Top Ten Worst Things About Warrior Cats


The Top Ten

1 It's overrated

Yes, it is! I don't even understand anything about this series! - Crystalsnow

It's all OVER the place. While being everywhere doesn't make something bad, the exposure of this series has gone WAY out of hand. Not as much as MLP though. - InfinateSuperstorm

2 Everybody keeps dying
3 There are too many books

36 BOOKS?! Are you kidding me?! - InfinateSuperstorm

4 The fandom

Most of the "OCs" they create are mary sues. - InfinateSuperstorm

5 People won't shut up about it
6 The characters are unlikeable

I don't get the appeal behind Scourge in particular. He's just a cliched villain with a generic backstory. Plus, Crowfeather had a much worse past and she remained one of the heroes. - InfinateSuperstorm

Most are clichéd and annoying. Especially the protagonists. - CharismaticKat

7 Uses too many complicated words

Wait, isn't this a kids' series? Would kids even know what those words meant? - InfinateSuperstorm

8 The plot

*COUGH* *COUGH* Forbidden Love! *COUGH* *COUGH* - InfinateSuperstorm

9 Too much fighting

WAY too much. just saying. - InfinateSuperstorm

10 The descriptions of dead bodies

Why do we need to know that? - InfinateSuperstorm

The Contenders

11 Character relationships

The "forbidden" ones especially. - InfinateSuperstorm

12 Forbidden love

The most overused plot cliche in the entire series. - InfinateSuperstorm

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