Worst Things About a Computer

List of all thing that make you want to smash your computer.

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1 Viruses

Yes it is a major problem but to protect computer from viruses their are antivirus software like net protector, kaspersky, max secure.etc - subhashsahu

Oh, my old PC had about a trillion of viruses. Eventully it got so slow it took half an hour to load up google.

Wow, so true. Viruses can do your computer so much harm and also can reduce inexperienced home computer owner to tears. Viruses are the most annoying and horrible thing that can go wrong which your computer. - masongilbert74


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2 When you have problems with your internet connection

You can't access the internet and it doesn't matter what you did, it doesn't affect the speed of your internet connection. Arguments with the dial up company always occurs, they keep insisting that you should wait, have connection problems and it always occurs - ronluna

makes me wanna kill myself - LucasMota

a PC is useless without it!

Because I have a Mac now and most of the problems on this list don’t apply to me, but I have slow Internet: 7/1 Mb/s, and I can’t change that unless I win enough money to pay the fiber optic installation from the nearest node a few km away up to my house, which is likely to cost a few hundred thousand or even millions of euros.

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3 The Blue Screen of Death

It happens by many reasons, and just showing the code that makes me to search on Google about the meaning, and how should I do that if I have only one pc. - maipanida

Especially when you were in the middle of that super special project! -.- - queenoftheblackroses

Yup. This is what happens to Microsoft computers. My mom got it and I went insane (like happy insane) Because I've never seen it before


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4 When your computer gets stuck and you have to restart it

very annoying, I had to restart my computer over and over again and the reason is Viruses which is #1 - ronluna

In these moments I could throw out the computer on the window - MatrixGuy

ANNOYING! That is why I want to reformat my PC1

Don't use Windows - Kaboom

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5 When its slow for no reason

Slow computers are your worst nightmare this thing happens to YouTube a lot. THe loadings come up being slow I waited and it would not go. I wish this piece of garbage would stop.

I trhy to play Cop Patrol on ROBLOX, I click play, nothing. I click play again, and it shows me the upgrading roblox message, then I get to the grey loading screen, it loads fast, but then the name of the game and creator pops up and it slows down so much, that I bet it would take decades to load, and then you get the annoying ID 17 problem, you lost connection to the game or the game has shut down message. - MinecraftHater

I hate it when the internet connection is very slow, you can't download, upload, surf the net, listen and watch videos and music and you can't even click the check button on this site. - ronluna


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6 Crashes

It just randomly shuts down it's so annoying

Don't play games involving car crashes (pun intended) - Neonco31

Get rid of windows. - Kaboom

My compu

7 When you want to go in a website and it says ''This page is having problem'' (or something like that) and you keep trying getting on it but it doesn't work

I mean, I've been like trying to get on a site and like I'm " what the heck " for like until I get over it, like 3 hours

Waiting... searching Google.com... GETS ME IN THIS PAGE... "sorry, can't load. Sorry, Google.com is not responding. We need to kill the page." Next time I load, "sorry, but there's a problem" Now I'm done.

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8 When you keep get warnings that ''there is a new update available''

I swear this is just built in by companies to annoy people. I think computers should just stop developing. And leave me in peace.

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9 When random ads just keep showing up

One time I got SEVENTEEN ADS on one YouTube page.

Snap. Do in a nutshell.

Incredibly annoying, but 90% of the time, an ordinary adblocker can remove them.

Ads suck

10 When it doesn't read your CD

Why yes. I almost flipped out because it was very hard to burn discs using Windows 8. Cause? IT DIDN'T RECOGNIZE THE DARN EMPTY DISK I PUT IN! IT JUST KEPT EJECTING THE DISK AND KEPT SAYING TO INSERT A DISK-yet I did. It kept doing it till' I got mad.

Sorry for the capitals.

I get like pissed off and I'm like " what the hell " and I just hate it when it happens

Worst stat behind viruses

Don't use windows - Kaboom

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11 Software incapability / glitches

What do you think I am going to say? - Kaboom

Sooo much glitches! 1

For the bants


12 When it shuts off after it gets too hot

This happens to me all the time and when it does I just feel like I want to smash the computer into millions of pieces

Why does it get too hot? You're using Windows! - Kaboom

Happens with the Pavilion g6 all the time

13 Uncontinuable downloads and uploads

some sites doesnt support continuable downloads - ronluna

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14 Auto updating

Screw you, Windows 10. I don't want to restart tonight... - Zach808

People, get rid of Windows - Kaboom

Like Windows 10? - njalabi63989

15 When it shuts off for no reason at a random time

It just shuts down while I'm playing a game

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16 Heat

What am I going to say? - Kaboom

17 Anti-viruses that can't kill virus and trojans but delete your important files

Get rid of McAffee - Kaboom

Bugger - Neonco31

18 When you play a game and it justs shuts down

I'm just playing a game on like those websites and then it just shut down, 2 seconds later, you'll see my computer out the window

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19 Reformat

I hate it when the computer broke down because of trojans, viruses, malwares, spywares and you have to call someone to fix it by reformating it and it takes a while to install all your favorite online programs again. - ronluna

more time for reinstalling those programs - ronluna

My games! NO! - Neonco31

20 Can't name your songs, albums, documents etc. with symbols like less than, greater than, etc

What about / and. You can use < and >. The reason is because of the filesystem. - Kaboom


21 Pop-ups

Pop goes the annoying pop-ups - Neonco31

Get Linux and/or Chrome - Kaboom

Script errors for example.
Can't even go on mediafire.
With script errors every time you move the mouse a script error pops up.
Its it is a pop up.

22 When CD-ROM games don't work even though your computer fits the requirment

Who still uses CD-ROM games anyway? - Kaboom

It is the worst scenario. you buy a game you wanted for so long, update your computer to fit in the requirements, spend your all money on it and gosh it dosen't work. so frustrating. happened to me many times. always painfull. even more when the same game runs on a friend's pc.

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23 When it does not have sound

the one thing I really love about laptops is there's not a million speakers, it takes me forever sometimes to figure out why my desktop won't talk to me - I<3Queen

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

Especially if you have many mp3 songs in your PC and you just can't stop listening to them. It will be a disaster to have no sound - Neonco31

24 The internet connection speed depends on the performance of the computer

it also causes uncontinuable downloads and uploads - ronluna

esp when your computer is so slow

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25 Hackers

I'll hack them to pieces (Lol) - Neonco31

Lol I am a haker

26 It becomes so laggy when you open dozens of websites, videos etc

Your fault, not your computer's - Kaboom

27 Very limited storage capacity and it becames unusable once it is 100 percent filled

Get rid of windows, clear your cache, DELETE SOFTWARE YOU DON'T USE! - Kaboom

28 When the computer freezes on an awkward page

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

29 Malware

I'll kill the creators of the virus

So its basically computer poison? - aarond9010

This malware imputs a random toolbar and the toolbar and website will slowly kill your computer, it is very bad.

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30 Low Ram or Memory

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

Me:*loads up computer* Alright now *goes on Google*
Computer:Your memory is low!

31 Script Errors
32 Download failed at 99%

When you have to download a large file and then you get this, EPIC FAIL! - Neonco31

Especially when you download 100GB file. - njalabi63989

33 When you shut it down all the pictures are gone

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

You keep saying "Get rid of windows" again and again. It's annoying! - Neonco31

34 Faulty Components

Believe it or not, that is Microsoft's fault. So, Get rid of windows - Kaboom

35 Spyware
36 When it's too old and you need to make tons of downloads
37 Very expensive

Because the MacBook Pro 15 inch is very expensive then I have to get a MacBook Air. - njalabi63989

I hate it very much how things are getting expensive, the prices are need to be lowerd to save people money (and I'm not kidding, really, lower them).

I wouldn't even pay $1 for a PC or mac. I do all my computing on a cheapo Android tablet. Get a tablet, they are better than PCs and macs. - Kaboom

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38 When everyone [collectively] using a computer blames a perfectly legitimate game for a crappy network/computer.

Sorry, glitch - Kaboom

No - Kaboom

39 History

People can be nosey on your computer

40 Glitchy Software

Get rid of windows, and use highly rated software - Kaboom

41 Getting scammed
42 Creepypastas
43 Crappy Internet Connection
44 Waiting waiting waiting for game installation...after setup complete..."Your PC Doesn't support Game Requirements"

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

45 Low battery life

An average desktop PC uses 300 watts. An average laptop or Windows tablet uses 24.4 watts. You should get an ARM64 based Linux laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a big battery. - Kaboom

46 When you finish an important document and accidentally click the "don't save" button
47 When kids play with it without you knowing

When I was in 1st grade, my friends older brother went to my house and randomly used my computer.

48 Windows auto restarts and you lose everything you were doing

So Get rid of windows - Kaboom

49 Parental control software
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1. Viruses
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3. When you want to go in a website and it says ''This page is having problem'' (or something like that) and you keep trying getting on it but it doesn't work
1. The Blue Screen of Death
2. Viruses
3. When you have problems with your internet connection
1. Software incapability / glitches
2. When you have problems with your internet connection
3. When it doesn't read your CD


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