Worst My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Shippings

This list about all hated MLP couples due to uncanon. Just Mare X Stallion Pairings. So no Mare X Mare or Stallion X Stallion couples. Also no Couples such as Dusk Shine X Twilight Sparkle (that would be dating yourself).

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1 Pokey Pierce X Pinkie Pie

Pokey Pierce does NOT go with Pinkie Pie. He is just a background pony that showed up at a party. Plus, Pokey pops balloons. And if you know Pinkie Pie, she would NOT like that at all! Cheese is a better match in my opinion.

They never talked to each other, he just popped a balloon at a party and I don't Pinkie would go out with someone who may destroy her balloons.

Yup. Never talked, was barely even a major part, just stupid. It isn't even one of those opposite attract, It's just a jerk with an overly silly pony. It will never work.

I ship them

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2 Rainbow Dash X Soarin

WHY is this even on here? Rainbow Dash and Soarin are the top rated couple. Well the last time I checked it was AM I WRONG OH NO BETTER CHECK AGAIN.

To the comment asking "Why is this even on here? ": I don't know where you got your info from. AppleDash has consistently been the top popular shipping since people started shipping characters in this show. You won't believe me, but that just proves your ignorance and/or lack of credible sources.

I like it because the both share the same interests dreams and personality. Not my number one, but still a good ship.

You know what is the most ridiculous?

Most people ship SoarinDash thanks for this episode, just because Rainbow Dash saved his life (knowing that she always saves lives to every pony in danger) and also because Soarin said to Rainbow "You're the best, Rainbow Dash", only for those kind of reason, most people ship them.

And (I think) few people noted in that same episode, the attention that she paid 'cause she was the only one that asked him if he was OK, and also how excited was Fluttershy when she noted he did not get seriously injured. ^^

And even so, most people ship SoarinDash...*Facepalm*

To me it is the most ridiculous. :P

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3 Rarity X Prince Blueblood

Blue blood treated Rarity like a peasant and expected her to treat him like a prince. I don't think Rarity would be giving Blueblood any second chances any time soon, and it doesn't really look like he would want one either,

Prince blueblood only thinks of himself and doesn't care about Rarity at all! - MLPFan

Blueblood treated Rarity like dirt the entire time at the Gala. Just...Why THIS?!

It's just rly bad guys

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4 Comet Tail X Twilight Sparkle

Ugh. Too overdone. Also, looks don't say everything. She could have been with a billion other ponies that loves astronomy.

This couple is just uncanon and not creative at all on my opinion. Just because Comet Tail's design is similar to Shining Armor's and Twilight is an Alicorn like Princess Cadence? - MLPFan

All they did was stand next to each other! There wasnt even dialogue

Its just so bland

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5 Rarity x Sweetie Belle

What?!? People ship this!?!? They're SISTERS!

Why their sister you creeps



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6 Doctor Whooves X Twilight Sparkle

Flutter cord is awesome! But back to the topic, yes I agree. Their couple is shown in light in slice of life in which the doctor helps Derpy, and Derpy says he looks handsome. Besides, twilight is into magic, while he likes science. And like they just don't have the looks for a good couple either. -Sophie

Agree completely. Ditzy and the doctor just have this cute couple charicteristic that twilight and the doctor don't. But that's my opinion. It is like my all time favorite ship, flutter cord. I hate the idea of fluttershy and Big Mac, or celestial and discord.

The WORST! He should be shipped with derpy

DoctorDerpy is a way better ship

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7 Discord x Celestia

Okay, let me tell you something.. FLUTTERCORD IS A BAD SHIP! Discord looks old doesn't he? I mean if I'm the only person thinking that, then you guys are weird! Fluttershy is such a Dear! Why would people ship her that kind of Maniacal, kind of Animal THING? People shipping her with Discord because he has animals mixed with him. SO WHAT IF.

No one ships this enough than it should be shipped

I do really love this ship and HATE FlutterCord. Discord only got jealous of Fluttershy because he never had a REAL friend before, and it made him think he didn't have a friend anymore. He would've done the same if his really close friend became Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, or Rarity. I just don't get FlutterCord at all and can't see why others like it so much.

This kind of makes sense but I must tell you all something.. (drumroll please)

Fluttershy and Discord were in a box together - msdot14

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8 Soarin X Spitfire

He should really be with Dash. She's saved him so many times now, and Spitfire kinda screwed him over in Rainbow Falls.

I ship rainbow dash and Soarin mostly, but I guess this ship would work better than some others on this list.

It is a reasonable couple, but to me spitfire seems too mature for soarin and Id rather see him with Rainbow Dash.

J-Just no

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9 Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy

Why do so many bronies think Dash is lesbian? She's just a tomboy! And Fluttershy? She is super girly! Why the heck is this does anyone ship these two?

There isn't any evidence that either of them are lesbian. Show me some evidence and then I'll take it a little more seriously.

I love this ship so much. It's too canon to even bee here.

I don't like this ship and Fluttershy is not Girly she is shy rarity is GIRLY

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10 Rarity X Fancy Pants

To me I do like and do not think fancy is so old, some people develop more hair and faster than others so maybe mustache left to look more sophisticated and refined, besides her voice seems someone with almost or more half a century old, I think it is rather close to the 30 years of age, 28 or so and Rarity has as 21-22. I do not understand why everyone says they are married, if they say Fleur, she does not appear on stage or 3 minutes total in the whole chapter. Besides that unlike others Canterlot ponies, Rarity not judged or his friends for being Ponyvilley, until defended and praised. Those two have a future.

DISGUSTING. Fancy Pants is too old has a mare friend/ probably even married for all I care. Rarity needs to find someone fresher.

This couple is really disgusting! It have a dead potentian, stupid and pathetic cliches, plus makes absolutely zero sense! Plus, the guy with the mustache is already married and too old for Rarity! Taking into account the status, it at least 50 (40 minimum)! Rarity maximum of 22! Rarity can find someone younger and more interesting than the old fart in the money! LOL!

Fancy pants is, like, 40 years old while Rarity is at least a teen. Plus, doesn't Fancypants already have a thing with Fleur Dis Lee?

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11 Flash Sentry X Twilight Sparkle

I'm indifferent. I don't like flash's character, but the show is hinting at their relationship. Maybe since the ship was not created by viewers, but is a real thing is why people dislike it.

I really hope there's no more development for this pairing. Glad that it's only a pairing in the sin-off movies and not in the show itself.

I don't like this shipping at all. Sorry if my comment is so negative. - MusicalPony

Nope nope nope nope

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12 Discord X Pinkie Pie

Again I can only see Fluttershy with discord. Not fluttershy with Big Mac, not discord with celestia or anyone else, not pinkie with discord, but I do enjoy cheese sand which and pinkie, much more realistic.

Most of the time, when they're seen together she is mad or upset with him and Flutters is the only one who gives him a chance

I mean, its cute and I don't have a problem with it, but I ship Discord with Fluttershy and Pinkie with Cheese

It would totally work but Discord would kill himself.

If you get what I mean. - msdot14

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13 Shining Armor x Twilight Sparkle

Why isn't this any higher? This "ship", if I can even call it that is disgusting.

Brother x sister ships are really bad

They are siblings you sickos! - lavashooter

Oh for crying out- NO INCEST! - Thifer20

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14 Rainbow Dash X Thunderlane

No, they haven't even spoken. This makes no sense.

HUH?! I don't know about this one. Isn't Rainbow with that Wonderbolt guy?

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15 Apple Bloom x Applejack

They are sisters! And applebloom is a child! So its incest and pedophilia! my god what goes throught these peoples heads!?


16 Rarity x Trenderhoof

I hate trenderhoof period, so any ship with him is annoying in my opinion. Though its not as bad as rarity x sweetie belle...

I ship Trenderhoof with Applejack HATERS GONNA HATE

I hate trenderhoof

TrenderJack is a better ship.

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17 Maud Pie x Marble Pie


18 Fluttershy x Discord

It's so overrated and boring as hell. I don't understand why people love it and the fan service in the show is way too much.

I hate this ship it doesn't make any sense they are just Friends.. FRIENDS...

They make such a cute couple in a Beauty and the Beast kind of way. I absolutely love this ship (It's my favorite) and I'm happy to see it so far down on the list.

Discord is so much older it's creepy.

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19 Shining Armour x Queen Chrysalis

Yes, since does when does brainwashing=love?

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20 Pinkie Pie x Limestone Pie

Grosser than gross. Why do so many of these ships involve incest?

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