Worst Things About Teenage Girls

Teenager girls are so annoying especially 13-14 years olds who are in Junior High.

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1 They're annoying

I'm not even a teenager yet, and I find this list sort of offensive. But I do get some statements of this list. - Powerfulgirl10

2 They complain about people liking porn
3 They're bitches

I found this when I was at school. Be tolerant, it's a faze which hopefully they'll grow out of. I wouldn't put all teenage girls in the same bracket though.
Having said that though, some adult females can be just as bad. There is good and bad whatever the age range. - Britgirl

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4 They have bad taste in music

There is no such thing as bad taste in music. They have the right to like Miley Cyrus just like you have the right to like The Beatles. - Arcxia

5 They're rude

I have had some encounters with people calling me names like "Hoe" and a female dog. - Arcxia

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6 They don't know how to date
7 They're not attractive
8 They're immature
9 Their brains are not fully developed yet

Everyone's Brain is still developing. Teenagers go through identity crisis. Basically everyone including you and I is still finding out who they are. - Arcxia

10 They're popular for stupid reasons

I can agree someone can become popular for that reason. Sadly - Arcxia

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11 They disrespect opinions
12 They get scared easily
13 They act like they're better than everyone
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