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1 "Yiff"

"Yiff"? What kind of word is this? - BorisRule

I don't want to talk about this. - LedgerDraven

I’m a furry and I hate yiff

You don't want to know what this is. - MarkTheFox

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2 They try to rape animals

i don't - Hummingbirdf

The f?! - BorisRule

There are numerous horror stories about this. And umm...they've tried to rape me a LOT. - MarkTheFox


No we do not

I’m a furry and...

That’s absolutely disgusting and anyone who rapes animals deserves a life sentence for gods sake

3 Ugly art

To furry fandom: I don't like furries, This is my opinion Not Yours...SO ACCEPT IT! OKAY!
I am a huge fan of animals and some cartoon animals, Not furries. Yes...some people say cartoon animals and furries are the same things ( I think that is wrong). Sometimes I feel like drawing cartoon animals but I don't want people calling me a furry by mistake. I even know, a furry fandom at my school who is just UGH rude! Last year, she broke into my locker without asking me, she contacted mean things about me. UGH! I even saw her youtube channel AND IT IS PLAIN STUPID ( though her channel is nothing about furries). I get bullied to much for hating furries, I know they get to many hate! But a bunch of kids are bulling me just because I dislike furries. There is a thing called accepting opinions! I know there is a difference between cartoon animals and furries. Cartoon animals are just talking animals and furries are animals with human parts such as boobs. I feel like I am the only person ...more

Some furries are human but they are werewolves the WHOLE time, like they have a boastful bushy tail and FOUR EARS. A pair of human ears, and a pair of wolf ears to add this monstrosity.

Falive's art is the worst. He makes overly "realistic" and sometimes even sexual art of furries NAKED AND TWERKING. It's disgusting. - LedgerDraven

It's not so much ugly as it is creepy and disturbing! Their art makes me want to vomit! - SpyNaps

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4 They're perverts
5 They accuse everyone of being a furry

They try to say everyone is a furry to feel secure. EVERY humanoid animal, and EVERY person who enjoys any fanchises involving them is accused of being a furry. Even though the real definition is people who are obsessed with it for sexual purposes - MarkTheFox

6 They're sneaky

They trick people into thinking they're furries. Then they trick them into thinking it's cool. Then they slowly slide them into their dark world of yiff. - MarkTheFox

7 They're flat out creepy

They dress up as another species ALL THE TIME. They are also freakingly TOO welcoming and warm, the way a kidnapper is. They also do stuff like go into a zoo and say they're working for the zoo and hug kids...just stop, okay? - MarkTheFox

8 They ruin childhoods

gross art - Hummingbirdf

They literally ruin every piece of media with animals in it at all...and even ones without it. - MarkTheFox

9 They take jokes seriously

The anti furries are worse by rehashing their furry jokes over and over again - Hummingbirdf

10 They do nightmarish things

only some - Hummingbirdf

Go to r/FurryHate if you don't believe me. - MarkTheFox

The Newcomers

? Animal genitals
? They do too much drama

THEY ACT FIRST OF ALL! And who says that?

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11 They're way too emotional

You don't have to do anything and they get offended. It's definitely fake or something, to get attention. - MarkTheFox

And this is also why I'm grounded for 3 years and sneaking on the computer right now. - MarkTheFox

12 They are Weeaboos

I didn't vote for this because this is right

I'm not a furry but I don't mind them but not all furry fans are weeaboos. Weeaboos are people who are obsessed with Japanese culture a furry is different from a weeaboo I should know...I watch anime..

So get your facts straight

13 They have human hair

Looks like you kinda run out of ideas - BorisRule

Seriously. You're running out of reasons to bash furries.

Some people in the furry fandom are bald. - Callistowo

Some people doesn't have hair, and some canines for example the Yorkshire terrier dog have hair almost identical to the hair of a human.

So I personally think this one is stupid.

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14 They make animals look bad

Because people will associate them - MarkTheFox

15 They consider animal fans as furries
16 They are greedy


17 They hate nekos

Technically, a neko is a mixture of furry and anime. - BorisRule

Uh, not so sure where you got this one...

18 They eat with their hands

Hummingbirdf chill...

Insert food into palm - Callistowo

hell no - Hummingbirdf

19 They are hypocrites

Anti furries are hypocrites too there are bronies who hate on furries yet they like mlp the characters in mlp are anthropomorphic ponies a furry is a person who likes anthropomorphic animals so bronies are furries - Hummingbirdf

20 They Have Human Hands

Looks don't even matter - Hummingbirdf

Yeah that's a bit strange lmao

21 Weird fetishes
22 They abuse gifs
23 They only like characters because of their looks

not true - Hummingbirdf

24 They are clichè
25 They are showoffs and look weird

Some try to act deadly but it's cringe and some just take too much drama.

26 Vore

Only most of them - Hummingbirdf

27 Too Many Adults
28 Fangle shipping problem
29 They are straight up weird people
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1. They try to rape animals
2. "Yiff"
3. They're perverts
1. "Yiff"
2. Ugly art
3. They accuse everyone of being a furry
1. "Yiff"
2. Ugly art
3. They try to rape animals


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