Worst Mario Kart Wii Tracks

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1 SNES Mario Circuit 3

This should NOT be on the Lightning Cup, along with Peach Gardens, they are far too easy and boring. Well at least Peach Gardens actually has some colour and vibrancy, Mario Circuit 3 however DOES NOT! And can I just say, did we really need 3 Retro Mario Circuits in this game?!... - purpleracer

Every time I race here I get destroyed by the AI and end up finishing 5th or worse. Nothing special about it and I always end up grumpy lol

THIS RACE IS AWESOME! I use it to practice my manual racing!

This track is WAY too easy to be on the Lightning cup, It should be on the Shell cup.

2 Sherbet Land

I have always hated this track way more annoying than rainbow road or anything else. It's so stupid. And by the way, who says Coconut Mall is the worst track. Coconut Mall is so awesome.

It was either this or Moonview Highway and I chose Sherbert Land because it's so plain and boring. However, Sherbet Land from Mario Kart Double Dash was pretty good.

So boring where penguins walk and Shy Guy got kicked out. Shy Guy is my favorite character!

The music is sweet but the track sucks, however when you die it is creative how you drop out of an ice ball - YOSHIA2121

3 Luigi Circuit

This track is awful, so is Mario Circuit, and Moo Moo Meadows is not fun either! I'm not a fan of Coconut Mall, but it's better than the other three. When it comes to Retro Tracks, Yoshi Falls, Mario Raceway, and Shy Guy Beach are the worst, and I'm not fond of Peach Gardens, Desert Hills, or MC3.

Too simple, plain, and boring. Easily the worst Mario Kart Wii track

Just why did they make it. It's a disgrace to the game.

The lamest track ever!

4 GBA Shy Guy Beach

How does this course a retro if shy guy wasn't a playable character in Mario kart wii? Dry Bowser was anger and boredom and he replaced shy guy.

It looks easy but it makes for some reason a race against CPU's really hard. Even on easy! - AtomicLugia

This course makes drifting - into crabs - easy.

Those damn crabs - YOSHIA2121

5 Maple Treeway

Why is this not in last!

The only bad thing about Maple Treeway is that its slightly overrated.

The only good thing about Maple Treeway is when I go on the secret path and end up getting a bullet, a star or 3 mushrooms when I'm in 4th or above

The best track in Mario Kart Wii.

6 Peach Beach

I quite enjoy this track; I think that it's a good way to start the retro cups, I mean and least it isn't just a plain circuit like Luigi Circuit! This track has a lot of colour and I just find it fun. I don't see why everyone hates this track, and they hate Peach for owning it. - purpleracer

The ducks don't appears in Mario kart double dash on time trials, only on the wii

Come on guys, this track is great, don't complain

It sucks because peach owns it

7 Yoshi Falls

WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS STAGE?! Yoshi is my favourite character but this stage sucks! It's just so boring and unless you don't have any brain cells how is it possible to fall off the stage? JUST STAY ON THE BOARDWALK! The only good thing about the stage is there are a lot of boosters so you won't feel the stages boring atmosphere for that long. Sorry, yoshi I like you but your track is crap

It's not nice, its strange. You can't get any sparks from the mini turbos and no expert shortcuts. It's all anger and maximum trouble. Two factors a course should not have. YOSHI JACKASS FALLS!

I feel like I've played this track and it is boring and definitely the worst track ever. This is top ten worthy. First time I played it on the DS and the Wii, I felt that do they really need this track? They could've put in luigi's mansion instead for the shell cup but that was my first thought.

In MKWii tournaments they add bouncy mushrooms here! Made it a bit better but not too much. - Tyler730

8 Rainbow Road

Na you guys are just bad

What I would do is that when I am about to turn I repeatedly press 2 over and over again until I made I full turn, it made my life easier on Rainbow Road. Other than that... You guys suck. Wimps.

You fall off many, MANY times.

HOW IS THIS NOT #1? It is impossible to play that track without falling off at least once - CommentandList

9 Mario Circuit

This is a really vibrant track for a simple series staple, much better than other previous Mario Circuit tracks! - purpleracer

Useless tracks that's all I need to say


10 Coconut Mall Wii

This track does NOT deserve to be above Moonview Highway or whatever it is called in terms of how being bad. It's my favorite track. - K1l

Who put this on the list

Why hate this track? It's the ultimate track of Mario kart wii. Escalators and everything. I was thinking that Nintendo would make a track where you drive in a hotel

Disagree it's a great track and shall be forever loved

The Contenders

11 GCN Mario Circuit

FANTASTIC! Easy and challenging, exciting and fun. Big shortcuts enemies and amazing track layout I'd say #4 on the good list.

It have the best music!

My favourite circuit. It has everything. A great ending to a cup.

12 Wario's Gold Mine

This would make a good replacement for dry dry ruins/dry dry desert, in the special cup (i can't remember which track name it was ). Even dry dry ruins/desert would be better here. I would actually mod my disc to make the two change places. Wario's gold mine is beyond underrated.

Wow seriously? This needs to be way higher!

Flower cup? More like special cup. It's a remake of rainbow road. Who's idea was this?

The 2nd worst track in Mario Kart history.

13 Mario Raceway

This is a great track

14 Dry Dry Desert

Remember, it's DRY DRY RUINS. So, a vote for this doesn't count as a vote for Dry Dry Ruins.

This is not in MK Wii

This Track is so boring! There aren't really any speciql efewcts iluhrowfroph

What!? Dry Dry Desert is number 15 and you're putting legendary tracks like Koopa Cape, DK's Jungle Parkway and Bowser's Castle on here? This list sucks!
Dry Dry Desert is painful, the turns are annoying, the music makes the track seem like an eternity, the Sarlac Pit is a beginners trap and I hate the stupid Pokkis that bend over! I hate this track so much!

15 SNES Ghost Valley 2

Horrible course! Worst retro track in the game.

This race stinks! When you hit the edge it falls off and you fall off too!

Rubbish. Too hard for shell cup. I hate it. Too bad for words

16 GBA Bowser Castle 3

Too difficult. How are you meant to attempt tricks? Should swap with n64 bowser castle

17 Mushroom Gorge

This track is awesome

This track is nearly impossible to not fall at all. It's just like Mario kart Wii's rainbow road!

This track is easy

18 Bowser's Castle

This course is nothing but dark green heck! This course should be #2.

We've seen too many Bowser's Castles. How about a new track for someone like Honey Queen? Maybe Rosalina? Maybe Shy Guy? Maybe Lakitu? Maybe even Dry Bones? This course is bland and crap and I can't stand getting hit by Dark Bowser's flames, the Thwomps, or the lava spouts.

19 DK Mountain
20 Daisy's Circuit

Great track, but it probably would have been better if Toad's Factory and this swapped places. And mainly because their placement seems the other way around with Toad's Factory being Star Cup difficulty and Daisy Circuit being Mushroom Cup difficulty. The best Circuit in my opinion. - Qryzx

This is a punishment. I can't get past it without banging into walls, or using shrooms. And then there's the cones. Stupid course.

This track is the best circuit theme track in game for my opinion, ok there are more cool tracks but this one is ok

21 Toad's Factory

Why is this at #7 on both the good and bad lists? Read my review on the good list (the one with fire alarms). I LOVE IT!

It's a hard track that should be on the star cup, but is on the mushroom cup, that is what it makes this track the worst nitro in the game

Great track great music

Mushroom? Should be Start. Why I hate this course.

22 N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

This is peace. One of the best. Too good for words

History lesson: the cpu is awful on this course. - greenshyguy

23 N64 Bowser's Castle
24 Grumble Volcano
25 Dry Dry Ruins
26 DS Desert hills

How is this garbage hard? Maybe a wimp would be intimidated because bowser castle is next, but if you focus on the race your on its easy.

27 Mushroom Peaks

This is a ctgp revolution track


28 Moonview Highway

As strange as it is, I like the fact that it is Toad's Turnpike on steroids. This is by far the best MarioKart Wii track of all time! (in my opinion.)

Apart from double dash's tracks, I generally despise traffic levels. I remember back in the N64 days, how much I loathed Toad's Turnpike, this is it all over again. Those stupid bomb cars and generally bland monotonous design. I'm still bewildered to think that people actually like this crappy course. I can't stand it! - maleo1324

I never liked racing here but for a good reason it's too much like the real world and Mario should never be like the real world and its just not fun

Moonview Highway is just rage, rank, scary, torpid, and horrible. Rosalina Galaxy must take its place.

29 Desert Hills

It just seems like, did they really need this track again? They could've instead put in Tick-Tock Clock.

They should have put in waluigi pinball instead

One of the worst tracks in DS and Wii

Sure nintendo, I'll eat this track. Right after YOU eat THIS: THIS NEVER SHOULD HAVE EXISTED IT IS THE WORST TRACK EVER IT REALLY SUCKS AHHH! 11111111 - greenshyguy

30 Peach Gardens
31 Moo Moo Meadows

Cows are so annoying. This course sucks

This track is sooo boing. They HAD to put this track in Mario Kart 8

They could've instead put in N64 Moo Moo Farm instead of putting it in DS. - Bbb37

32 Koopa Cape
33 GCN Waluigi Stadium
34 DK's Snowboard Cross
35 DS Delfino Square
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