Worst Things About Furries


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1 "Yiff"

You don't want to know what this is. - MarkTheFox

Dear MarkTheFox,

Since I just saw your argumentation on the list “Worst Things About Furries”, which unfortunately is far from being valid, I felt the need to pause my late night screening of Ingmar Bergman's “The Seventh Seal” and give you a few advices on how to successfully write negative comments in a debate.

Firstly, I want to note that item number two, “Ugly Art” is actually solid, as it is a subjective question about aesthetics. Whether I agree or not, is purely a personal choice, and no further source or proof is needed. Also, your number one item, “Yiff”, is a point that in and of itself could actually be used as the fundamental basis of what could become an item, even though on its own it is a bit weak, as you fail to elaborate a strain of thought out of it, such as “too much yiff” or “yiff is unavoidable on furry websites”. Those are points at least half the furry community would agree on, although there are helpful filters on most ...more - Martin_Canine

2 Ugly art

It's not so much ugly as it is creepy and disturbing! Their art makes me want to vomit! - SpyNaps

Always with hugely exaggerated fluffiness and very sexualized things, often on kids sites too. It's really cringey. Some of them even have HUMAN HAIR (just eww) - MarkTheFox

Okay I take it back, furry art IS ugly! - SpyNaps

3 They accuse everyone of being a furry

They try to say everyone is a furry to feel secure. EVERY humanoid animal, and EVERY person who enjoys any fanchises involving them is accused of being a furry. Even though the real definition is people who are obsessed with it for sexual purposes - MarkTheFox

4 They try to rape animals

There are numerous horror stories about this. And umm...they've tried to rape me a LOT. - MarkTheFox

5 They're sneaky

They trick people into thinking they're furries. Then they trick them into thinking it's cool. Then they slowly slide them into their dark world of yiff. - MarkTheFox

6 They're flat out creepy

They dress up as another species ALL THE TIME. They are also freakingly TOO welcoming and warm, the way a kidnapper is. They also do stuff like go into a zoo and say they're working for the zoo and hug kids...just stop, okay? - MarkTheFox

7 They ruin childhoods

They literally ruin every piece of media with animals in it at all...and even ones without it. - MarkTheFox

8 They're way too emotional

You don't have to do anything and they get offended. It's definitely fake or something, to get attention. - MarkTheFox

And this is also why I'm grounded for 3 years and sneaking on the computer right now. - MarkTheFox

9 They make animals look bad

Because people will associate them - MarkTheFox

10 They do nightmarish things

Go to r/FurryHate if you don't believe me. - MarkTheFox

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11 They are greedy
12 They hate nekos
13 They Abuse Gifs
14 They Only Like Characters Because of Their Looks
15 They take jokes seriously
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