the characters appearance, only one unlockable, but the worst of that is the AI that cheat.

Not only it's the worst Mario Kart ever but also, this is the most overrated game too. For this generation, Crash Team Racing did a much better job. Even in Nintendo 64, there is a much better game AKA Diddy Kong Racing.

Horrible. It has no feeling of speed nor is frantic. In fact, it is the most boring of the saga.

This game is awful. Everyone says it's amazing but really it's crap.
Let me explain

The controls are crap due to the N64 controller being meant for giant hands.
The Rubber band A.I. is unfair like really
The tracks are awful all of them range from horrible to mediocre due to it being unfair cause the rubber band A.I.

And finally the controls...wait I mentioned that what I meant to say were..the controls...OKAY THE CONTROLS ARE THE WORST THING ABOUT THIS GAME! LIKE REALLY HOW DO I HOLD THIS?

Before you dislike this comment cause obvious reasons please note, you probably like this game cause of the nostalgia...no, you don't like this game cause it's fun, no you like it cause of the nostalgia...thank you now hit the dislike button you weird person who probably haven't played this game from the year it came out. - tacoperson

What are you saying?! This is the best Mario Kart game ever!

10 Mario Kart Tour

Controls are so hard and grass is useless.

Fun, but the mechanics and A.I. are broken - DKartWoomy

I played the beta. It sucks. They even used the garbage roster from deluxe.

All seven of those dumbass koopalings AND NO BIRDO!

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11 Mario Kart DS

Most overrated ds game. - DatIrishman

I don't know which I like best the ds or gamecube Mario kart. Ds has nice characters it's the first one to have retro tracks that I love and it have very good retro tracks. The new tracks are not so good but it have my favoritte track yoshi circuit. The gamecube has two people in one kart and that's so cool and it was on my favorite console how I will fight to the death for but both of this games are good.

This should be #1. Seriously, no Koopa Troopa! Koopa was one of my favorites, but was replaced by R.O.B., an obscure robot! :(

This game was my childhood along with Mario party ds and it's sad to see people hating it for no particular reason

12 Double Dash

The controls are bad it feels like driving a tank on ice, every time I do a race I always have to run into a stupid banana that is like right in the middle of the track and can see a mile away simply because I can't steer properly, green shells are always coming out of nowhere or bouncing back and always hitting me, drifting was annoying with having to flick the analog stick in the opposite direction to where it sometimes doesn't even register and you get no turbo, listening to the person on the back of the kart screaming his/her head off when you get hit by something that makes you lose your item makes you wanna bash your head in and that Bowser Shell can go make friends with a giant sledge hammer.

It not bad. it the best one EVER!

Are you only saying "one of the best games ever" because of Princess Peach? Also, this game ruined the (still underrated) Princess Daisy. I mean, this game sucks.

What makes this game so good?!

I don't want to get this game. I strongly prefer the N64 version of this game.

13 Mario Kart for Virtual Boy

Never realeased AND should be number 1

Okay, let’s get this straight, this was not even RELEASED! IT did make an appearance on a magazine.

14 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

If there is a worst games in a series list with only about 15 games in the series, then all of then are going to be on the list. That doesn't mean they're bad because they are on the list.

Mario Kart 8 deluxe is not a bad game the list is so wrong

You little turd! - DatBoiSquirtle

What is this doing here Iits amazing - Minecraftisawesone

15 Arcade GP 3
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