Top 10 Worst Things About Middle School

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1 Homework

I maybe very smart and like learning and school, but ironically, homework is possibly the worst thing in not only school, but the WORLD! ALL I want to do after school is play my computer or go to sleep, but then I have to do some gosh darn aggravating "math pages" or homework on the computer that isn't close to fun. I've actually heard that students in countries that have LESS homework do BETTER than kids with more homework. If everyone hates homework, then why do teachers give it ALMOST EVERY DAY?! GOSH!

I had so much math homework I had to go through 6 weeks of psychological therapy.

I get an average of 128 questions on my math homework. Yes, I count it. I don't think I need to say anything else. Middle school sucks.

For this week, I'm not going to school since the 9th graders' final exams are ongoing but we have holiday homework from each subject

2 Monday Mornings

Actually, I think Tuesday's are worse. At least you're in a good mood from the weekend and you feel refreshed and you can have a productive day. Tuesday's you are grumpy from Monday and the weekend is miles away. BOO! But I still dislike Mondays

Sometimes, I can't get my sleeping schedule right due of Monday's. It's the day of the week when I'm so unprepared. Plus, the word sounds so boring.

I have PE first period and we have Mile Monday! You can guess what that is.

Have to wake up earlier on mondays with no given reason.

3 Crush Breaks Up With You

I cry sometimes. When your boyfriend goes homeschool, breaks up with you saying it'll be too hard to date when he's homeschooled, and starts dating another girl right after he leaves you, it hurts.

I had I boyfriend in 2nd grade I asked him if he liked me he said yes when I was In 6th grade he told me we had to break up ( I'm now in 7th grade ) I and now he is with a popular girl I gave him a beautiful pic of me and gave me a hot pic of him I beet he ripped the pic if he did I break his

How do I even start? I liked one guy in 7th grade and a bunch of people thought he liked me. I thought that too but it ends up, the summer after 7th he hooks up with like 5 girls. Than in 8th he became a completely different person and I hate him now.

Ok, that is SERIOUSLY not a problem! HOW is this NUMBER TWO?!?! I've never had a crush or boyfriend. Even if I did, I would be quite RELIEVED when a breakup happens. Abusive teachers and bullies should be higher.

4 Cafeteria Food

To this day I still have no idea what is in our school's salsberry steak. I swear a found a little bone in mine once. This is why I always bring my own lunch.

This vote is just for the comment:

The teachers say school lunch has a lot of variety. I say that's true, I've counted at least 3/4 of the periodic table.

In elementary school they used to make you eat it, but now in middle school they don't care. I know because one day I had a fasting for my church and they didn't bat an eye.

Once I found HAIR in my spaghetti I told the teachers but, they were to busy texting anyway.

Reminds me of the time my friend found a hair in his cookie. Except I just stopped buying cookies. - nooby32

5 No More Recess

My school has a park but we never play on it

I need recess, but now we just have classes all day long with only a small lunch break. Ugh. :-(

Good thing Middle Schools in England and Wales are primary schools they have playtime.

I am strictly ordered to spend my time in library in Recess

6 Hot Teachers You Couldn't Have

Seriously? Who the duck added this on the list

Oh yeah? That hot teacher is MY MUM and I have to deal with every boy liking her and telling ME how hot my mum is. Plain embarrassing. Oh, and whoever has a crush on a teacher is just creepy

What kind of dumbass added this into the list? Why is it number seven?

Seriously. Real world problem right here.

7 Everyone Turns Into a Jerk

In 6th Grade Your Friend Retained There Elementery School Behavior And Listened To Great Singers Like Justin Timberlake Or Bruno Mars And Watched Great T.V. shows Like Adventure Time Or Older SpongeBob Episodes. But Sometimes When 7th Grade Comes They Turn From Kind And Smart To Mean And Idiotic And Listen To Crap Like Justin Beiber And Miley Cyrus! And Scince My Friends Are Smart Enough, They Always Retained There Heart From Elementary School.

In 4th grade I was popular and in 5th grade I had some friends and in 6th grade the

Every single girl changes from a sweet, innocent, princess-loving girly-girl to a gothic poser who cuts herself and listens to Avril Lavigne. Well, at least at my school, that's the way it is.

In elementary school, everyone is secure, playful, optimistic, and fun. But in middle school, everyone changes. 8th graders bully and "roast" 6th graders, boys make fun of homosexual people, overuse of social media, depression, girls and boys talk about their crushes, and friends not being able to hang out with me because they're out with their girlfriends and boyfriends.

8 Too Many Projects

3 Projects in less than a week, every week, is killing me.

One week I had 4 projects in a week. LIKE BRUH!


I have a class where all we do is projects!

9 Boring Classes

I hate having to be in classes for over an hour doing nothing but taking notes (Aka doodling) and listening to the teacher drone on and on about useless things.

Not everyone will use math in their daily life. Get used to it, schools.

I hate getting tired and sleeping I was washing my face at morning

Poetry is the most useless class to exist.

10 Suddenly Everything You Do Matters

If I miss ONE homework assignment, 5 points are deducted from the homework grade and can affect your overall grade as well as getting in trouble by your parents. Same with tests and projects. I hate this stress.

What does a stupid letter written on a dead tree do to me? Nothing

sort of

Miss one assignment = Automatic C

Get 100% on the most critical test of the year = Grade goes up 0.1%


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11 The Teachers Are Strict

My science teacher’s on crack. She yells at students too much and yet she still has vocal chords

These teachers yell at us all the time for exact reason.

Gym teacher

My middle school teach Mrs Jensen I wanted to say I thought that I would love her but she was one of those spec ed teacher that do not tolerate shenanigans but though that instead of calmly talking to me/seclusion rooms/very serious behavioral interventions plans! Unlike that she just dragged me out of that class with her r180 and took me straight towards her home room class to scream/yell at me very hard very epic tongue 👅 lashing those flashbacks I still did never not forget about that love _ KB

12 Stress

I can relate, can't get to live without the "help someone lose the other" thing

I miss a week of school because I went to florida and I have a lot of missing assignments that came out of no were.

Bro I'm an eighth grader and we have to do PRE SAT like what the truck

Yes when get behind and you have so many missing assignments or when you did terrible on a test

13 Immature Classmates

So I had someone from 6th grade who was mature and normal, all of a sudden he made me just hate speaking in general, he became an egomaniac, he kept speaking about someone who made a mistake, thinks he's hilarious

Pre-K kids are more mature than middle schoolers, how'd this happen?

This see should be at least #3! There's always got be this group of idiots making repetitive jokes and snorting laughs. Then somebody always spits in the laugh.

I don't CARE about those "yo mom" jokes I'm trying to do my work so I don't end up working in McDonalds like you

14 Crazy Teachers

I had a teacher in 6th grade she taught math and didn't know how to explain it and she would stand on the the desk and explain useless crap she should just retire now

All my teachers are crazy! I completely agree

One of the art teachers at my school is insane and gets angry over everything. Once she told me off for standing next to the library door

My teacher is crazy, she can't even argue with the students because she's scared to, and she wants us to do 80 squats in a minute and run around the field 5 times when it's 50 degrees outside.

15 Too Much Homework

This is already on the list.

I got piled on with homework many times in 6th Grade.

Uhh... a little bit of homework

I barely get homework for whatever reason

16 Bullies

They don't even insult you directly, they just annoy the crap out of you and make you feel insecure.

Guys in sixth grade are complete jerks. The later years they're much friendlier.

I disagree when I was in sixth grade I was bullied and in later grades respected by sixth graders

How is this lower than "Hot Teachers You Couldn't Have? "

I have beaten up several bullies although I'm a 7th grader

17 Math

I've always been a math wiz, but I just do not like my math teacher (the one with the pink stuffed animals in her room) she makes everything ten times harder and she talks so much and so fast in her slow voice that's it's hard to keep up. Well then again most of my grade and most of her past students don't like her so I'm not alone.

I've never been great at Math but now I feel dumber than ever because it's just so hard

Most if the stuff I learn in math is just complete bull crap because I'll probably never use in life.

Wait until you get to high school kids. Just you wait.

18 Language Arts

My language arts teacher has bad English. She also praises the girls (me the most) more than the guys. She spends most of the time giving out minor referrals to the boys, and when she’s not doing so I pretty much don’t understand the lessons

I only liked learning about Greek mythology and watching Disney's Hercules in 7th grade

I hate language arts it's the only class I'm not doing well in

I LOVE language arts (mostly grammar and vocabulary).

19 Cursing and Swearing

Y tho? Just use another word. There's so many more out there! Add some to your vocabulary.

EXACTLY! I don't understand why everyone is cursing in a middle-aged school stage. Heck, high school stage shouldn't have cursing as well.

I'm in middle school and HATE swearing. Luckily, my homeschooled best friends agree with me.

This happens a lot in my school, most of the time, the staff isn't near the people who do it, allowing them to easily get away with it. My friends swear too in 7th grade. One of them yell out a cuss word every once in a while (even when the staff is around; I tell him to not cuss when the staff is nearby but he just responds that he doesn't care by saying “I don't give a (not saying).”)

20 Lockers

They suck a lot. Our lockers in my school are half the size of a regular locker and I can't even fit my backpack in there. I'm stuck bringing my backpack in my classroom! What's worse is sometimes your neighbors takes ALL the space!

I was getting my stuff and I told this one girl blocking my locker to move politely and she said " No you retard! "

The lockers at my school are about 1 inch wide and they SUCK! Everyone's always getting in the way and accidentally hitting each other with lockers! It sucks.

My locker is really long but not wide at all. The door is smaller then the actually. It's hard to fit everything but I do it pretty well

21 Every Teacher Bitching About Your Body Changing

Oh, I have a teacher named Mrs. Holzapfel who sprays lysol on kids for coughing, sneezing, etc. She sprays on their food, their desk, and even at THEM. Wish I could stuff the bottle down her throat.

Is there any teacher that doesn't tell you straight to your face that you stink and sprays you with Lysol? *rhetorical* I hope so.

22 That One Lonely Guy

Loneliest girl in the class

Same, but your not alone anymore (the one from the bottom). being a lonely girl turned out to be one of my habits in grade 7, so its okey

23 Science

Science sucks! because
1) The teacher do not know about science
2) Always Test even at the first day at school

24 Social Studies

Literally in 6th and 7th grade I loved history and had the best teacher. I knew everything thing about politics, wars, commandments, etc. but now I hate it with passion. My history teacher now doesn't even teach us, she hardly even talks to us she just writes it on the board and tells us to get to work like she doesn't even deserve to be called a teachers if she doesn't teach

Social studies is fun to be honest... we learn ancient history and it was pretty interesting. My grade was an 86% to a 95% because I loved history.. Mostly I lik modern history then ancient history! Social studies is fun

This was my favorite class by the way

In fifth grade I actully started liking social studies because everything was with partners and I learned so much interrsting thing I filled up my whole notebook. Then I got to sixth grade and I hated social studies.

25 Music

Our music teacher is teaching us through technology and we aren't learning anything and all we do is sing church songs

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